Sunday, March 30, 2014

IR Romance Readers Cruise 2014

There are just about 2 more weeks left to book the IR cruise if you are interested. This year's event will be dynamic! We are loaded with guest author's and over one hundred fans and readers of this genre.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Wrong Turn Towards Love Currently Available-Update-

Createspace (paperback) $7
Amazon.Com $.99
AllRomance e-books $.99
Barnes & Noble $.99
It is in the Amazon top 10 selling books in 3 categories! Thanks for purchasing! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Experienced editor needed for a High Fantasy story

Hi everyone,
I looking for an experienced editor to work on a manuscript in the genre of High Fantasy; Lord of the Rings, Hobbit etc. A friend has lost his editor at the pivotal point of his publishing and is in need of one that is reasonably priced. You can email me at

Thank You!

Where is Pepper Pace?

I feel as if I've fallen off the face of the earth, but I have returned. Sorry that I've been gone for so long but I want to share some of the things that I've been up to and what is to come next from Pepper Pace.

Basically I feel as if I've just come off writing boot camp! I just completed a novel entitled Everything is Everything. This is my twist on the 70's era urban street stories written by authors such as Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim. In fact, Donald Goines influenced a number of pimps to author books in the 70s in what is sometimes called 'black revolutionary literature'. It entails graphic depictions of the hardship of ghetto life. The topics generally center on drugs, prostitution, police and racial issues. When I was a youngster growing up in the 70s and 80s, I devoured these books--and have a small collection of them. I am proud to pay homage to one of my favorite author's Donald Goines by using his writing style in my current novel.

Right now urban literature is just as popular as ever, with dynamic authors keeping it alive such as; Kole Black, K'wan, Sapphire and Sista Souljah.

...however, this is not the urban lit that I've written. I've written a 70s style urban tale. It is gritty though lacks a lot of the graphic raunchiness that I see in modern day street lit. I even  have a cool 70's poster style book cover, thanks to my sister who designed it!

This ebook will be available on various site in either late June or early July.
I am publishing a .99 story that should be available this weekend entitled Wrong Turn Towards Love. You may have read it if you purchased the Seduction Anthology written by CeCe Monet and myself. It is one of my 3 stories that appeared in the book. As usual my ebooks will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AllRomance e-book. Currently there are no plans to turn it into a paper back.

Urban Vampire book 3 will be receiving its finishing touches for release in early April. My apologies for the pushback but it absolutely could not be avoided.

I will be having a live chat on the Drea and Milana show. They host a blog radio on Saturdays. It will March 29, 6pm cst.
(hit the link or copy and paste the url)

I will be cancelling my trip to this year's Slam Jam event. That can't be avoided either.

I will begin writing Wheels of Steel book 4 in hopes that it will be available before I lose all of my WOS followers.

I will continue grammatical re-edits of my previously unedited titles. Expect to see A Seal Upon my Heart, Love Intertwined books 1 & 2, and Baby Girl in the Mean Boss.

BEAST is coming to audiobooks in April!!!

This year I will be publishing my first client under the newly formed Pepper Pace Publictions! Shhhh...I can't say anymore.

Mid summer of 2014 I will have some nice surprises for my fans though currently they can't be discussed as it includes others so I'm not sure why I am mentioning it here (other than that is a done deal).

I will be attending the 2014 IR readers cruise in late September (bookings still available!) for some much needed R&R and fan fun time. Exclusive stories will be available to event goers only.

I have been given the task to publish X-amount of new stories each year (I believe 3 is the magic number) which I will achieve, God willing.

And THEN there is my personal life including my job, family, and of course romance.

It's tough, but I do it because I want to, not because I have to. Love you guys!

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