Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 19

I've noticed that my mid-week updates are appearing later and later.  I'm sick or else the dust from my ceiling demolition is wreaking havoc on my sinuses.  Anyways, enjoy and the next update will appear Sunday night (hopefully before midnight).  Now I shall fall into bed and sleep with satisfaction. *Sniffles*

(No playlist this update)

Wheels of Steel: A love story pt 19

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Impromptu Poll Results

Ho-Z and I were very surprised at the quickness of the responses received from the two questions I asked; Ho-Z's logo being too large for his t-shirts, WOS getting tiresome.  Based on the feedback, my dear entrepreneur friend intends to get started on the production of the T-Shirts incorporating both logo and slogan.

Overwhelmingly the responses were that WOS could go on and on like a soap opera until these people are geriatric patients, however, some concerns that the story's eventual ending seems elusive.  Even if the story goes on and on there may still be a need to hmmmm...get to the point.  LOL.  Also there might be too much detail for some.  But many people are cool with reading it as I've written it...plodding along, revealing little tidbits about what might come to pass.

So here are the facts about the upcoming posts of WOS; no spoilers included.  It will end within the next two or three weeks.  The ending will not be rushed.  Trust your writer; I will not give you a horrible ending (even though at times it may seem that way), but we've all invested too much time and too much heart to these characters.  And as I promised earlier, regular updates will continue for WOS even after the story itself ends.

Ok, to change subjects.  Ho-Z's photo.  We mostly talk on SKYPE, helpful since I live in Ohio and he lives in Norway.  He ALWAYS turns on the camera so I can guarantee you that he is cuter then that picture--has a killer smile and killer eyes.  But when we talked about the comments on how CUUUUUUTE he was, Ho-Z did not even turn on the camera.  I think he didn't get on camera because his face was beet red!!!  He kept saying, 'I don't know what to say about those comments.'

It was so funny, so of course I had to poke fun at him.  I told him to get his butt on the blog and thank people for calling him cute (he he), to which he said with great embarrassment; You write something, I don't know what to say, you'll say it better than me.  I said...'okay then...'  So here is my interpretation of Ho-Z's thank you for commenting on his looks:

"This is Ho-Z.  Thank you for the feedback about the t-shirts and especially about how cute I am.  I am pretty shy when it comes to compliments.  Pep really should not have mentioned that stuff about my smile being killer and having gorgeous eyes...without of course mentioning that I have the longest eyelashes that any man should ever have.  I'm currently single but I enjoy the company of older, aggressive, black women.  Though I've never been tied up in bondage, I often times fantasize about that, however due to the sensitivity of my skin I will have to forgo the whips.  Thank you."

 Me looking sexy for the ladies...

There you go Ho-Z.  *Smiles*


Wow I'm a dangerous person when it's 5 am and I'm suffering from insomnia...LOL, in all honesty Ho-Z just told me to write whatever I wanted in thanks. He is working on a a huge project at school that will keep him super busy this week. I did, however, get a chance to ask him if he disliked the compliments since he kept saying; "I don't know what to say."  His response was, 'Hell no.  Who would dislike compliments from ladies?!'  Haha. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 18

Here is the Sunday update.  Alot longer considering the week/weekend I've had.  In regards to my house guest; he completed the task I set for him and is now gone.  Alright, enjoy!

Wheels of Steel; A love Story pt 18

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Next Update due Sunday

I was able to write enough to make a decent sized update this Sunday.  Please expect it Sunday evening.  It won't appear before 6pm est.  I'll see if I can locate a plug-in gadget with a clock set to my time.  See you then!

Ho-Z is legal. Happy Birthday!

