Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beast-Literotica links

I've been asked for the best way to begin reading the most current version of BEAST from beginning stopping point. The best thing to do is to start with Literotica. The version that you will find on the blog or at TST have been made before I began 'tweaking' and they are going to be eventually removed.

I'll post links to each Literotica chapter of Beast as they appear. Once you get to the end of the Literotica submissions then switch to the blog re-edits. Thanks for giving the story a second look. And again, if you don't want to read the re-edits that is fine, too. The changes don't effect the storyline. It only adds more information and expands their romance by about another month.

Someone asked about a time line and I added it into the re-edit. In the original version they had only been dating a week when he had to ship out. I expanded their relationship so that it is now 1 1/2 later that he actually ships out.

Beast chp. 1
Beast chp. 2
Beast chp. 3
Beast chp. 4
Beast chp. 5


  1. thanks for this Pep, you're a star. we all are on this day *hugs*

  2. Hello! I am enjoying the story, but I was hoping you could clarify something for me: Have your re-edited ALL of the chapters or just 10, 11, and 12? Are the ones you give a link to on the site called Literotica re-edited versions? Will you be re-editing ALL of your chapters and posting them on the Literotica site? I am sorry if this seems confusing, but I just discovered your story, and I would like to read it in the proper order and in the version YOU think is the best. Thanks so very much!

  3. Hi anonymous. It's best to read the story through Literotica. That will have the most updated version. The chapters on literotica do not match the chapter sizes that are here on the blog.

    You can try to switch back to the blog after you have read each of the Literotica submissions...but that might be a bit confusing. Just keep in mind, the posts on the blog are not re-edits unless I write that in the title.

    Thanks for asking!


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