Sunday, December 26, 2010

Photos of Pep's Characters

I thought I'd create a thread of photos representing the characters in my stories.  Nikki sent the first one.  Shawn White, sexy ginger snowboarder!

Shawn White: Jason (WOS) by Nikki

Baby Girl and the Mean Boss-Pep's Pick

Sanaa Lathan: Nikki

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Marty
Bruce Willis: Marty by Lizzybelle
Marty by Pep

Bill Goldberg as Marty by Mokkelke

Josh Blue Jason(WOS) by Pep

Josh Blue, standup comedian with Cerebral Palsy.  He inspired me with that wild red hair. Doesn't really look like my vision of Jason but he is funny as shit and he's got the hair thing down pat!  Lizzybelle agrees.

Travis Fimmel Jason (WOS) by NikkiNix
Travis Fimmel Peter/Link (WOS) by Pep

 I'm picturing Jason Lewis Link/Peter out of his wheelchair and in bed...


"Rain" Jun Jihoon: Tony

Jet Li: Tony, Miscegenist Sabishii by Nikki Nix
Vanna Black as Nikki: Miscegenist Sabishii by Casey

Caleb Landry Jones as Jason (WOS) by Casey. But add a few years


Lee (They Save Love Is Blind) by Casey
David Gandy: Lee
I'm so bad for this one...
Jill Scott as Tory by Nikki Nix

Wheels of Steel: Robin Mathena

Amerie: Robin Mathena by Pep. But add grey/green eyes

Niketa Calame by Casey

This Random girl is who I first pictured when I thought of Robin

The Mom's of WOS
Lonette McKee: Betty Mathena

Carrie Preston: Joyce Hamilton

Russel Crowe: Chase (Jason's Dad WOS) by Pep

Dakota Fanning: Amberly by NikkiNix
Ellen Page by Pep

Mila Kunis by Pep


Could these random girls be Belinda from WOS?

Belinda (WOS) by NikkiNix

Kelly Osbourne by Lizzybelle
Pink Belinda (WOS) by Mokkelke

Lady Gaga: Belinda by anonymous
Diablo Cody: Belinda by Casey

Amy Lee: Belinda by Nadia

Robyn: Belinda by Anonymous

Jason Michael Carrol Jason (WOS) by Jay
Prince Harry: Jason by Nadia

They Say Love Is Blind

Queen Latifah: Tory by Mokkelke
Simon Baker: Lee by Mokkelke

Nina Malone & Tatum Channing
Jamie & Kenny (The Way Home) by Casey

Urban Vampire

 Janet Jackson: Kim by Pep

Janet Jackson: Kim
Naveen Andrews: Alex by Pep

Theodoris: Alex by Pep

DeAngelo: Tony by Pep
Tyrese Gibson: Tony by Pep
Mark Wahlberg: Paul by Pep

Kevin McKidd: Chase by NikkiNix

Sean Bean: Chase by NikkiNix

Blair Underwood: Raymond (WOS) by Lizzybelle

Josh Holloway: Marshall (Stranded) by Pep

Christina Milan: Ocean (Stranded) by Pep

Sam Worthington: Marty (Baby Girl and the Mean Boss) by Ladyrose
Sharon Leal: Nikki by Ladyrose

Daniel Henney: Tony by Ladyrose

Toccara: Nikki by Ladyrose

Chrisette Michelle & Rodrigo Guiaro-Diaz: Lita & Lee (They Say Love is Blind) by Ladyrose

Lisa Boney: Leslie (Angel Over My Shoulder) by TaiChi


Lt. Christopher Jameson-Beast by Telecia Sparks

Jaime Presley: Alma from  BEAST by Telecia Sparks

Kat Graham: Kendra by Telecia Sparks

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Lance by Telecia Sparks     

Paul Walker: Lance by Telecia Sparks
Tamala Mann as Ashleigh (but younger) by Telecia


  1. you "stole" Marty's looks!! haha That's "my" Adam from SIW (still have to write the story, but he already appeared in the first and second "book" so spot on ;-)only his counterpart is a tiny litle redhead.

