Monday, May 23, 2011

Corrected Beast chapter 15

I corrected chapter 15 of Beast. There were a few words out of place or missing all together. There are no other changes other than the Authors note that I placed at the end of the story. It will appear in the Literotica version which I submitted this morning.

Author's note: I wanted to thank you for your comments, encouraging words and helpful hints. In no way should this story be considered factual in reference to Homeland Security, The Marines, diabetes, cleft palates etc. It is merely a work of fiction. If I've written anything that is inaccurate about any of these subjects then chalk it up to my own vivid imagination. In other words; I just made this stuff up, folks. The only thing not made up is Cobb Hill mountain in Estill County and the Furnace with the goats.


I'm including some information about the Fitchburg Furnace. We visited it several times when I went to Cobb Hill to visit Keith's Aunt Edith and Uncle Ray and cousin Sue and lots more people. Uncle Ray did die and was buried in the white cemetery and Aunt Edith moved out of the beautiful A frame house and up to Covington. During the family reunion I was the only black person on Cobb Hill and I wasn't allowed to go off by myself--not because of the wildcats but because I might get shot by a redneck.

I believed that wildcats looked like cougars up until yesterday when I did research on it and saw that they were nothing more than bigger house cats. And no, I never had sex in the woods. LOL

Fitchburg Furnace


  1. Is the story over or did you just take a hiatus for Untitled?

  2. Hi AJ, Untitled is not finished. Working on the ending


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