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Pepper Pace 2013 Restrospect pt 2 of 2

Thanks for returning for part 2 of my 2013 Retrospect

When it was time for me to do the panel discussion my nervousness immediately disappeared. The readers were so interested in my thoughts or stories that I felt very comfortable. I do not believe that I will ever be uncomfortable again discussing what I know; Pepper Pace and Pepper Pace stories.

Also, the Throwaway Year give-away was a HIT! Sienna Mynx screamed when I announced that I had a never before published book for them all. It turns out that Sienna is a fan of Pepper Pace!!!

Back at home I had The Throwaway Year professionally edited and released. And then I began the tiresome process of having each of my books re-edited professionally. The current re-edits are:
  • Urban Vampire 1 & 2
  • Wheels of Steel books 1-3
  • They Say Love is Blind
I began finishing up Urban Vampire 3 but I had a dilemma. Urban Vampire, books 1 & 2 had gone through some major changes that truly enhanced the story. But there is no way that I can resale the same book--that's not fair to anyone. So I decided to include them as a bookset with the release of Urban Vampire 3, allowing the first two books to be free AND giving everyone the opportunity to re-read each book in the series before going to the third one in the series.

After the cruise something amazing happened (more amazing than feeling relaxed in my skin as a writer), I began to receive invitations to be involved in meet and greets, panel discussions, interviews, Slam Jam, writing collaborations. Wow...it is truly an amazing feeling. I accepted one meet and greet hosted by my new friend Erosa Knowles and me and by Bestie hit the road for North Carolina.
A Haunted Meet and Greet with Author Cheri Hodges.

My first time meeting Cheris and I loved her style and attitude!

The event was small but so well put together by Erosa and I didn't have an instant of trepidation. I got the opportunity to eat, chat and sale some books (which made me feel like a pimp!) to fans and readers. It finally hit home that people will drive miles, pay money just to meet me; Pepper Pace. So then feeling humbled I started selling books 2 for 1 and giving away bookmarks etc. until my Bestie stopped me because we were both broke and needed money for gas in order to get home :/ Noooo Pepper Pace is far from rich!
Margaret drove 3 hours to hang with us

Talking about what inspired me to write The Throwaway Year

She bought so many of my books I started giving some to her just for naming the characters, lol
Okay, want to know what truly freaked me out the most? When I checked my Facebook I saw several posts about the event and discussions about what I was wearing, how down to earth I was, my style and about how freaked out the fans were to meet me. Oh. My. God. I whispered to my best friend, "What do I say???" She didn't know, so I posted on Facebook, "Oh my God I got to meet Margaret! She is awesome!" It was funny. I had a hoot in North Carolina!

But things began to sour quickly upon my return home. I could go into detail but I won't because I am not the only person that has had to deal with hardship this year. I have a life that is completely separate from my writing and that life has its ups and downs just like everyone else's. I will say this; I don't write full time. I work a full time job and not just a full time job but an alternate work schedule called 5, 4, 9. It means on week one I work 5 days a week. Four of those days are 9 hours while the last day is 8. Then week 2 I work four days a week for 9 hours.

On my 9 hour days I come home too tired to write but I force myself to do some editing so that I can release my re-edits. Unfortunately by all outward appearances it would appear as if I'm doing nothing. If I hadn't written down and shared this with you through this blog, then all of the things that I did as Pepper Pace would amount to publishing A Seal upon my Heart and 3 stories for a collaboration that barely made a blip on the scree. It would appear as if I just sit back collecting royalties and making false promises about the release date of books while the world waits for Wheels of Steel 4 and Urban Vampire 3 and maybe a sequel to Juicy or a sequel to They Say Love is Blind. Insert sad face. This can not be furthest from the truth. I am constantly writing, re-editing, sleeping and working. AND...I get burned out from it.

