Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adaptation Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

Fairly short chapters so I decided to post both today. Chapter 4 will go up next Monday. Thanks for reading!



Monday, July 30, 2012

ADAPTATION; a new Pepper Pace story. Chapter 1

Carmella believes that she is the last human left on earth. She hasn’t seen anyone in years; not since the Aliens that she calls blobs took the last humans away. The loneliness is held at bay by pieces of memories and the wolf that she befriended. She knows that she is slowly losing her mind, but maybe even that isn’t so horrible. Madness would at least break up the monotony. There is one constant; and that is the hatred she feels for the blobs that brought on the end of the world.

Bilal is not the typical Centaurian. He was born on the mothership and has never had a world of his own. Earth is the nearest thing to a home world that he’s ever known. He is caught between two worlds; two totally unlike worlds where he was raised with human friends but still within the strict Centaurian culture. Despite the fact that his people are only trying to fix the horrible wrong that happened against mankind, the earthlings still shun him because he is an alien. His origins are less than humanoid and he knows what they call ones like him; blobs. Even he thinks he’s ugly. He wants to be human and to feel as if he at least belongs somewhere.

So he spends as much time as he can roaming the now vacant earth to get a feel for the life that he was never allowed to live. And then his path crosses with that of Carmella who does everything in her power to kill him. One hates with an intensity born of past lost, the other wishes to just be accepted and to belong. In order to make this work, Bilal decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. But if he does, will Carmella accept this Alien into her life?

For those of you that follow the work of Octavia Butler, you will find this theme quite familiar within her books entitled Xenogenisis. In fact, this story is an homage to Miss Butler and her genre breaking stories. 

Someone once asked me if I would/have ever written fan fiction. The answer to that is YES! This piece definitely utilizes many of Miss Butler's Alien characterizations. If this type of story intrigues you, then I highly recommend Adulthood Rights, which is book 1 in the Xenogenisis series.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stronger Than Me; Amy Winehouse

I never appreciated this artist until after her passing. It took my son to 'enlighten' me on her amazing talent. She's his favorite, so of course I perked up and paid attention. Yeah...I needed the enlightenment. She is pretty amazing. Check out the trumpet at the end of her song Stronger Than Me. My son does an amazing freestyle on it. I think he is a very accomplished trumpet player. 

My son freestyling to this song.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bilal; how do I love you? Let me count the ways...

I have a HUGE crush on the singer Bilal. And so in the spirit of that--and even though I'm not in the sixth grade (smile) I decided to list all of the reasons why! 


I love Bilal because he can SANG. I love uh...his singing voice. I love Bilal's song; I Love it! I love Bilal's...uh...did I already say singing voice?


Here is his song; I love it. No, that's the name of the song; I love it. But I do love it. Check out the sexy freckles on his nose. And you can't see his hazel eyes because of his sunglasses but he has some damn sexy eyes. Also, in this video he has this sexy-ass crackhead dance that he does. It's like a drug induced shimmy...which it actually might be that. Anyways, Bilal's intensity just draws me, it makes my mouth open and my tongue hang out. If some guy sang a song to me like this--getting all in my face, kissing me with his lyrics...well I would just (CENSOR). I'm blushing now. But I really would do it, and I'm not kidding!

Okay...Maybe I don't really have a crush on Bilal. But he is very cool and I love so much about this talented man. I love the lyrics of his songs. He made a song called SOMETIMES. Man, that song shocked me. 

Sometimes, hey Slim, you should be nicer than you are Sometimes, 
you take that complaining shit way too far I mean, 
I thought it was cute in the beginning but now 
I think you only do it 'cuz you know I hate it
you got me wishing I didn't have home training  
then it wouldn't hurt me so bad With dreams of knocking you in your head  
Then it wouldn't hurt me so bad,
with our kitchen knife put up your ass...

Bilal and I are so much alike!!! I remember thinking the same thing right before hitting my ex in the head with a vase!  

Listen to some of his music. He is so talented. Okay...maybe a teeny crush. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

They Say Love is Blind ranked #79

As of this posting, They Say Love is Blind is ranked #79 in sales in the African American genre on Amazon.com. Woot woot! Thanks you guys! The rankings are ever changing but as of this moment it's in the top 100 and not everyone can say they've done that on Amazon!

Now here's hoping the reviews are good. Crossing my fingers and toes...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Hardcopy Pepper Pace books now available

I decided to publish some books in hard back form.  Lulu does this for free, however the sales price will be a lot more. For those of you interested in a hard back you can purchase these two through Lulu. But They Say Love Is blind will be available tomorrow in e-book format at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com. for the price of $3.99.

Hardcopy $23.13
Hardback $22

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your comments concerning They Say Love is Blind 2. Even though it is no longer available on the blog, the entire story; parts 1 and 2 will be available on Monday at Barnes and Nobles. The price is $4.99. I will also have a paperback and hard copy version as well.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The winning cover is....

Looks like B beat out the other two covers. Personally, it was my favorite but I began having doubts as to whether I should have faces or just the hands in which to represent an interracial love story.

Thank you all for helping and I will post the winning cover on the e-book as well as paper back versions of the story. 

