Friday, December 31, 2010

Pt 14 Wheels of Steel the Novel~completed~

It feels strange to finally come to the end of Wheels of Steel.  This has been an endeavor that I've worked on for nearly a year.  It is a whopping 701 pages and 235,739 words.  This is the biggest piece of work that I've ever written. It wasn't easy but it has been very rewarding.

Ho-Z is my inspiration for this story; not just the comment that he sent me, which is what set me off onto this journey, but how he actually lives his life.  He's not Jason because there is not a mean bone in his body.  But something he once said has stuck with me.  He said that every word he typed, every move he made, even every piece of art he created, was a struggle in which he had to command every single move.  Wow...that blew me away to consider that.  Yes, I write this story with all of you in mind that have to put in more effort to get by, whether it's physical, mental, social or economic.  

But I also want to dedicate this story to my friend Kim.  She is my Belinda and writing about friendship and pain as well as forgiveness allowed me to cope with the events that circled her life...and death, as well as the life and death of my own father.  This has been true writing therapy for me!  I'm pretty sure that I don't need it anymore...

Pt 14 Wheels of Steel; the Novel
Musical Therapy



  1. Pepperpace, first HAPPY NEW YEAR, second, Congrats on completing WOS. I have really enjoyed the story. Thanks for sharing your awesome talent with us. Thanks Wishing you and your family a Prosperous New Year.

  2. Beyond amazing! Pep, your talent is beyond words. You're truly gifted, thanks for the amazing stories.

  3. thanks for this wonderful conclusion of this story.
    all the best for 2011

  4. WOW..... this story was truly amazing. I enjoyed the journey and I'm sorry to see it come to an end :( *tears falling*)

    Thanks Pep

  5. I'm totally late on this, but that ending was simply amazing. It had me crying for so many reasons, but mostly because it was so true to life. Your stories are so much more than stories because, more than giving us a happy ending, they make us reflect on our own lives. Thanks for sharing them with us!


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