Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Juicy in paper back

The proof came back and my first paper back is ready for sale! You can order it from your local book store or from Amazon. Actually, you can even order it from your local library. Also available in paper back is the never before published The Purple world. I'll discuss more about that one later when I get my second box of books!

I like wigs

Why is there a stigma to it? I like wigs. And why do people insist upon saying; but I have a lot of hair. If you wear your wig well you won't have to say that, because nobody will know--well except with me because I insist on changing my style from long to short at the drop of a dime. And I readily admit when I'm wearing a hairpiece or a wig.
I'll share what I intend to wear this spring. I'm waiting on my Mommy wig for summer. It's by The Janet Collection. It is so sharp and I'm strangely obsessed with it because it is super short. Check it out on YouTube if you're even slightly intrigued. 
 not sure why this is blinking...and my forehead is super huge, YIKES! 


I got the Mommy wig and absolutely love it. I ended up dying it brown because I like light colors but it looked unnaturally brassy.  

Here is my very own YouTube review.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Seal Upon Your Heart

No...I haven't finished it but I have added some chapters. I'm not going to keep the story on Literotica but I will keep it here on the blog until I have to remove it for publishing--or if I happen to continue winning the Amazon writing contest (fingers crossed). 

A Seal Upon Your Heart

Monday, March 5, 2012

Angel Over My Shoulder-NOW AVAILABLE

It took me a week just to re-edit this story. When I first published Angel Over My Shoulder several people commented that while they loved the story--they weren't in love with the rushed ending. In all honesty they were very much correct. I used to have a tendency to end a story when I got tired of writing it, instead of waiting for a truly inspired ending. 

If you think you've read this story before on Literotica then you will be surprised at the changes--and hopefully pleased. There are now an additional 3K words and an entirely new ending. Angel Over My Shoulder is currently available on Amazon/Kindle and is pending on Barnes and Noble. 

The price is $3.99 and the word count is 44K

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stranded in the top 100 of Amazon's erotica list

I was amazed when I checked the rankings of my books at Amazon and found that Stranded! had made it to the top 100 in erotica. That is awesome, especially when you see the others stories listed there. It is also in the top 100 of the African American list and is holding steady there. It is ranked at 2400 in over-all sales. The reviews are pretty awesome as well. I feel like a kindergartener saying awesome...but it is!

I remember several writers telling me not to be against e-publishing. I'm truly happy that I finally listened. I even thank that fool for stealing my story and prompting me to self-publish. Now I think about covers and editing and stories in a way that I have never cared before. I am truly delving into new territory and loving it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Davy Jones RIP

When I was a kid I LOVED the Monkees. Of course I did. I was a girl and I was born in the 60's. All of the girls had a crush on Davy Jones because he just had a presence, a kindness that was evident in his broad smile--even to a five, six, seven year old. 

I was saddened to learn that Davy Jones had died of a heart attack at the age of 66. It's funny but back then I didn't care one bit about the Beatles; it was all about the Monkees. Right now I'm seeing myself at the age of 5 dancing and singing to Daydream Believer with my sister. Fond memories. RIP Davy Jones, my first star crush!

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