Tuesday, October 20, 2015

~Pt 3 The Witch's Demon book 1~

~Now available, Pt 3 of The Witch's Demon. In this chapter Summer comes face to face with the demon~

If you haven't been following the continuing series of the Witch's Demon book 1 as narrated by author Pepper Pace, it isn't too late! Available only on Etsy for the low price of $.50 for each part, the complete story will go on sale in digital format on Amazon for Kindle for $2.99 on Halloween. Then the narrated version will be removed. Get yours before its gone.

The next episode will appear Monday Oct 26th. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

PART 2 The Witch's Demon

Now available for your listening enjoyment the Second Installment of The Witch's Demon, exclusively on Etsy for the low price of $.50
In this episode Summer finds out the truth about her mother and she gets some unexpected help.
Just as a reminder, this is narrated by me, the book in its entirety will be available on Halloween exclusively at Amazon for $2.99

Part 2 The Witch's Demon book 1

Saturday, October 3, 2015

PART 1 Of The Witch's Demon. Now available on Etsy

I'm happy you guys are enjoying The Witch's Demon! Offering episodes for this story takes me back to the days when I used to write for free on Literotica and my blog. Back then I would write regular weekly updates. I wrote Wheels of Steel in that way. It turned out to be right around 170K words before I finally broke it into 3 stories and submitted it for publishing.

Writing regular episodes can be tough but it's fun. I hope you enjoy this unique experience. Of course, I no longer write for free but I do what I can to keep my books reasonably priced. I always try to keep things fresh and new. I want to strive to always be different. That's why I'm narrating this story.

Yes, I'm the narrator for The Witch's Demon. I'm not a professional but I enjoy it--and who knows, maybe I will do it more. Right now these episodes are not available in writing and only in MP3 format. When the story is completed on Halloween then the digital book can be purchased through Amazon.com exclusively. The price will be $2.99.

But you can get the entire story BEFORE it becomes available on Amazon by sharing in the weekly narrated episodes. Each part is $.50 (which will end up being less than the digital copy).

For those of you who have already enjoyed part 1 the next episode will be available by October 2.

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