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Video Blog for December 2014

In this Vlog I'm answering fan questions, introducing my son Cameron and discussing release dates and my upcoming surgery. This video is broken into 2 parts so that I can upload it to YouTube.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting into the spirit of the season

My fireplace and Christmas Tree

I live in a house that is nearly 100 years old. I remember this house even before I ever owned it. This is the house that belonged to my grandparents. When I was a child I used to stand in Grandma's kitchen with the pleasant smells of passed cooked dishes and the cleaning solution she used on the Linoleum floor. I remember watching her at the kitchen sink with its bright window right in front of her and I thought the best thing in the world was to wash dishes while looking out across your back yard. I wished that one day I'd have a kitchen sink with a window situated right in front of it. And now I have my Grandmother's kitchen.
I remember looking at my grandparent's fireplace and hoping to grow up and have a house with a fireplace. Now I have my grandparent's fireplace. Mine is a small humble house but to me it is so beautiful. I feel blessed to call this place my very own home.
Holiday get-together
I put up the Christmas tree this year and remembered as a child how we would get dressed up so that we could spend Thanksgiving or Christmas at Grandma and Granddaddy's house. We'd bring our toys (and lose some over here). All of my cousins and uncles would party until the wee hours and this was our tradition. Funky Good Time by James Brown always ended up on the record player right along with Parliament Funkadelic and the kids would form a 'Soul Train Line'.
Now as time has moved on this house is quiet. With the passing of my Grandparents we no longer gather here to celebrate. 2014 has marked the passing of many family members; Uncle Greg, Uncle RJ, Uncle Joe, Aunt Ann my cousin Kenny--and then there is the loss of friends and I reflect on this year and pray that the next keeps us and our loved ones safe.
Memories shouldn't make you sad--and in this case it doesn't. I like reliving my childhood memories and walking from room to room reflecting on a past that is now a part of my present and maybe even my own grandchildren's future.
My grandmother dancing

Grandma and Uncle Greg

Being an empty nestor during the Holidays

As my children grow towards adulthood and have left the nest I am generally very ecstatic about being an empty nester. I am very busy and have no time to give into loneliness (if that should ever be possible for a self-proclaimed hermit). When I'm not working I spend the remainder of my time trying to achieve goals that interest me, chilling with my friends or sleeping. Also, it is nice to put a piece of food in the fridge and when I go back for a snack it is still there. I love not falling into the toilet. And it is nice not to walk into the room and hear the Sponge Bob theme or the same episodes of Roseanne being repeated over and over.
But then comes the Holidays and the excitement of Christmas and the family feeling of Thanksgiving isn't the same when you live alone. This year was the first year that I had to put up the Christmas tree by myself. My daughter is away at college but has a job that is keeping her busy during the Holiday season.
I even considered not putting up a tree but hoped that it would get me into the season. But it was a chore without my daughter there to put on Holiday music while we talk about the history of the ornaments, watching Rudolph on television and situating the tree just right. Even my son acting very 'Bah Humbug' while refusing to help decorate is a part of the Christmas tradition while we threaten to leave him with the task of taking down and packing up all the Christmas decorations.
As much as I love being an empty nestor--I LOVE walking into the house and seeing my daughter's bag on the living room floor. I don't get annoyed when I walk into the bathroom and see the toilet seat is up. I feel the warm glow of family when I hear music playing from the basement where my son hangs out when he is home. And in the living room I love seeing my daughter propped on the couch eating a bowl of leftovers while flicking her feet in contentment as that passive aggressive Sponge Bob is toying with people.
I get a big smile on my maybe it's a little one on my face but a big one in my heart.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Why Pep is selling digital books on

I guess I'm super proud of my little online shop at I keep roaming around it straightening up items, making sure the inventory is pristine, and cheering each time I get a visitor. You might have wondered why I sell on ETSY. I can make more selling on Amazon, and many other such sites. 

