Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crash; now available in ebook on Barnes and Noble

Several people have asked me when Crash would be available in e-book format at Barnes and Noble. When I e-published Crash at Amazon.com, I decided to try something new and enter it into KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) exclusively for 90 days. There are several perks to doing this; for instance, for each book borrowed through the program you own a share of the large 'pot'. 

But for me it never amounted to much money and really left out many people that had the Nook vs. the Kindle. So as soon as I fulfilled my 90 days with KDP my plan was to e-publish Crash. That time has come and Crash is now available for sale in e-book format at Barnes and Noble. Same price; 2.99. Here is the direct link; and thanks to everyone for reminding me that Nook owners are not to be overlooked.

Crash; now available at Barnes and Noble

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