My fav photo of Ho-Z

I tried to draw it, didn't turn out that great but I spent like 45 mins on it,

Yesterday was Ho-Z's birthday and he is 21.  Man, he does alot for a 21 year old; working on his bachelors, marketing his own design company, creating music...and helping to co-write Wheels of Steel.  I told him now he can go out and buy himself a beer (knowing that he doesn't drink.  Like Jason, alcohol would interact badly with is functions), and he said that in Norway you can buy beer at 18, but at 21 now he can go out and get some real liquor.  He told me that his Mom offered to drive him to the liquor store so that he could buy himself some 'real' liquor and I about rolled on the floor.  That sounds like something I'd do on my son's 21st birthday...except that kid probably has a fake ID and has been doing that already.

Well Ho-Z and I got into a big discussion about his logo.  You've seen it if you go to his site, it is the upside down wheelchair, and then the words Ho-Z designs.  I told him that I wanted to buy the t-shirt when he had it available and he informed me that he wasn't sure about having a t-shirt with such a huge logo.  I'm like...what???  Um...isn't the purpose of the t-shirt to promote your design company, and isn't the logo cool looking...and why???

He brought up a good point.  Some people who are design artists think that t-shirts with huge logos are overdone.  Also, if people wore Ho-Z's t-shirts would they be wearing it for the purpose of promoting the design company, or because the upside-down wheelchair is cool looking.  My answer is both.  But alas, there has been some discussion on his team about not using that huge logo, and perhaps a slogan such as; are you a fan or part of the fam?

So I told him that I would pose the question here.  Huge Logo, or Slogan?  T-shirt as a work of art or as a marketing tool?

Now to my next question.  How tired of WOS are you?  I'm down to the last 1/4 of the story...which still means that there is pretty much more to write.  Ho-Z is concerned that people are getting tired of it, or may get tired of it should it go on much longer.  Feedback is a great thing.  Tell me what you think.

Feeling better

I do feel better and so does my daughter.  I appreciate the kind words because it really helped; truly it did.  Thanks Sarena for the story about Sheba. I cried when I read that which helped me to stop holding in my emotions.  And my friend sent me my 'hello beautiful' email, which put a smile on my face. Thanks to Violette D. for doing a review of WOS on her blog; The Musings of Violette D  (link included).  Also I've been checking out the items on the Self Promotion Blog.  If you haven't checked them out, please do; excellent things going on there.  Someone said that they have nothing to self-promote because they don't write, but you can give us all some feedback on the things you find there.  I'd love to see that! Oh, and apologies to Roger for blowing off our writing date, and thanks for understanding and sending me the emails. 

And in case you are wondering, no my houseguest has not mentioned the computer.  Ah, but I'm over it.  Stuff blows over with me--especially since my lappie works...and btw, thinking about naming it.  I liked what one person said about naming her laptop Pinky. 

I will be working my houseguest to the bone this weekend.  He will be rebuilding a ceiling in the master bedroom.  He is a very good interior designer and has been doing alot of my home improvements while staying with me.  This is his last weekend with me so I'll be sure to work his little tail off good!

Which is the reason that I'm not sure what will happen with the weekend update that I usually post Sunday.  I have some written but depending on how much help I will need to be, there won't be enough for a full update.  So I'll let you guys know early Sunday what to expect.  I certainly don't want you checking repeatedly if I know nothings coming.  Also, I just want you all to know that it's not that I'm forcing myself to do the updates and that I need to take a break from it...writing IS how I take a break.  I NEED to write in order to get away from my stresses. 

With that said, thank god, writing is my drug of choice! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Bad Day

Hi folks, having the day from hell.  Usually I don't come on here to discuss personal issues--other then to explain why I will be away for a short time.  But today has been one of the days that I sure need to get off my chest.  Bad day at work--we all have that; this day seemed to last 2x as long as normal.  Came home feeling rushed to take care of all of the things I needed to take care of -- picked up my daughter on the way home and she discovered that our dog was dead.  She was hysterically crying.  No one would come pick him up so my house guest and I carried him to the SCPA.  We had to take him around back where the Euthenize animals and the sound of screaming dogs was...stomach turning.

Then I was very upset with my houseguest.  He's been staying with me for several months...I'm not very good with guests, but he's family.  He knows that there is one thing and one thing only that I must do every single day.  And that is to write.  I'm a compulsive writer. It's not work, it's not pleasure, it's how I keep my sanity.  It's almost a running joke--I don't want to bother you when you're writing...because you might go off.

