Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love Poems

As we step form across the room
Starting to ponder what we've been going through
What does my kiss mean to you?
Are we just friends, or is this more to you
But if we label this, just picture what we might lose, that unexpected kiss the whole feeling
that brought me to you

Meanwhile my feelings grow

But if we label this just picture what we might lose
That unexpected kiss that whole feeling that brought me to you

Why rush, why choose, why risk this thing, and ruin me and you

I want to love him and keep the friend, I want to be near you and not pretend
But if we label this just picture what we might lose
That unexpected kiss the whole feeling that brought me to you

The whole thing has got me searchin....


Friday, September 28, 2012

Check out my new blog

I decided to develop a new blog in which to showcase my fetish for taking pictures of food. I am a self-professed foodie and I like taking pictures of my food. So?

Food for the soul

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BEAST now available on Barnes and Noble

Finally, B&N takes about three days to post a book. Finally it is available for Nook. I do intend to release a paperback copy though it is not yet available. Thanks everyone!

Barnes and Noble for Nook

Saturday, September 22, 2012

BEAST now available on

Okay, my amazon issues have been resolved and BEAST is now available for purchase. The price is S5.99 which is based on the file size. If it surpasses 80K words than I give it that price. It is is between 60k and 80k then I will charge $4.99. And then my short stories will vary. 

The downside of posting to free sites

Ugh, I have just spent a grueling 3 hours sending out 'Take down notices' to various sites that have posted my writings without my permission. 

When a writer posts their work to sites like then some people take the stories and share them on other sites where the reader can download them to read on their mobile readers. I don't like having my stories in different host sites that I have not granted permission to. One reason is that even if the file is not for sale on those sites and no one is making money from them/and even if it is a story that I don't intend to publish, I often make updates and edits. I can't control the content that is hosted on another site where I have not given my permission.

But that doesn't even begin to address the problems for an author who then has to remove any free posts in order to publish. It is not fair to people who are paying for the story to have others download it for free. And in some cases a publishing site might refuse to even publish your story if there are too many instances of the story appearing for free on the internet. 

That is the dilemma that I've had to face with Beast. I wasn't able to publish it through Amazon because it appeared for free in too many places. Once I got that settled I then had to go on a 'hunt' for other Pepper Pace stories that appear on free sites.

In many of the cases I am finding that the versions that appear on these sites are the versions that appeared on before I published them. And while I don't regret my time spent there and providing the free stories that I did, I do wish that I had removed them all once Stranded was stolen and published without my permission. Literotica is a site that you post to at your own risk...if you intend to ever publish that work then I would definitely bypass the site.

I post stories to my blog for free and trust that my readers will not post them to other sites without my permission. When they are posted for free then yes, it is absolutely okay for you to upload them to your own devices whether they be to a smart phone, Nook or Kindle. But please do not copy and post to other sites for the purposes of mass distribution and download. 

Now the ones that really have me heated are the downloads that are ripped off directly from places like Amazon and B&N. And then when they are hosted on sites where it clearly shows an author's book cover with an author's name (which doesn't match the name of the poster) than you have to question why these host sites do not do a better job of 'policing' the content that they allow to upload. A simple Google search would show the true owners of the work. I've contacted Billy London and other writers about this and I am always notified by other writers about instances of copyright infringement. 

It is exhausting. But don't think this means that I don't like providing access to my 'free' work. It just means that I want to be the one that controls when and where. You can help me by notifying me at whenever you see my stories posted somewhere illegally.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pep got a tattoo...

I am soon to be 47 uh...don't tell anyone...everyone thinks that I'm just pushing 40. So what do women pushing 40 do? They go out and get tatted! Getting tattoos, buying expensive red sports cars can be signs of a midlife crisis. I won't deny that it is probably why I decided to go out to get one. It was on the very day that I dropped my daughter off to college. I remember driving home and thinking; now what will you do with the rest of your life? You have raised your children...HEY! Let's get a tattoo!!!

It wasn't that spur of the moment. I had done research on it weeks before. I knew the shop I wanted to go to, and I knew that I just wanted a cute little ying yang symbol on my inner wrist. No how did I end up with this???

I love it! But I wasn't really thinking of doing anything quite that big. Plus it f***ing hurt! AND people are lying if they tell you it doesn't. Anyways, the tattoo parlor didn't have any simple ying yang symbols--they had wings or skulls. I would have had to pull one off the internet so I decided that if I was going to do that, I might as well go for the kokopelli or a gecko (I'm happy I chose the kokopelli). a mid-life crisis tat.

Where is the next chapter of Adaptation?

Due to life interfering with art, I have had to push the posts of Adaptation to just once a week. Mondays will be the only posting--but I am shooting for more MEATIER chapters. Thanks guys.

Stephen King to release pt 2 to The Shining

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Release date set for King's Shining sequel

It's been a long time coming but Stephen King's highly anticipated sequel to The Shining is set to hit bookstores on September 24th 2013.
Titled Doctor Sleep, it follows Danny Torrance who survived the wrath of both his father and the malevolent Overlook hotel. He'll now be a middle-aged man but will still possess his special powers.
In the new book, he meets a young girl who he must save from a group of murderous paranormals, who live off the "shining" that special children produce as they are slowly tortured to death. He'll be aided by a prescient cat.
It's billed as "an epic war between good and evil" and "a gory, glorious story that will thrill the millions of hyper-devoted readers of The Shining". Sounds pretty good to us.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday to my daughter

My Baby girl turned 18 on September 17th. But even before that I, saw her off to college. It was bittersweet. I certainly looked forward to a time when I would only have myself to consider on a day to day basis; no dinner to purchase, or to cook for anyone but myself. House stays neat (theoretically) and no teenage attitudes.

Oh sure, people said I'd be lonely but that wasn't the problem. I don't miss her because of loneliness (which I have yet to encounter), but because she and I are so much alike that being around her is good company. I made this mini movie to share my feelings about it. The music is John Mayer's Stop This Train. 

Funny is that as my daughter's father and I took her to college, that song played on my headset and even though I promised myself that I would not get emotional I started crying. I knew this song had to be the backdrop to the movie. Then, just this weekend her grandpa drove her home to spend the weekend here for her birthday and that song began playing as she walked through the door! I am positive that the music is just right. :)

And yeah...I watched this and cried again.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Chapter 17 ~These Strange Feelings~

Yawn...just finished this chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 17 ~These Strange Feelings~

Coming Soon to and B&N...

to be released in digital, and paperback
Pepper Pace's twisted interracial fairytale is the story of Beast; a marine with a destroyed face and a plus sized beauty who has identity issues. A lesson learned is that beauty is not what is on the outside...In this romance that is taken from the Beauty and the Beast fairytales, it will leave you questioning 'who is the beauty and who is the beast?'

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Adaptation Chp 14 ~Bilal Meets His Unborn Son~

My apologies for being a day late in publishing this chapter. I need to get back on track this weekend. The next chapter should be posted Monday September 10th. Enjoy!

Adaptation Chapter 14 ~Bilal Meets his Unborn Son~

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adaptation Chapter 13 ~Wolf Comes Home~

The next chapter will be available Thursday September 6 instead of Wednesday and then after that we will be back on schedule with a chapter each Monday and Wednesday. Enjoy

Adaptation Chapter 13 ~Wolf Comes Home~

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