Monday, May 28, 2012

The Mutant Chronicles chapter 2

Bella Rose reveals more about her feelings and how she is perceived in school. Rochelle is intent on making Jason Pembroke her next man.

The Mutant Chronicles

Monday, May 21, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

I was checking out my 'questions' thread and saw that there were some repeat ones, also some people ask me questions on my Facebook or on different blogs. I decided to post some of the more popular ones here. Some questions have yet to be asked and yet they appear here anyways. That's because I am a psychic and knew that someone was thinking it and just hadn't gotten around to asking it.
1. Question: Why can't I get to the stories on your PepperStories blog? It says that I need special permission. How do I get an invite?
Answer: Currently the stories on my blog have been removed. It began because many of them were being published. At some point I will add more stories to the blog--including those that are currently free on Literotica. At the moment I haven't completely decided which ones those will be. Although I'm pretty sure that BEAST will remain on Literotica and not get published. Of course, everything I say is subject to change. 

2. Question: Where are all the stories that you used to have on Literotica? I can't find Emobody, Urban Vampire and others?
Answer: I removed those stories so that they could be e-published and sold. Some of the short stories appear in a collection entitled Love Intertwined vol 1 and vol 2. They can be found at and Barnes and Nobles.  

3. Question: When will you finish writing (fill in the blank)? You started that story a while ago and I've been waiting anxiously for you to finish it.
Answer: That is a good question. A better question is do you intend to finish it? I am very honest and will tell you the truth. If I've lost complete interest in a story then there will not be an ending. Now back to the original question; when? I don't know. 

4. Question: Will there be another chapter to Wheels of Steel?
Answer: Yes! I love WOS and will not let those characters disappear into oblivion. You will see new chapters of WOS appear on my blog and when I have enough to publish their story will appear on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles (or wherever else I e-publish).

5. Question: Where do you get your ideas? They are very original and I'm surprised that I would feel drawn to some of the characters and situations that you write about.
Answer: Sometimes I will see something and my imagination takes over. I wonder why/how and then I create a world around that intriguing idea. Sometimes I'm inspired by another story or a movie but that seldom happens. Generally it is something that I've seen or that I'm drawn to. 

6. Question: Any new projects?
Answer: I always have new ideas...but little time. I still want to finish "They Say Love is Blind" for the readers of the continuing story contest. I also need to finish A Seal Upon My Heart and there is my new young adult series; The Mutant Chronicles. I'd love to finish writing a Sci Fi story that I started about the last woman on earth and there is the story of Tyrone and Coco that is already finished and just needs to be updated and transcribed.I intend to write a series of 'Twisted Fairytales' and something in the gay/lesbian genre. I also have an idea about a 'soul eater' with amnesia. His touch brings death and no food can satisfy him, only souls. Unfortunately he just awakened hours ago from an accident with no recollection of who or what he is, only a wallet with the name Chris Eminence. There are tons of stories rolling around in my head. 

7. Question: Why haven't you been writing as much?
Answer: Writers block. I have no trouble coming up with stories but sometimes I can't muster up the spark to make the story dynamic. And when that happens I just don't least until I can do the story justice. I don't want to have writers block, especially when I have people wanting stories and I want to give them to you! But the problem is that you can't manipulate writer's block. It sinks its teeth in like a rabied dog and won't release me until it's good and ready.

8. Question: Do you only write interracial stories?
Answer: Yes. Pepper Pace does.

9. Question: I heard a rumor that you don't like being called Ms. Pace, is that true? And why?
Answer: That is true. My name is Kim Chambers but I will answer to Pep, Pepper, PP, or any variation of Kim. But Ms. Pace seems pretty formal for a pen name. But I appreciate people wanting to be ultra polite but it's not necessary. 

10. Question: I want to be a writer. Would you mind reading my work and giving me feedback?
Answer: Hell yeah! I'd LOVE to read your work! But don't send it to me because I don't have time. Sigh...sad to say but I used to read 2 or 3 books a week and now I can barely read the latest book from my favorite writer. I have books sitting on my Nook or Kindle waiting to be read and I just can't get around to it. I'm super busy with my personal life and the time that I force myself to set aside for writing only causes me to fall asleep due to exhaustion. I wish it wasn't like that and I hope it will turn around sometime soon. I love reading and discovering new great writers like CreepyRJ, Ohmygoodness, Sophia Principal and others. These people write better than some mainstream writers! There is no way that I want to miss out on the next great writer just because I'm exhausted from stress and the demands of my personal life. 

11. Question: I am an aspiring writing and was wondering if you could edit my story or refer me to an editor?
Answer: There is more than one type of editor. Some edit for content (like myself), while others edit for grammar (which is most definitely NOT me). While I don't mind giving feedback on short pieces (when I have the time--which is rare) I do not want to edit for others. As a matter of fact, you would not want me to edit for you because I am slow. Hell, I'm having a hard time keeping up with my own work.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Mutant Chronicles chapter 1

Sorry that it has been taking me a long time to post the next part of this story. Chapter 2 is well under way and will be posted much sooner than chapter 1 was :) and will be much longer.

Also, I've come up with a cover page. Let me know what you think about it. 

Chapter 1

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crash; now available in ebook on Barnes and Noble

Several people have asked me when Crash would be available in e-book format at Barnes and Noble. When I e-published Crash at, I decided to try something new and enter it into KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) exclusively for 90 days. There are several perks to doing this; for instance, for each book borrowed through the program you own a share of the large 'pot'. 

But for me it never amounted to much money and really left out many people that had the Nook vs. the Kindle. So as soon as I fulfilled my 90 days with KDP my plan was to e-publish Crash. That time has come and Crash is now available for sale in e-book format at Barnes and Noble. Same price; 2.99. Here is the direct link; and thanks to everyone for reminding me that Nook owners are not to be overlooked.

Crash; now available at Barnes and Noble

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Oh Momma

I dedicate this poem to all of us single Momma's that have had to do it alone. And I wish a happy mother's day to all mom's, no matter what your gender!

Give me that line again
He's not coming home again tonight
Momma wipe those tears from your cheeks
It don't make no difference now
Remind me one last time
that you won't never ever ever go
The whales can't swim without the tide
and birds won't fly without the stars in the sky
And I can't feel without your touch
I can't dream without your smile
I can't live without your love
Oh Momma
No I cannot fall without your hand
and I can't cry without your arms
I can't live without your love
Oh Momma
Give me that song again
Hold me closer than you ever did before
When i've given all i'll give you more
We'll keep on floating to the shore
You can take the storm and turn it all around
And then the sun shines through
The story of your life
We have all been design
But you're as real on the outside Momma
And I can't feel without your touch
I can't dream without your smile
I can't live without your love
Oh Momma
No I cannot fall without your hand
and I can't cry without your arms
I can't live without your love
Oh Momma
See when it all comes back aorund
And you still can't figure out
How we let you get away
You just keep your head up high
And know it's better off that way,
And know it's better off that way,
And know it's better off that way
And I can't feel without your touch
I can't dream without your smile
I can't live without your love
Oh Momma
No I cannot fall without your hand
and I can't cry without your arms
I can't live without your love
Oh Momma
          -Justin Nozuka

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Was Here But Now I'm Gone pt 3

I'm so happy to see that people are enjoying this tale. This was written back in the early 90's and I've changed writing styles many different times so even though the story is complete, it needs an overhaul. Thanks for your patience!
Pt 3

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