While I mentally spazzed out as my muse skipped town--deserting me completely, I started a new collaboration. Because I'm a glutton for punishment...that's why (I know you are asking why). The collaboration takes a shit-ton of time not to mention that I am a member of the newly formed Council for the IR reader's cruise, which also requires lot of time to formulate, plan and assign duties.

No understatement when I say that I am tired! There was just too much writing, editing, thinking, coming, going and worrying.  I decided that I needed to do something creative to keep my mind occupied. I began to design bookmarks. I decided that I would sell them. Then I created a calendar and decided to sell those too. Then I designed some t-shirts and decided to open an online shop for the purpose of selling those as well. Then I decided that I was nuts and that I wasn't doing any of those things because it would definitely stress me out more!

And life moved on while I did these things instead of writing. I've had surgery, a long distance relationship, and every day ups and downs. My mother was just diagnosed with stage 3 Cancer which required her to undergo a recent hysterectomy. A few days later I lost my Uncle to a sudden death, and my cat of 13 years had to be put down.

And then one day I found a poem that so profoundly effected me that I had no choice but to recognize some truths about myself. There is pain that wafts over and around me like a cloak and because I have refused to let go of that old pain I suffer daily. You see, many years ago my life was intertwined with a man that I'd loved for nearly 10 years. He died abruptly. I did not see myself walking this path without him.

And I believed that I stopped walking it all together because he wasn't there with me. 
The quiet I keep on the thin path to the meadow is the hardest.
The sound of your talk below and wind in the trees is an oracle, our future now.
I'm caught beneath the tilt of maples and cry of difference between ten-thousand things; leaf and stone, wind and grass, me, you.
How could I live without you my love, even for an afternoon?
When the sun comes up I open ten-thousand eyes to you,
when it sets I open ten thousand more.
I am remembering and watching you at the same time.
Do not miss me when I am gone, my true and only friend,
do not even think of me, I could not bear to know it

-Chard DiNiord
I anguished over how out of control my life was heading, and I read books and stories to find ways to escape and lose myself--because writing is now something I HAVE to do instead of that familiar 'Therapy' I indulged in for hours on end. Insert another sad face. I'm not having a pity party because although I am still tired, I am also determined! I am shedding my self-doubt, my false face and have accepted the challenge that I can be something so much more important. And it can only happen when I let go of the past and embrace a positive future with positive people and positive thoughts.

And so here I am, the last day of 2013, a year that has been so fabulous but also hard, sad and scary. I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. But if I did I would resolve to stay on this path and to not falter and to know that fear is not tangible. But it is a dangerous thing because it can be as big as your mind can make it.

I love you guys!


Pepper Pace 2013 Retrospect pt 1 of 2

What a year I've had. 2013 marked the year that I learned what it is to be an author and to feel as if I am more than just a person that writes; this year I felt as if I was a writer!

It began with the publishing of A Seal Upon Your Heart. It was a book that sat in the shadows for nearly 2 years as I tried to find my way back into the writing groove. Earlier I had been approached by an acquisitions editor for Ellora's Cave. After re-editing several previously published stories we agreed that EC was not the right home for me and my stories.

However one good thing did develop as it sparked my muse who poked me into resuming my writing. I had re-edited versions of Urban Vampire, and Stranded which inspired me to continue on the path of finding editors to pump some professionalism into my previously published stories.

I had a collaboration going on with author CeCe Monet and the result was three new short stories which were included in a collection entitled Seduction; An Interracial Romance anthology vol. 1. While I was working on those stories I hit the 'wall' and ran out of steam. Hell it wasn't even summer yet and I found myself uninspired to write even one word. Deadlines were looming and add to that, I was going on my first Book event for the 2013 Readers and Writers Cruise.

Writing is my way of releasing stress, or engaging in some type of creative endeavor. So I decided to host some other up and coming authors on my blog, beginning with my buddy CreepyRJ and his story Becoming the Dominus. I quickly realized that hosting another author's story is a lot of work...just because I hadn't written it didn't mean that I could slap it up un-edited. In my attempts to de-stress I had just added more work to my plate.