  2. LOL@Mokkelke!
    He's mine mine I mean Babygirls!

  3. hihi they do make a nice couple i'll share, ok? hahaha

  4. I like the cast pictures...but the red head guy doesn't look the Jason in my head though. He is a cutie. Thanks

  5. I love Shaun(Shawn?) White. The number one word you can use to describe him is red. Which is how I see Jason. I kinda imagined someone who was broader in the upper body area, but Shaun white is cut because of his sport anyway so I can kinda see it.

  6. I see Jason as big like a wrestler. Any more Jason pics?

  7. hmm, well how abt travis fimmel with redhair? lol. and for Miscegenist Sabishii, Jet Li as tony? but omfg, i know he couldnt play as tony but Rain is soo freakin fine and i just wanted to share :)

  8. You know when I 1st started reading WOS I pictured this comedian Josh as Jason. But Shaun White could be Jason, but to me I see Josh as Jason.

    As for Marty I picture Bruce Willis more than Stone cold Steve Austin. I still love my Stone cold.

  9. Okay mmy choice for Jason is a Caleb Landry Jones. Jason looks a little older in my thoughts but I like his face and his coloring for Jason.

  10. Nikki! I was reading this while at work and had never heard of Travis Fimmel. So I made the mistake of googling his picture while I was on the phone with a customer. I freaking gasped! He was so good looking that it actually took my breath away. And then when I got to the shot with him in bed...I started stuttering while I was talking to my customer. I had to literally shut down google! Travis is a cutie...but I'm picturing him as Link

    Rain is the MAN! I have the biggest crush on him. Such a sexy Tony. Though I do picture Tony as shorter and stockier. But I sure loved scouring the photos for a good shot of him to post!

  11. LMAO Pep ,Travis is one sexy man now that I think abt it he would be perfect as Link. and OMFG I also have a big crush on Rain he is soo freakin sexy!!! I want to have blasian kids with him lmao, I just drool everytime I see his picture. so anyways I was looking at your profile and what type of books you read and I think you would like The Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, here is the website. check out the character the men are soo sexy ;) but I will email you the details abt the story :)

  12. Thanks Nikki. I got a Sherrilyn Kenyon book somewhere but can't remember which one. I love the genre she writes in. Yeah, I'll check it out. I'm about to get one of the mechanical book devices like Nook or Kindle. God...never thought I'd do that because I'm such of lover of the book; the feel the smell. But times...they are a changing. LOL!

  13. Okay so For Lee in They Say Love is Blind, I'm think David Gandy. Sigh... he's beautiful!

  14. Oh my god, Casey, that is the guy from the Dolce & Gabbana ad! I love that guy!!! Good choice!

  15. Wow my image of Robin was totally different I was visioning Niketa Calame.

  16. dakota fanning as Amberly? and Jill Scott as Lita from Love is Blind :)

  17. Oh My Goodness...this fella by the name of David Gandy as Lee from "Love is Blind"....glory.... love may be blind but I'm glad I'm not... he is so freakin sexy... he almost makes chills run up and down my arms like my Alcide from True Blood, played by the now engaged :( Joseph Manganiello


  18. Oh My Goodness...I love the cast of TrueBlood. I got it bad for Eric. But Alcide is soooo yummy. Man, I can't wait until Sookie hooks up with him. That is going to be so hot!

    And you all have found some sexy men that I would have never thought of!! We need to fill the parts of some of the women. Any ideas on Belinda? I'm searching for a Goth/bi/tough yet attractive woman. Really tough...

  19. Belinda is hard to find lol... but idk here are some pic of random goth girls

  20. Ohh pep I love your belinda, she looks like she can be a belinda

  21. Isnt that Jason Lewis in that Absoult add? I remember him from Sex and the City. But totally see him as Peter. But OMG David Gandy is ooohhhh so fine. I never seen or heard of him before until now, and now Im a fan of his. And I totally agree about him as Lee. And I also agree about Alcide from True Blood. Hot hot hot.

    Jill Scott as Lita perfect. Ellen Page as Amberly perfect again. The only person I can see as Belinda is Lady gaga, however she has been getting on my nerves lately so I dont know. Other than that Pink, maybe?

    And Ohhhh dear God almighty, David Gandy.