So why did I come home and my computer table that usually holds fan, pencils, paper, jewelry had my laptop on it and nothing else?  Oh wait, the old broken laptop that my house guest uses was sitting on top of mine, plugged into the stero which had incidentally been plugged into my laptop.  All of the items that had been on the table were strewn across the floor like a hurricane had come through!

The fan was still running and on the floor!  My jewelry was in the corner.  These things were not just on the floor but it was like they had been slammed onto the floor.  But my laptop was sitting on the table all perfect.  No stereo aux chord plugged into it, nor my power chord plugged into it the way I had left it when I left for work that morning.  Me and Mokkelke had been talking before I went to work so I had been on it.  I went to plug it in and guess what, can't plug it in because it had been shattered inside of the input socket.

I asked my daughter first if she had dropped it.  She didn't do it (she is on her own brand new laptop before she goes to school--which is incidentally half an hour after I leave in the morning).  Asked my house guest (who is jobless and home all day), "Oh I never touch your computer.  I don't know."  And if you don't touch my computer and have no knowledge of how it shattered, why is it that the stereo is mysteriously plugged into the laptop you use?  "Oh, well I plugged that in, but I promise I don't know why your computer won't plug in..."

So, I'm pretty pissed at him.  I know what I know, and he knows what he knows.  He'll be leaving this weekend.  I twisted the chord and managed to get it plugged in and I'm getting a charge.  But...again, my computer is not my recreational device, it's my source of sanity.  Had the laptop broken...I would have broken.

Pretty bad, huh?  And I still haven't mourned my dog and all I can do is just hug my daughter and tell her it's okay and wait until tonight when I can cry when I'm in bed.

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 17

Wow, it's 12:30.  I did not intend on taking so long in posting this update.  I hope you enjoy!


Bruno Mars~Just the Way You Are
Avril Lavigne~Alice
Kings of Leon featuring Haley Williams of Paramore~Love Somebody

Wheels of Steel; a love story pt 17

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The blog is growing!

Hey guys, thought you guys might be interested in hearing some stats about the blogs; Writing Feedback, and Pepperstories.  First let me say that as of the time that I' writing this, Writing Feedback has a whopping 71 Followers!  When I first started this blog I had less than ten followers and was proud that anyone would want to join my blog.  Now, I'm still proud but AMAZED at the following we're getting here.

So I thought that some of you might want to see some stats.  Ho-Z and I were talking about a way to determine the traffic that comes through to the blog.  He said that he had a friend that was working on a plug-in for Blogger and said he would look into it.  Gee, silly me!  It was right there all along, right beneath the words Stats!

As of 9-22-2010 the following shows the number of times the page has been looked at and the number of comments since May.

All time
2010 May – 2010 September

Sep 6, 2010, 51 comments
1,232 Pageviews

Sep 1, 2010, 27 comments
1,060 Pageviews

Aug 21, 2010, 26 comments
1,006 Pageviews

Aug 23, 2010, 26 comments
987 Pageviews

Aug 29, 2010, 35 comments
973 Pageviews

Aug 14, 2010, 26 comments
959 Pageviews

Sep 11, 2010, 35 comments
874 Pageviews

Sep 15, 2010, 30 comments
860 Pageviews

Aug 10, 2010, 26 comments
839 Pageviews

Sep 19, 2010, 37 comments
655 Pageviews

My audience come from the following areas:

United States 
United Kingdom
New Zealand 
Indonesia 62

Just wanted to thank you all and let you know just how much I appreciate you!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 16

Do you all realize that Wheels of Steel has officially surpassed novel length?  We have over 118,000 words.  It takes approx 80-100k to make a story novel length.  And I still have plenty more to write!  Hell, no one has even left the Country yet!!  Smiles-This story will never end anyways, even when I finally get to the page that says 'THE END' the story of these three friends will continue in updates...did I say three?  I must have meant four...Enjoy!