Looming over me was also the IR cruise event that I had agreed to engage in along with my first ever panel discussion. Oh my, I was feeling pressure bigtime! As an introvert, the prospect of going on a 5 night meet and greet cruise intimidated me. I really had no idea what to expect only that there would be no where to run (lol).

As both my deadline with CeCe Monet approached as well as the cruise my muse kicked in and I began to furiously write a story entitled The Throwaway Year. 1-900 Brown Surgar and A Wrong Turn Towards Love were already completed and had received the thumbs up from my Beta Reader but something different happened with The Throwaway Year.

You see, most authors have a stash of unfinished stories; good ones that were pushed to the background for various reasons. It could be because it is just a labor or love or it could be that time just didn't allow the completion of it. The Throwaway Year was one such story and as I breathed fresh life into it I offered each chapter to my Beta Reader for feedback.

She looked at me curiously and I stood there worrying if I had missed the mark on it but she assured me that she absolutely loved it--however she flat out told me that there was no way that I could make it into a short story. With relief I nodded and assured her that I could because I only had 2 weeks to turn in my stories. That weekend I went home intent upon fisinishing the story before I realized the truth. This was no short story.

In a panic I put it aside. I couldn't cut out all the things that i wanted to put into The Throwaway Year just for the sake of having a third story for the collaboration. I wouldn't sacrifice what the story meant to me. Which meant that I would have to write, edit and have an entire new story written within a matter of days. My own fault since I had slouched for four months because I had these stories 'in the bag'.

I had been working on a story entitled The Delicate Sadness. I had rejected it for the collaboration because it was a story that I felt was very sad and I was just damned tired of writing sad stories. Okay, if you don't know this next thing then you don't understand me at all, and that is that none of my three stories were 'filler, fluff, or just something tossed together' in order to complete our contract. The Delicate Sadness turned out to be one of the best short romances that I'd ever written and many of you will not know about it because it is in a collection that just didn't sell very well.

In the mean time I had a partially finished novel or a complete novella and I decided that I wanted to release it. More importantly I decided that I wanted to gift it to the readers of the 2013 Cruise. The other authors were talking about creating a gift basket  and 'giveaways and I was at a loss. Having never been involved in any of the many events that my colleagues were used to like slam jams and meet and greets and other such events I just worked furiously on completing the Throwaway Year for the purpose of creating a 'proof' that could be given away prior to publication.

It is summer now and I am mentally exhausted and even more nervous because I'm going to meet Sienna Mynx! Shhh, I am a huge fan girl! Oh lord, I'm going to have to not shrink next to these seasoned IR authors. I gathered my forces in the form of my two best friends and we headed to New Orleans a day early of embarkation.

Did I hide? Yep. Most of the other authors and readers had gone out to mingle and my two besties and I went to Bourbon St where we got...um where we indulged in a great deal of liquor, music and food.

And then it was time for the cruise and something strange happened. I stopped being scared. The author's were so cool and down to earth that I believe we formed an immediate kinship. And then there were the readers. It was a fairly small group with less than thirty people, which made it a very intimate affair. Gerrilyn Grant Gipson had put it all together and she had done an excellent job! I kid you not when I state that there were no egos and I felt comfortable being the 'baby author' in the group and being schooled by my proteges.

Sienna Mynx and me in Mexico

went to Mexico with one of the readers. Not a fake smile!

Sienna Mynx, Serenity King, Tiana Laveen, Pepper, Yvette Hines, Erosa Knowles

some of the readers and author Di Topaz in front

I absolutely love these ladies!

Panel night 1 Included Erosa Knowles, Sienna Mynx and Yvette Hines

Wow, I hogged up the mic!

