Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 15

I feel great about this update.  I think I redeemed myself from the last one.  Thank you Ho-Z for the 9th Wonder Playlist!  Seriously; perfect writing music, definitely had to write it into the story. Enjoy! 


9th Wonder~Instrumentals

Wheels of Steel; a love story pt 15


  1. Pepperpace, thanks for a great update. I just love Robin and Jason. Excellent the way that he was just there for her. Also Peter and Belinda, just shakes head. Hopefully, Peter will begin to understand that Belinda wants more than a bootay call. I said alot about the moms on the blog so I won't repeat myself here. Just wanted to say thanks. Ho-Z the music list was great. Thanks

  2. Wow You outdid yourself on this fantastic updat well actually i think you do an fantastic job on every update because i absolutly adore this story whoo this chap had it all and it had what i loved the most was more of robin backbone o the show front especially when she told her mom that she was going home with jason after her mom small tirade she still went home with the man she loved i am was so happy about that whoo jason knows how to handle business in the bedroom also the music was wonderful this chapter just had it all the wos repairing their friendship whoo i just love everything about this story and your writing!!!!!
    Forever a Fan: Victoria

  3. This keeps getting better and better and I can't wait for the next chapter hope to read it soon!!!!


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