Stay tuned for the reveal of They Say Love is Blind pt 2 in just 1 hour...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ho-Z Design special promotion

I don't know if you guys have been by to check out my friend Hoz's website lately but he has made it pretty dynamic. He has a shop, artwork, journal and blog so if you haven't been by lately you should check it out at Ho-Z Design
For some of my newer readers, Hoz is the young man that I collaborated with when writing Wheels of Steel. He was the inspiration, muse, editor, artist etc for the story. He even created the music for Wheels of Steel--yes folks, WOS has a soundtrack. I had some shirts made for Wheels of Steel and me and my daughter still rock them--and I still get questions about the upside down wheelchair man appearing on them. 

I just saw some new merchandise in his shop that I'm about to get. Hoz said that if you guys would like to make a print purchase he would give you a promo code. So if you've been interested but haven't wanted to pay the shipping and handling, here is your chance. Here is how: 

To get free shipping on print orders over $20 in USA use the code PepperPace this code is case sensitive, Valid through 08/12/2012 

This is my best friend at Ikea

They Say Love is Blind; Help needed with the cover!

So this long journey of continuing the story of Tory and Lee is finally come to a close and now it is time to unveil the next part of their tail. Once pt 2 goes live here it will remain throughout the weekend and be taken down on the following Sunday. 

I'll also include a link to Literotica's version of pt 1. Then it will be removed from the blog and Literotica and I will present it for publishing. It generally takes just a few hours but you will be able to purchase the entire story from Amazon as well as Barnes and Nobles. My price for books of that size and word count is $3.99. Yep, I'll also prepare a paperback version for those that don't like reading on the computer. Amazon will calculate the cost of the book and I'll let you know. 

So here is my question; which cover file do you prefer? Please vote for option A. B. or C and the winning cover will be the one that is used on the file. Thanks guys, and I'll reveal the winning cover on Friday!

 COVER A.(no face, embedded letters)

 COVER B.(faces, embedded title)

COVER C.(no faces, title in frame)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean

Uh...what the f*** is wrong with this man??? So I'm listening to Frank Ocean's album and I hear this song written about Forrest Gump. I'm thinking...this mutha is sick! 

I wanna see your pom poms from the stands
Come on, come on

My fingertips, and my lips, they burn
From the cigarettes

Forrest Gump you run my mind boy
Running on my mind boy

Forrest Gump

I know you Forrest
I know you wouldn't hurt a beetle
But you're so buff, and so strong
I'm nervous Forrest

Forrest Gump
Now my fingertips, and my lips, they burn
From the cigarettes

Forrest Gump you run my mind boy
Running on my mind boy

Forrest Gump

I saw your game, Forrest
I was screaming run 44
But you kept running past the end zone

Oh where'd you go Forrest

Forrest Gump
And my fingertips, and my lips, they burn
From the cigarettes

Forrest Gump you run my mind boy (yea)
Running on my mind boy
Forrest Gump

Forrest green
Forrest blues
I re-mem-ber you
If this is love, I know it's true
I won't For-get you (you)
(oh you you) it's for you Forrest
(oh you you) it's for you Forrest

If this is love
I know it's true
I won't

So...I was sitting here wondering if Frank Ocean is gay and attracted to mentally disabled men. Then I read that it was written from the perspective of Jenny, Forrests love interest. Except I don't think Jenny had these types of feelings for Forrest. Whatever you say Frank...

Frank Ocean album free

If you are a Frank Ocean fan than you know his album Channel Orange just dropped. You can listen to it for free on his website at frankocean.com
I'm not sure how long he will make this available but at the time of this posting I'm sitting here chilling to it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

They Say Love Is Blind Pt 2 countdown

Oops, a slight correction to the time. I was told by my sweetie (thank you sweetie!) that I didn't enter the time zone correctly. Please note that the story will post Friday July 20 at 8pm edt until July 22nd 8 pm edt. 

In other words, its eastern time!

Monday, July 9, 2012

They Say Love Is Blind Pt 2 full story coming...

...drum roll please. The full story will be placed on the blog Friday July 20 at 8pm est until July 22nd at 8 pm est. 

I am very proud of the finished product. And I know it's been a long time coming and for that my apologies. One thing that I know for a fact--you can't force a story that is not ready to be told. 

I want to invite all of my blog followers, Facebook friends, and new and old fans to enjoy Pt 2 of They Say Love is Blind. Feel free to download it, put it on your e-reader, your phone, send it to friends etc.  My suggestion is to download it so that you can read it later. I know several people missed out on some of my other free sneak peaks because the download didn't take, so just double check. Once I pull it I won't be offering up the file again. The only way that you'll be able to get it is to borrow it from another reader or buy it *smile*

The Literotica version of Pt 1 will be permanently removed and will never be seen again. I do like the Literotica version because it is how I initially envisioned the story. But in my mind, the characters have evolved and it needed to expand. The re-edited version of Pt 1 will not be included in the sneak peek. Heck, I have to give people a reason to buy the book, right?

Once it is removed from the blog, it will become immediately available for sale at Amazon.com and Barnes Noble. 

Also, I want to thank you guys for being super blog followers and sticking with me through thick and thin. The count down begins...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another 'teaser' chapter of They Say Love Is Blind pt 2

I am whipping this story out. I've written 4 chapters in just this one weekend! I haven't written so much in years. It's awesome, but I don't want to jinx myself. I decided to reward us with yet another teaser. Here is Chapter 11. Enjoy!

They Say Love is Blind pt 2 Chapter 11

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