2nd night panel discussion; Pep, Tiana Laveen and Serenity King

First Night panel discussion Sienna holding the mic, Erosa nearby
So I had nothing to worry about because I had a wonderful time on the cruise-despite the ship rocking and rolling the entire time. Best of all is that we formed an IR Readers Council with the sole purpose of continuing IR events whether they be cruises or other vacation events. Even though the deadline has past for the 2014 IR cruise there are still rooms available so if you want to meet me I'll be there next year.

We are only half through the year and I have tons more to write. End part 1

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

 I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. And remember, this day is not about giving and receiving; there is a greater meaning behind Christmas even if you don't follow Christ. Take this time to reflect on yourself and to make your day a happy one. 

Love Pep

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Last Day to get your free re-edit of Wheels of Steel book 3

One of my wonderful editors; Andrea Watts has re-edited the entire WOS series. Feeling brand new about the third book I decided to revert back to the original ending that I'd written here on the blog. If you don't remember the original ending then you have your last opportunity to download the book for free at AllRomance e-books. 
 Here is how:
  • Follow link to AllRomance
  • Press 'buy' which will then show that your purchase of 0.00 was received successfully
  • lastly, select the file type that you are interested in. As a reminder, Kindle=Mobi, Nook=ePub, and to read it on your computer you can select HTML or PDF.

Thanks again for all of your support!

How would you like to own your very own Pepper Pace Merchandise?

I created a little online shop for official Pepper Pace merchandise entitled Pepper Pace Designs. Browse the shop and give me your feedback! A free magnetic PP bookmark to anyone that sends me a picture of themselves sporting my merchandise (must include mailing address and mailed to; pepperpace.author@yahoo.com). This shop is open worldwide!


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Announcing the winners of the Pepper Pace book giveaway

Thank you all for your entries in the Pepper Pace Holiday gift packages. We had 55 entries! That is amazing. The winner of gift pack 1 is Theresa Gonzales. The winner of gift package number 2 is Farrah Hunt.

Congratulations ladies! I will be placing your gifts in the mail tomorrow.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Post surgery good news

Thank you for your comments and good wishes. My Mom's surgery went very well--as perfectly as it could go. My mother is now resting and though a little uncomfortable she is pleased.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that my Mom will be having surgery tomorrow. At the age of 67 she is pretty healthy but unfortunately has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

My life has been completely on hold and while I will not offer any explanations or excuses for why I've missed some writing deadlines--I'm sure you can piece it together. I know that you here on my blog do not require apologies for the interruptions of 'life'. In actuality, it is always you that remind me how much 'life happens'.

I think you guys for your patience and for coming back here to check in on me. Thank you for not writing that you don't like me anymore because I make people wait too long for stories. Thank you for realizing that sometimes there are very good reasons for everything.

Now I know that I am not the only one facing sacrifices right now and my heart goes out to anyone who is suffering loss or trying to get through some bad life situations. Believe me, my prayers are with you. Please add to your prayers my Uncle RJ who passed away last night and his immediate family who are not taking the news well at all. My friend E whose mom has been given 1week to live, Sheila whose Mom has just been placed in hospice, S who has just lost a family member last week and...so many more that I know who are facing loss.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Still time to enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 gift packs!

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Wheels of Steel Book 3 - All Romance Ebooks

Wheels of Steel Book 3 - All Romance Ebooks
This re-edit is now available with an expanded new ending. Free for a limited time at AllRomance.

Pepper Pace Holiday giveaway update

Thanks everyone for the great posts about what my stories have meant to you! It makes me truly proud--all warm and fuzzy! But there is no need to post directly to the blog, Facebook or Twitter. Your entries MUST be made by email to pepperpace@gmail.com in order to be considered.

Therefore I only have 16 actual entries.

Send by email:
-50 words or less, what Pepper's stories mean to you.
-Your mailing address (to receive your gift)
-And your choice of gift package to receive (1 or 2). One request per gift but you can submit one request for each gift as long as they appear in separate emails.

