Sunday, July 27, 2014

I will keep writing if you will keep reading

 I have some not so wonderful news, but you guys are going to have to trust me when I say that I'm not going anywhere.

In the past I've had to take a hiatus from writing to deal with personal issues. Well, I was getting ready to write a dear John letter to my readers when the page went crazy and froze. I recognize Divine intervention when I see it and will keep trekking forward--this would be a really bad time to take another 2 year hiatus, right? 

No, I won't be doing that, but I am truly behind in my writing so be forewarned--in the hectic life of an Indy author something has to take a back seat and most times it is the writing. More information to come when I figure it out.

Adaptation now available in paper


Adaptation is now available at: 

 Thanks to everyone for helping to make Adaptation ranked in the top 15 of two Amazon charts and the top 10 of one Amazon chart. If not for the people on this blog I would have never published Adaptation. You are the best friends, fans and family ever!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Adaptation now available on Amazon.

The last human on earth meets the last alien on earth. Humanity is not exclusive to humans...

Now available on Amazon for Kindle. Coming to Barnes and Noble for Nook and paper back at Createspace.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Free giveaway at Romance Novel Giveaways

Have you gotten your copy of The Scandalous Heroes box set? You can enter to win a free copy at Romance Novel Giveaways. Feel free to enter even if you purchased the box set because you can gift it to someone who doesn't know.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


I did an interview on Yvette Hine's blog; SASSE-YVETTE-HINES. Check it out if you want to learn more about Everything is Everything from the Scandalous Heroes Box set. 

Pepper's Interview

Sunday, July 6, 2014

An Interview for the Scandalous Heroes Box set

Please check out the interview and book review of The Scandalous Heroes Box set. Andrea Cunningham provides some great insight on how and why the box set came together and a review of my book Everything is Everything and Tiana Laveen's Tattoo Moon.

Andrea's Book Blog

Amazon copies of Scandalous Heroes is now available. Announcing the winners of the free books!

Thank you all for your patience and support. The winners of the free Scandalous Heroes Box set is:
Samantha B
Sonja G
Tia W
Check your KINDLE within the hour!

Delay on Scandalous Heroes Amazon release

Hi everyone. So today is July 6 which is the drop date for The Scandalous Heroes Box set. However there has been a delay in appearing on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

We've been in contact with Amazon who has told us that there are no problems and that it is just taking longer than normal. Keeping in mind that the box set is 1,000 words I can understand. The box set authors are anxious and have been up all night waiting to see it go live. 

Now it is available on Kobo E-books which requires you to download a reading app. I've never purchased a book from the site so I'm unsure how it works. The last contact with Amazon is that it will be available shortly...however shortly is a relative term. 

I'll post when the story appears on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. Thanks for your patience folks and sorry for the delay!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Becoming The Dominus is live!

 Rayne began showing me the work she did in her dungeon. At first I was more than a little nervous as I watched her at play. One day as I watched her working over one of her pets I couldn’t stop from thinking that this woman was a force to behold.
She taught me more about the “lifestyle,” although I’m still no expert on it. This is because Rayne and Kim were in a subgenre of BDSM—something they called edge play. Edge play was kinky and pain, humiliation, and power were the focus. They actually had a community where the only true restrictions included anything illegal. It was not unheard of to see people get turned on by needles, pretend to be pets, or enjoy severe humiliation.
Rayne and Kim explained that not everyone has the same kink, but you respected that subs were here because they chose to be and not because they were forced to. In fact every sub had a contract that explained their desires and their limitations. Their discretion was one of the reasons she kept her office private.
This was the type of relationship that Kim desired from Rayne—I know because Rayne had shown me her contract. I learned that the relationship between Rayne and Kim was successful because Kim desired not only to sub but also to relinquish her control and place it with someone who she trusted and loved. There was no exploitation in that. I signed a contract, too, agreeing that I accept this lifestyle as my own and that no one had forced me into it. It was standard in all of the contracts. Including the one that Rayne had signed. She allowed me to look at her list of desires and I met her eyes when I saw that she had admitted to a desire to be subbed, restrained, and forced.
The contracts of Rayne’s pets generally included a desire to be humiliated. Any sympathy I may have felt at a man’s cries for mercy became short lived once I recalled that they had put in writing that this is what they wanted. Rayne’s job was to allow them to get lost in their individual desires—and therefore there was a lot of screaming involved. And yet they always returned for more.
One such pet was one of the guys who helped move me from my apartment. His name was Mitch, and his particular thing seemed to be getting spanked and tied down. Mitch was a simple five-eight man with brown hair. He was rather unremarkable other than he made a lot of money as a stockbroker … and he was able to tolerate an absurd amount of pain.
I was impressed at her skills. She knew just when to stop so she didn’t inflict permanent damage. He would cry and whimper as she paddled him, and the sound of it had become familiar.
It was intriguing in the way Rayne handled Mitch after the session when he was in tears and blubbering. She would cuddle him like a mother with her child. He would sob his thanks to her, and she would soothe him with soft words while his head rested against her breasts. It didn’t make me jealous to see her cuddling him like that. It actually taught me that aftercare consisted of more than just taking care of the outside. Mitch required the soothing to his emotions just as much as he required the extensive pain that he seemed able to endure. After spending time in the dungeon watching Rayne, I came to realize this was indeed an art form and that Rayne was a master artist...Warning: Graphic sex and language. Adult readers only


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