Monday, May 23, 2011

The reason I write

I received an e-mail through Literotica today. I'm blessed to have people that want to read what I write. I suppose in some ways that is the payment I desire. Not saying that it wouldn't hurt to actually make money at something that I enjoy doing. But I do this for the love of writing...just like the majority of us writers on Literotica and other free sites.

Every time I read a helpful, positive, email it just solidifies the love I have for words. But sometimes I get a comment that moves me to near tears and I'm going to share this one. I've withheld her name for privacy.


I have never commented or contacted an author of any kind no matter how wonderful I think they are. But a very good friend encouraged me to share my comments and more importantly my compliments with you. Like many of your readers I have searched for stories that reflect my life and personal experiences which has been extremely difficult for what I suspect are some of the reasons you have created your stories. Because of my line of work and where I live I never discuss anything about myself but have found so many parallels in your stories that I think you might even be surprised. So having prefaced my reasons with you please let me share with you my story and how much your writing has meant to me.

I live in Northern Italy where I have been for the last five years. I live there with my husband and two of five children. We have been in Europe a total of twenty years and one of our most memorable assignments was in Lajes Field, Azores. We adopted our eldest daughter from a small orphanage in Angra. So you can imagine my surprise when you had a character from those very islands (no one even knows where they are). I loved your use of Portuguese, it was wonderful to hear the language in a story.

My husband is in the Air Force and just happens to be tall (however not quite as built as your characters) but with red hair and freckles. Again the similarities have been surprisingly special.

As for me I am the poster child for one of your characters, short, caramel skin and a little rounder than I would like but where it gets really interesting is this: Your characters have literally saved my life. After reading Wheels of Steel I realized I had some of the same symptoms as Robin. So, I saw a doctor who confirmed I had IBS. Last week following my graduation from university I got sick again. After visiting the dr. again I found out among other things that I am a diabetic. So when I read your last story I was blown away.

I am writing to you because tomorrow I will have surgery and it is important to me to let you know how much your writing has meant to me. It is nice to not only be able to read love stories with people that look like me and my wonderful husband. Now that I have finished school I am thinking of writing something other than term papers and dissertations. You have been a profound inspiration and I thank you.

Grazie Mille!

Becoming a published writer is important, but not as important as touching people like this. This is what I love about writing!


  1. Wowo just completly speechless thank you for sharing one of your heart warming personal emails from another fan about what your writing does and inspire!!!

  2. Wow! Chills after reading that. Like I stated in my authors note on my last Literotica post; you inspired me to start writing again, along with these type of emails. And thanks for giving gingers their props. I may be most attracted to brunettes, but gingers hold a special place in my heart...I did marry one after all ;-D

  3. Sometimes reality and fiction become intertwined, and bleed into each other.


  4. it's touching to read how a "simple" story born out of the figment of your imagination (supported by facts) can turn out to be such a helpful piece to someone else, even saving their lives.

    just proves you're one of the best out there Pep, it also means you'll never get rid of us because we will keep nagging you for more more more

  5. lasoeurafroallemandeMay 26, 2011 at 1:02 PM

    That's what I mean, girl - you have some mad skills and we all are sooooo grateful that you share with us!!! Thanks for sharing the letter and all the best to that particular reader of yours for the future!


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