Sade~The Color of love

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 16

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Self Promotion Thread

I'm always eager to hear what some of you, the followers of this blog, do. I know many of you are aspiring writers like myself, or artists or any number of things. I wanted to give you an opportunity to promote your work, your links, your products here in the post. If you are a Literotica writer than tell us your Literotica (or any other online group) name so that we can go out and support you! If you have an online company, etc. tell us here. Or feel free to comment here with just random thoughts about yourself or each other, to chat back and forth, whatever you want to use it for.

I wish there was an easier way to be more interactive with the other blog readers and haven't found a way to create a separate thread on a blog.  I might seem like a big geek but I don't know all too much about blogging. In my other online groups you can create interactive threads that aren't restricted to just comments, but not here.  If someone figures it out, please share.  

Thanks, and I appreciate you!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 15

I feel great about this update.  I think I redeemed myself from the last one.  Thank you Ho-Z for the 9th Wonder Playlist!  Seriously; perfect writing music, definitely had to write it into the story. Enjoy! 


9th Wonder~Instrumentals

Wheels of Steel; a love story pt 15

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is Pep listening to; September 12, 2012?

Everything ever made by the Gorillaz...seriously.  I found this playlist on YouTube (lol, yep, my favorite stomping grounds).  I wanted to figure out the entire story behind their animated videos and maybe become familiar with the entire concept of having a virtual band with no steady human members.  David Albarn of the group The Blur is the one constant member.  The rest is just a collaboration between other artists; the focus on hip hop, dubstep, electronic, and alternative.

They have become more successful then I even knew.  For instance, I had no idea that their first album Gorillaz sold 7 millions copies and earned them a place in the Guineas book of world records for the most successful virtual band.  Their second album, the one that includes Feel Good Inc went five times platinum in the UK and double platinum in the states.  I figured they were worth a second listen to and haven't stopped in nearly a week!  You can't really go wrong when your guests are Bobby Womack, Mos Def, Dennis Hopper, Dela Soul.  Oh and I forgot to mention the five Grammy award norminations in 2006.

Gorillaz YouTube Playlist

11th Annual Readers Choice Awards

I found out that I was nominated in several genre's a few months back.  Now the voting has begun.  Included is the forum and information on voting. My stories are found in Non-consent, Nonhuman, Most Literary Genre Transcending, and Novels and Novellas....pshwwww.  My brain is blowing up right now.  I never ever thought that I would be nominated for prizes...or else I would have edited my first stories better!  I just wanted to get feedback on my stories, share the ones that I didn't think anyone would ever see, and get an idea whether or not anyone would be interested in reading the strange stories that I like telling.

I give my sincere thanks to anyone that has nominated me and thank you all for reading and commenting to me here!  Love you all!

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*** It's The 11th Annual Literotica Reader's Choice Awards ***

Hi everyone! Welcome to the 11th Annual Literotica Reader's Choice Awards, where you decide your favorite work submitted during 2009 in many different categories.

The contest voting will be open until the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 2nd, so please do take the time to read (or reread) the stories up for nomination and choose your favorites. Feel free to bookmark this thread and revisit it as you read through and vote on the various categories.

Important note: please do not post in the voting threads. If you wish to discuss the nominee stories, please do so here

Thanks to everyone who submitted and/or read stories in 2009!