  22. Thought I might as well toss my two cents in XD
    Every time I think of Jason I see Jason Michael Carroll With red/curly hair and more upper body

    Jay =^.^=

  23. i pictured the boss(babygirl) a bit like bill goldberg :

    and josh blue, damn he's good, the way he embraces his disability!! in one of the other clips his right arm got a job... that cracked me up.
    i can see jason like that, but my mntal image was close to shawn white as well

    love is blind i'd imagine someone with queen latifa's looks to have the lead role and and simon baker as her counterpart :

  24. I found my Belinda!!! Diablo Cody with short hair.
    Did you know that a Looner is a person that becomes sexually aroused by balloons? I learned that while I was looking up pictures of goth girls. lol

  25. Dare I say Jason looks like Prince Harry? (just picture him with longer hair),r:2,s:0&tx=22&ty=12

  26. or how about For Belinda Amy Lee from Evanescence?

  27. why not Pink for Belinda? she got short hair and kick ass attitude and well seeing some of her clips a real chameleon, she'd do good as a goth.

  28. I always see the british singer Robyn as Belinda. And I LOVE David Gandy!!!!

  29. Okay so its official I have way way to much time on my hands! My vote for Nikki in MS is Vanna Black. Also Jamie as a grown up in The Way Home is Nina Malone. Kenny would have to be Channing Tatum. Yum!!!

  30. kelly osbourne as blinda when she was goth lol

  31. Pep you are SO wrong for those pics, got a sista tingling and sh*t

  32. I think the person who mostly fits Belinda body type is the gal from that old show ... 3rd Rock from the Sun... she played Sally Solomon. Other than that I can't really see who else could fit the part.

    And yes my Alcide is extremely sexy and yummy ... quite frankly that man churns my butter... If I could have just one of him I swear I'd have two.


  33. Kevin mckkidd as Jason father Chase. Or Sean bean as Jason father Chase.

  34. Good ones! My personal favorite being Kevin McKidd!

  35. I agree about Kevin McKidd as Jason father.

  36. OMG, yes yes yes, Josh Holloway my Sawyer from Lost perfect as Marshall. And I can see Cristian M as Ocean.

  37. I kinda pictured Sam Worthington from Avatar and Sharon Leal as Marty and Baby Girl, Daniel Henney and Tocarra as T-Baby and Nikki and lastly Rodrigo Guirao Diaz and Chrisette Michele as Lee and Lita... Yay, this was fun!
    ♥ Ladyrose ♥

  38. This is kinda late but I keep coming back to this page when I reread a story. I think Lisa Bonet would be great as Leslie. Maybe one of the guys suggested for Peter would be a good angel. It's my favorite story.

  39. I actually had an image of Lisa Bonet when I wrote Angel Over My Shoulder. I'll post a picture for her

  40. I was watching The Event on NBC (which I have been doing since the show aired) and I started noticing the aisian guy who plays Agent Lee. And I started looking up the actor who plays him Ian Anthony Dale (he was also one of the hit men on The Hangover). And it dawned on me that he could be Tony. This guy is so freaking fine.

  41. Blake Griffin as Christopher & Countess Vaughn as Ashleigh (or Janet Jackson)

  42. It took me a little while to really imagine Christopher in my head, but I think that Kevin Durand would be perfect. He's got a scary kind of hotness, and that body - JEEZ!! I could totally see him scarred and then corrected, and those huge guys are usually the sweetest :-D

  43. AND Kevin is 6'6" LOL

  44. Pepper is there a place where we can go to see your upcoming work?

  45. The best place to check for that type of information is this blog. Right now I don't have anything new because I've been a big slacker. I'm working to remedy that, though. Thanks for asking!

  46. Laura from Trindad & TobagoSeptember 6, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    Hi Pepper,

    I just love your books.I bought Love Intertwined Vol. 2, but, I see you have Blair and the Emoboy as a stand alone is the same content as Love Intertwined Vol. 2 or additional?

  47. Hi Laura,
    I recently decided to separate some of my more popular short stories from the collections that they were published in; Love Intertwined vols 1 & 2. There are no changes to them, though. Thanks you for the comments!

  48. Daniel Henney and Toccara are spot on for Tony and Nikki. :-) -DC

  49. Oded Fehr is Alexis

  50. Thank you for this site, its awesome to see who you visualize ad you write.

  51. i hope Your books are sold in i can buy it. Since buying from afar is going to cost more.


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