Sunday, December 5, 2010

What is Pep listening to; December 5, 2010?

Pogo: Whisperlude, A Little Princess (remix)

My remix of vocals, sound effects and musical chords from the 1995 classic 'A Little Princess' directed by the brilliant Alfonso Cuaron. With the possible exception of 'Go Out And Love Someone', this marks the most vocal samples I've extracted and sequenced in one track. Enjoy!
          ~Faggotron (Pogo) 

Some of you know that I'm a huge fan of Pogo from a previous post.  Here is his newest. I love all of Pogo's mixes but Go Out and Love Someone is my favorite (yep I borrowed that title for one of my own stories--though it was shot down by many of the readers as a horrible title). This would most probably have to make it in the second place spot.  Please enjoy the video if you are going to listen to Whisperlude.  The music is enhanced by the visuals.  Enjoy!



  1. You are back to Pogo, just like 1 year ago --- COOL

    I'm still in 9th wonder mode .....

  2. jwi no u get asked this question alot but are u going to come out with another part to urban vampire?

  3. Hey do you have any play lists on youtube? I ish bored and want to wondering what your in to :)


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