Alright, now that we have that cleared up SEND ME YOUR EMAILS! Thank you!

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Weekly posts to begin NOW

I realize that my posts have been few and far between so I decided that I would create a remedy for that. Going forward we will have a weekly update. This update will appear no later than Thursday of each week.

What you can expect to see in posts: 
  • Free reads
  • Hilarious antecdotes
  • Pictures
  • Schedule of current events
  • Status of stories and upcoming projects
  • An occasional good natured rant... 
  • But best of all...one on one communications with moi!

Pepper Pace Holiday Giveaway

Happy Holidays blog friends and family. 

I am doing a holiday book giveaway package. Included in the package are some hardback copies of a few of my books. Yes, these exist out there in the universe but are very rare and difficult to find (because I block their existence due to the expense), but I do happen to have a few hardback copies on hand that I'm willing to share. To spread the festivities I am creating two gift packages which will each include 3 books as well as other goodies. 
 *I am sorry but this giveaway is limited to The United States and its territories only due to shipping costs.*

Holiday Package # 1
  • Pepper Pace 2014 Calendar; contains personal pictures & favorite book quotes
  • Hardback copy of Juicy
  • Hardback copy of Babygirl and the Mean Boss
  • Hardback copy of Miscegenist Sabishii
  • Each book autographed by Pepper Pace
  • Holiday greeting card from Pepper Pace
  • Unique handcrafted book mark by Pepper Pace
  • A surprise just for you!
Holiday Package # 2
  • Pepper Pace 2014 Calendar; contains personal pictures & favorite book quotes
  • Hardback copy of Beast
  • Hardback copy of They Say Love is Blind (edition 1)
  • Hardback copy of The Throwaway Year
  • Each book autographed by Pepper Pace
  • Holiday greeting card from Pepper Pace
  • Unique handcrafted book mark by Pepper Pace
  • A surprise just for you!
 The contest ends Friday December 20 at 6pm eastern. The winners will be posted on my social media (blog, Facebook, Twitter) at 8pm the same day. Presents will be shipped Saturday to ensure delivery by Christmas.  
How to Enter: 
  1. Explain what you enjoy about Pepper Pace stories. (In 50 words or less)
  2. Indicate which gift package you are requesting (limit 1 entry per person per gift package!) 
  3. Email your name and complete mailing address to pepperpace@gmail.com
Note, this is not a writing contest. Selections will be made at random. Multiple requests from the same person/email/requester will be deleted. Confirmation of email cannot be provided.

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E-basket Christmas giveaway by Violette Dubrinsky's Fantasland

Violette Dubrinsky's Fantasyland is an online Facebook Club for lovers of IR adult paranormal and romance books. She is hosting a dynamic ebook giveaway basket with several of the top Indie IR authors. I'm proud to be included in the ebook giveaway...uh one of my books that is. 

For your chance to win you can just follow this link to the Rafflecopter. You are not required to be present on Facebook to receive your prize. Be sure to register your E-reader here. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have a FaceBook account you can attend the event at Violette Dubrinsky's Christmas E-Book Basket Giveaway on December 24 from 12 - 6 pm. (pst I believe).

Good luck!

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Interview with the Pepper Pace men; hosted by Nulli Para Ora

This has been a long time coming and I'm truly grateful for your patience with me as I rounded up the fellas for this interview. I couldn't use all of the questions that were asked but some of it is still covered in the interview. 

Oh, I'll apologize in advance for Jason dropping the F bomb and balling up the interview questions and throwing them across the room. Some of the questions must have been too close for comfort I guess...But anyways, here is the link to Nulli Para Ora's interview. And keep in mind that this IR author is available on Amazon where she writes under the paranormal genre. I'm currently reading her book about people that can manipulate water. It is the one that Christopher mentions in the interview.


Pepper Pace brings her boys to the Yard

Holiday Shopping at Amazon