* * * * *

Special Categories

Most Helpful Editor **for writers**

Most Influential Writer

Most Influential Poet

Sexiest Female Character In A Story

Sexiest Male Character In A Literotica Story

Most Literary--Genre Transcending

Most Original Sex Scene Choice

* * *

English Story Categories

Best Anal Story

Best BDSM Story

Best Celebrity Story

Best Chain Story

Best Erotic Couplings Story

Best Erotic Horror Story

Best Exhibitionist & Voyeur Story

Best Fetish Story

Best First Time Story

Best Gay Male Story

Best Group Sex Story

Best How To Story

Best Humor & Satire Story

Best Illustrated Story

Best Incest Story

Best Interracial Story

Best Lesbian Story

Best Letters & Transcripts Story

Best Loving Wives Story

Best Mature Story

Best Mind Control Story

Best Non-Erotic Story

Best Nonconsent Story

Best Nonhuman Story

Best Novel / Novella

Best Review / Essay

Best Romance Story

Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Story

Best Text With Audio Story

Best Toys & Masturbation Story

Best Transsexuals & Crossdressers Story

* * *

Other Language Stories

Best Dutch Language Story

Best French Language Story

Best German Language Story

Best Portuguese Language Story

Best Romanian Language Story

Best Spanish Language Story

Best Other Language Story

* * *


Best Erotic Poetry

Best Illustrated Poetry

Best Non-Erotic Poetry

Best Poetry With Audio

* * * * *

Thanks for your votes!!


How Story & Poem Category Nominees Are Decided:

On the 15th of every month, we tally up the votes from stories submitted during the previous month. The story in each category with the best voting score compared to all other stories submitted that month is automatically eligible for that year's Literotica Author Awards voting. These are posted every month in the Awards & Contests forum under the subject "Congratulations to [month]'s Category Nominees", and can be found in the Contest Archives.

At the end of the year, we have 12 nominees in each category. The 5 stories in each category with the best voting scores at the end of the year will go on to the final voting. One will be selected in each category – by voting in this contest – as the top story for that year. If there are less than 5 nominees in a category, the top scoring submissions in that category during the calendar year become eligible.

If a single author had duplicate nominations in a category, we choose only the top scoring story as eligible in order to give more authors a chance to be read & appreciated. If there are less than 5 nominees in a category, multiple submissions from the same author may be eligible. Stories with 50 or more votes are given priority.

Turning off voting on a submission at any point during the year disqualifies the submission from any and all contests or awards, as does removing submissions or membership from the site.

The Special Category Nominees were selected by the nominating process that took place here. In the case of a tie, the authors who contributed the most stories and poetry during the year received the nomination. Author self-nominations are excluded from the tally in the case of a tie.

Report Post  

A nomination for Reader's Choice Award for Non-Consent-Emoboy in the Lead!

Hey guys, just found out that Emoboy was nominated in the 11th annual People's Choice Award in the non consent genre!  With a total of two whopping votes Emoboy is in the lead!  Woot woot Emoboy!  Thank you JG for letting me know it was out there.  I'm going to keep my eyes on the forum from now on so I don't miss anything.  LOL

View Poll Results: The 11th Annual Literotica Awards: Nonconsent
This poll will close on 11-02-2010 at 01:18 AM
An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 27 / bambigirl44 0 0%
Birthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 05 / CharmingVixen 0 0%
Blair and the Emo Boy / PepperPace 2 66.67%
Claire's Career Ch. 08: The Singer / seth_perm 0 0%
Turnabout is Fair Play / Charles Petersunn 1 33.33%
Voters: 3.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 14

Enjoy!  No music with this one, I suppose it's sorta self-explanatory as you read it. 

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 14

September 11, 2010; reflections of a Federal worker.

Nine years after the terrorist attacks and I have become reflective of the changes not only to our society but the changes in myself.  As a Federal worker I was very afraid of being targeted by terrorist both abroad but also by US citizens.  The impact of terrorism effects the job choices I make within my organization.  People have told me that I should put in for Agent jobs, and I say you must be out of your mind. I have no intentions of approaching people or business so that I can get shot!

Also, I have in the past, and will in the near future, be working in a Federal Office building.  My office will be on the same floor as Homeland Security and Immigration and Naturalization...and I sorta think, I really don't want to work on that floor. 

I remember what I was doing nine years ago, in my office when someone announced that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.  And then the sense of panic when a second plane crashed into it and we knew that this was no accident.  Thoughts of the Oklahoma City bombing came to mind and the total helplessness that you feel because you know people are dying and it could have been any of us. 

