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PART 1 Of The Witch's Demon. Now available on Etsy

I'm happy you guys are enjoying The Witch's Demon! Offering episodes for this story takes me back to the days when I used to write for free on Literotica and my blog. Back then I would write regular weekly updates. I wrote Wheels of Steel in that way. It turned out to be right around 170K words before I finally broke it into 3 stories and submitted it for publishing.

Writing regular episodes can be tough but it's fun. I hope you enjoy this unique experience. Of course, I no longer write for free but I do what I can to keep my books reasonably priced. I always try to keep things fresh and new. I want to strive to always be different. That's why I'm narrating this story.

Yes, I'm the narrator for The Witch's Demon. I'm not a professional but I enjoy it--and who knows, maybe I will do it more. Right now these episodes are not available in writing and only in MP3 format. When the story is completed on Halloween then the digital book can be purchased through exclusively. The price will be $2.99.

But you can get the entire story BEFORE it becomes available on Amazon by sharing in the weekly narrated episodes. Each part is $.50 (which will end up being less than the digital copy).

For those of you who have already enjoyed part 1 the next episode will be available by October 2.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Witch's Demon book 1 ~Preview~


There is nothing more unfortunate than to be a witch with no powers--or perhaps more accurately, a witch whose powers have yet to manifest.
This was not Summer’s fault. She wasn’t exactly born into it—although her mother said that she had great power that lay just beneath her skin waiting to come out. It made Summer think about an errant hair or stray pimple; waiting to come out.
Mama and her sisters all had the talent—but they were born into it. Mama wasn’t her real mama and Bethsheba, Ona and Marcelle were not her real sisters. Sometimes people gazed upon her with her pale skin and long black hair that cascaded down the center of her back. They would take in her emerald green eyes and wonder why her mother and sisters were black when she was so obviously white.
People were idiots, Summer would think. Why did they think that family was only comprised of flesh and blood? Family was who loved and took care of you when your own family was nowhere to be found.
Summer’s real mother had lived in a small little house on St John’s Island amidst swamp alligators and raccoons that came right up on the porch to eat the dog’s food. Summer remembered the pretty flowers and the thick forest with the little scurrying squirrels and rabbits. What Summer didn’t remember is going to school or having friends. She was six and then seven and then eight and the only people she saw were her mother’s customers.
They would come at dusk with their money clutched in their fist and determined expressions on their face because they knew that the strange white woman that lived in a shack on the water’s edge had a knack to make things happen.
She spoke the ‘gullah’ just like any of them, and knew how to work the best gris gris—maybe because she was disconnected from the rest of the community and didn’t allow her own prejudices to interfere--or maybe her mysterious ways harkened to a darker magic that no one wanted to talk about.
By the time Summer was eight she knew the plants and the magic words and would help her mother with the most rudimentary spells. One morning Summer woke up and her mother wasn’t home. She went to the river and checked the traps and brought back the meat but her mother was still not around. Summer cooked breakfast—at eight she was old enough to make most of the meals.
Her mother did not return and for two terrifying weeks Summer wandered their small house and the surroundings that she so loved. She bathed in the river the way her mother would want her to and took care of the animals. People came for her mother’s magic but Summer hid. But they kept coming and then Mama showed up.
Mama called her little bird. Summer peeked at her from where she was hiding from behind a tree. And Mama stood on the porch and in a beautiful light voice called out for the whereabouts of the pretty little bird. But mama was the pretty one. She was true Creole, a tantalizing mixture of Kiawah Indian, French and African. Her long hair fell in waves down her back and Summer remembered that she wore a long dress but was barefoot—yet no dirt seemed to have settled on her feet.
The song Mama sang began to make Summer sleepy and before she knew it her feet were carrying her to the strange woman that stood singing on her porch. When Mama’s hazel eyes rested upon Summer a broad smile touched her face. She lifted Summer into her arms as if she was a little baby and Mama carried her home where she was to live from that moment forward.
Before that very day, she had never set eyes upon the woman who would raise her. It was a full year later before Summer asked where her real mother was and Mama said that she was with the one that she had no right to call.
And that idea seethed inside of Summer for many years—years in which all those around her were able to cast spells and work magic while she wondered if she was destined to always be different. And then the idea began to sprout from the seedlings of information that she had gathered about her real mother—that the woman could call upon someone stronger to work her magic, a minor demon, something that could easily be controlled.