Not long after the September 11 attacks, our department moved to a FOB and I would walk past the daycare and see the kids gathering in a straight line so that their teacher can take them outside to play.  And I see people coming in and out of the building so that they can get a replacement social security card, or speak to volunteers to help  fill out tax forms, or any number of things that people need in order to take care of their necessary business.  I see  hundreds upon hundreds of people that are living their lives the best way that they can. Why do terrorists think that they solve anything by targeting these random people that are just trying to live their lives?

I recall my children's father and I deciding that we would not work in the same building in case one was the target of a terrorist attack and that we wouldn't put the children in a daycare at a governmental building.  It is always in the forefront of my mind that due to legislation that allowed for increased security around FOB's that over sixty terrorists plots have been stopped--my office being included in that.

I dated a guy who had such a hatred in his heart for everything that wasn't like him.  I remember his extreme hatred of anyone who appeared to have a Middle Eastern descent.  You don't always know that a person has such racial issues; I thought because he was a white guy that only dated black women that he was open minded about all things.  But when he made racial slurs against Middle Easterners I was offended.  He said, 'you of all people should hate them considering that your offices are their targets!  Every one of them should be blown up!'  I said to my EX-BOYFRIEND (anyone like that could never stay my boyfriend), I said, 'If you knew me at all, you would know that talking about killing innocent people is the wrong thing to ever say to me.'

The changes to society as I see it, is that people like him, who hate, now feel that they have permission to be vocal in their dislike.  They want war, and to fight, and to kill.  And I see things as if they were a giant chess board where two figure heads are sitting loftily away from the danger, sending out their pawns to do their dirty work...I see blood and loss and death and tears and then at the end of the day these huge lofty figureheads shake hands and say good game, but I'll get you next time.

I know there are huge emotions that are involved with the topic of war and terrorism.  I'm not trying to debate them.  I have my stance just like everyone else.  But the effects on our society is that some people have worked extra hard to understand people of Middle East cultures and some people have given in to their baser instincts.  Look at the Mosque project near ground zero, look at the minister who will burn the Qu'ran.  It makes you tired.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Top list last

Check out the top list for the last 30 days.  WOS is really popular!  Thank you all for your votes!  And thanks JG for the heads up! 

Interracial Love

Top Rated Stories Submitted In:
RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 07
A party gone horribly wrong. by PepperPace (09/02/10)
4.86 (117)
2.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 06
Walking on your own, sensual sensitivity. by PepperPace (08/29/10)
4.86 (138)
3.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 05
A pervy client and caught in a lie. by PepperPace (08/26/10)
4.84 (145)
4.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 04
My eyes are green, 'cause I eat a lot of vegetables. by PepperPace (08/22/10)
4.83 (130)
5.Love Me Now Ch. 06
She lets him love her and someone from her past comes back. by theonlinestalker (08/29/10)
4.83 (76)
6.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 03
A mean mother, ghetto fish, and a bad pact. by PepperPace (08/18/10)
4.81 (116)
7.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 02
Top's popularity and Robin's fears come to light. by PepperPace (08/15/10)
4.79 (138)
8.This Time Around Ch. 05
James can no longer ignore his feelings. by london8692 (08/12/10)
4.78 (65)
9.Matthew and Camille Ch. 11
Matt & Cam continued. by innocent_angel (09/03/10)
4.77 (158)
10.The Great Love of My Life
My Love: Falcon Delano Bianchi. by LoveBird1929 (08/17/10)
4.77 (57)
11.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 01
A white boy with cerebral palsy and his shy black assistant. by PepperPace (08/11/10)
4.75 (149)
12.Won't Make It Easy Ch. 02
Now or never. What is it going to be? by VintageVixxxen (08/25/10)
4.68 (69)
13.Opposites Ch. 03
Sophia & Jake get intimate; Amanda hatches a plan by kandeedreames (08/26/10)
4.65 (77)
14.Won't Make It Easy Ch. 01
Romance involving a black woman and a white man. by VintageVixxxen (08/17/10)
4.63 (108)
15.A Good Neighbor is Hard to Find
A heat wave and a broken air conditioner lead to love. by feelin_randy (09/07/10)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 13

Here is the weekend update.  This is a long one.  We had some setbacks on this one.  Ho-Z had some original music to add to this but the drivers on his new computer doesn't do something technical or other...over my head. So his original creation will be posted on next weekend's update.

Also spent 2 instead of 1 day with Mom...enough said.  And then last night trying to get caught up I typed well into the night.  I woke up this morning and everything that I'd typed the night before was lost when windows shut down and I couldn't pull it up on recovery.  Best thing about rewriting five hours worth of lost writing is...well NOTHING.  Absolutely nothing!  But it was therapeutic and that's why I do it.  And besides, I couldn't wait to get to the Mama drama...Here it is, enjoy!

Musiq Soulchild ~LOVE

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 13

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update on Mom's condition

Thank you for all of your well wishes for my mother.  She is getting better day by day.  Last weekend, while chasing her new puppy (???) she felt something pop in the back of her leg, then she experienced a horrible pain.  Turns out that she tore a ligament.  She not only tore this ligament but she ripped it completely from where it connects her thigh to her buttock.

The result is that she has tremendous swelling and significant blood loss and obviously LOTS of pain.  They don't give 64 year old women surgery to repair that type of pain (which incidentally would have been tremendously painful), but rehab.  It will take 6-8 weeks to heal.

I'm sure she's doing better because as we were on the phone talking this morning discussing who would be coming to her house for the weekend she announced, 'I'm not thinking about that right now, my ass hurts!  I gotta go.'  Not laughing at you Mom...laughing WITH you. Anyways, when I see her this afternoon, I'll be sure to tell her about all of the nice comments.


Justin Cronin's The Passage

Well, I just finished reading The Passage.  Don't worry, no spoilers here.  If you've read it and intend to comment PLEASE DON'T SPOIL.  With that said, Justin Cronin is a very good writer.  I wanted to read it because of Stephen King's comments.  He said that you will get to about pg 15 and not be able to put it down.  He was absolutely correct.  I did put the book down to do my own writing, and keep up with stuff--but there was no way that I could put the book completely AWAY; once started that won't happen...actually after you read the first sentence I dare you to put it down.

Last night after midnight, I'm laying in my bed, eyes swiftly moving across the page, closing in on the ending and when it ended I was haunted by the characters that I had grown to love.  As a matter of fact, I had a hard time going to sleep after.  And when I woke up, it was the first thing I thought of. 

When I finished reading that wonderful book, I regretted investing the time into it.  Because I still had questions at the end.  Where was my satisfying ending??  So I pulled up my computer and found that there is to be a sequel.  THANK GOD! Now I think that I can sleep. I want my satisfying ending! that what you all were saying to me when I just left Miscegenist Sabishii hanging after story 2?  Haha.

I recommend the book if you like such stories.  Last_Breath80 asked if it was a vampire story.  Noooo.  Ok, Yessss, but so much more then the vampire/creatures.  It's about god and love and it's an odyssey, a mystery and there is action and there are tears and laughing out loud.  But...I still didn't understand the ending.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How do I write erotica?

How does one write erotic scenes? 

I've helped several people with this by first having them make a list of all of the sexy, erotic words that they can think of; no matter how raunchy.  Then think of the effect that you want to have on the reader; shock, romantic, etc. And then do this...fantasize.  That's how I write erotica.  I fantasize A WHOLE LOT.  Then I search through those words and find the feeling that I want to convey.  Then I write it.

So if I want the reader to become horny then I start thinking about what made me horny.  Most times it's the same thing that will make YOU, the reader horny.   Or sometimes I just want to convey a feeling of love, desire, acceptance...which ultimately results in horniness.  LOL.  Sometimes if you are just horny then you can write erotica.

So the key to writing erotica is horniness and finding all of the 'expressive' words to convey that.  Get in touch with your horniness emotion!


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