Summer learned magic from mama—and not hoodoo—which is what her real mother worked. Mama didn’t cotton to that kind of thing. Magic was clean and white and Summer was taught the clear distinction between the two. Her real mother had partaken in the dark rituals of conjuring and root-working—in which it was common to call upon a demon to do ones bidding. When Summer tried to question her mother about it, the topic was swiftly shut-down, her mama snapping at her in uncharacteristic anger. Later mama came into the bedroom that Summer shared with her little sister Ona and explained the best way that she dared.
“You are a vessel, Summer, just waiting to be filled.” And then mama touched her chin and lifted her head until their eyes met. “One day it will be filled—be patient and only offer yourself purity and cleanness. Anything less will darken your soul. Do you understand, little bird?”
And Summer had understood. She had taken pangs to keep her thoughts and actions pure. The boys did not come around—too afraid of her white skin and her powerful Mama, but she didn’t care about boys or physical attraction. She only cared about the one that should not be called upon.
It was Ona who brought the idea to her mind. When Summer was twelve and Ona ten years old, the younger girl had whispered the things that no one dared say aloud.
“Your mother is the plaything of a demon.”
“My mother is your mother …” Summer said, nearly forgetting that the two weren’t the same flesh and blood.
“No. Your white mother—the one who disappeared.”
Summer had looked at Ona with wide eyes. It was not exactly forbidden to speak about Summer’s mother, but such discussions were frowned upon by the family’s matriarch.
Ona continued, her dark eyes serious. “I heard them talking.” Them meant many different things depending on the context—But Summer knew that in this context ‘them’ meant the ladies of the circle; the witches group that they belonged to.
“They didn’t know I was home,” Ona continued. “I was supposed to be outside collecting herbs but I got thirsty. Miss Genevieve said that your mama got her goose cooked, dabbling in things she shouldn’t. And then mama said that no one deserved to be the plaything of a demon…”
Summer frowned images in her head of the many stray cats they sometime took care of that toyed with the captured mice or birds before killing and devouring them.
“Do you think my mother is still alive?”
Ona looked stricken. “Mayhap she is. But if she comes back will that mean you won’t be my sister anymore?”
“I don’t know,” Summer had answered honestly, tossing back one thick black braid. “Can we be sisters even if we don’t live together?”
Ona nodded in relief but then another thought struck her, “What if your mother is living in hell?”
Summer had never thought about that. An uneasy fear began to crawl over her skin.
“What if the demon makes you come and live with him and your mother?” Ona said--her small brown hands clutched in her lap.
Summer shook her head. “Mama won’t let that happen.”
Ona sighed and the tension began to recede from her small body. “You’re right. The circle won’t let anyone take you. But if mama hadn’t come to your house that day, maybe the demon would have come back for you.”

Coming in two days ...

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Raising Dion; a new diverse comic book

I have already read the first comic (which was free). If you would like more information about this project you can find more information here: 

Have you read About Coco's Room?

Years before writing best selling novels such as Beast, Wheels of Steel and Crash I wrote an Urban Lit story that was so hardcore that I didn't think it could be released--especially after the fiasco with my BDSM story Blair and the Emoboy.
I refused to sale it on Amazon and decided that it would appear in digital and manuscript format on ETSY only. About Coco's Room is one of my little known gems...and I'm fine with that because this story is not for everyone. The themes include child abuse, rape, drug use, murder, graphic language, sex, love, hate, romance and forgiveness.
About Coco's Room is the story about the strange relationship between a pusher and the silent woman that he delivers cocaine to. Despite a rocky start, somehow they form a strange friendship that becomes deadly...
You can buy this book digitally at a discount by using code LABOR2015 through labor day!

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wheels of Steel books 1-3 available as a boxed set

In July 2010 I debuted a story on my blog, Writing feedback. It began as an ongoing free series, and soon I was receiving hundreds of views with each post. The story is about a young man who was wheelchair bound due to his uncontrolled Cerebral Palsy. In addition this young man had terrible seizures and spells, which caused him to stutter. But Jason is also a gifted musician with a nearly unending knowledge of music. Many readers of romance might not have thought of Jason aka Top as a romantic hero—and yet for thousands of readers Jason has become a sexy bad boy that you just can’t help but to love.
And then there is Robin, a young black woman stricken with crippling shyness. Jason lashes out at her, taking out his frustrations on her which eventually forces Robin to stand up for herself and to emerge from her shell. This begins a love story that re-defines IR/Multicultural Romance. Even I was surprised at the popularity of the stories. I, of course loved them—but I didn’t think it could gain mainstream popularity because I didn’t realize that enough people would be just as intrigued as I was about how this couple and their friends would deal with their handicaps—both perceived and real, as well as their budding fame.
People began to encourage me to publish the story but I didn’t know how. It was massive at nearly three hundred thousand words. I decided to break the story into several books. This is why you only see the books entitled Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 etc. with no other title to differentiate each book from the other.
The story of the Wheels of Steel gang has touched people from many diverse backgrounds. Although the main characters have disabilities I don’t feel that the story is about physical handicaps. In fact, I like to think that this book is about people who have disabilities both external as well as internal … just like you and I.
Thank you for taking this WOS journey along with the many other readers that have grown to love this story and these characters.  A few things to keep in mind; this story is for mature readers only. It contains graphic sex, language and other adult situations. Happy Reading!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Wheels of Steel Book 4 is finally live!

I can't wait for you guys to read book 4 in the Wheels of Steel series. There are so many surprises in this book and inwardly I have been grinning in anticipation for your reactions. After Beta Reader #1 read it she had a smile on her face--not that strained look of 'Let me go tell this girl that she is straight up crazy...' 

No, Beta Reader #1 says, "This is why you are my favorite writer...I'm going back to re-read the entire series now."

I just did a fist pump and said, "I told you that I was going to make all the craziness work."
Soooo, if you have been holding out on beginning this series because you doubted the mind of the writer--you may want to read all 300K words JUST so that you can get to this book (smile).
Happy Reading!

Wheels of Steel Book 4 is finally live!
Coming Soon to Barnes and Noble for Nook
Coming Soon in Paperback at Createspace

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Just a few of Pep's favorite things on Amazon

I'm an Amazon Affiliate now! It means that I can set up an Amazon shop and feature things that interest me. If you're interested in what interests me then check out my page on Amazon.


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Pep's GoFundMe page

Hi all! I'm trying to convert my body of work into audio books. Check out my GoFundMe page if you're interesting in helping!

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Wheels of steel book 4 first look; Chapter 1

This weekend I will be sharing chapter 1 of the soon to be released, long awaited book 4 in the Wheels of Steel series.