Because it's not as much about making money as it is about controlling my own creation. Recently I went through a lot of stupidity with Amazon. For over a year they removed and then blocked my BDSM short story Blair and the Emoboy. At first they claimed the 'description' didn't meet their guidlines. They claimed a reader had complained. I jumped through hoops changing the description but they would never state what the exact problem was, even though I asked. It became apparent to me that my story had been censored. I felt outraged, I'm a liberal after all ... any stink of censorship reminds me of all the -ISMS (racism, sexism). 

They also pulled Love Intertwined Vol 2 because it included Blair and the Emoboy. The act successfully buried some very nice short stories. So recently I dug them out of the Amazon censorship graveyard and re-released the short stories as single reads. Each one was published separately as an individual read and each appeared on the Amazon top 100 erotic reads for many weeks...most are still there!

So ... I decided to re-submit the actual volume that the stories appeared in--mind you ALL of the stories individually were successfully uploaded AND top sellers on their very own sites. Again, I was hit in the head with the Amazon censorship shovel. I wrote them a very nice letter explaining this very fact and while I won't say what the response was exactly, lets just say that if I want to continue publishing on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) I will stop asking because Love Intertwined Vol 2 is now BLOCKED as a digital book.

In case you are wondering--the volume was uploaded to sit nice and securely in the erotic genres and no child or individuals with a dislike of such subject matters would ever 'stumble' across it. As I recall it was in the same category as SEX WITH BIGFOOT, and NAUGHTY DADDY DAUGHTER PARTY. Indeed, you can read a story about a lady being raped by Bigfoot and a lady having sex with her Dad but you can't read Blair and the Emoboy ... 

I digress. I think by this point I was just happy that my short little BDSM story was available in digital format on Amazon so I decided to stop 'poking' at it. But I did start thinking about ways to cut out 'The Man' and to do it all myself. 

Selling digital books on ETSY was an experiment. When I charge .99 there, which is the sales price for The Way Home I actually get .99. When I sell a .99 book on AMAZON I only get .35. The lions' share goes to Amazon.  And whether or not they deserve the lions' share is debatable. I don't mind giving it to them ... but don't treat me unfairly. Because I don't think it is just censorship that keeps that book on the BLOCKED list. 

Anyway, the only way I can fight the system is to do what I'm doing. Will it make me a millionaire? A Thousand-aire? Nah ... maybe a hundred-aire. But I FEEL better that I've done something proactive. Despite it's mistakes Amazon is THE most important format for an author to sell and to be seen. It is where the majority of my readers have found me. As much as a I appreciate Nook Press for not giving me any problems I don't make much selling books there.

When you sell on your own site it effects your rank on Amazon's top selling list, which then effects your exposure to new readers--that is if the same story appears on both Amazon and your own private site. In the event that you sell only on your site, then you will get a swift kick in the pocketbook from lost Amazon sales. It's not a win-win situation if you are thinking of money. But in my case I am hoping that if more people do this, begin loosening the apron strings and weaning off the KDP tit than maybe the authors will have more of a say. 

I don't believe in censorship. I don't want to read a book about the superiority of one race over another, nor do I want anyone else to. But I won't stop you from reading it. I'll stop you from reading a book that exploits children but I won't stop you from reading a book about incest. I've written an incest story, as a matter of fact--two. One is between two cousins that never did the deed and one between siblings that get married. Maybe one day it will appear on my ETSY page but you won't ever see it on Amazon.

Hey! Don't raise your eyebrow at me! Go to and find the story if you want to read it for free. It's not that hard to find if you are truly interested, but I won't tell you how (so please don't ask). And if you don't want to see it than even that is fine. Remember, I am a liberal--I won't judge you (smile).

Anyway, this is why I keep talking about my little ETSY shop. Soon I will be selling PP attaire! And calendars! And more book marks and books--items that you can't purchase anywhere else. You never know, I might even get kicked off Amazon and the only way that you can find my books is through ETSY. So don't be shy, stop by, take a browse, have some hot tea, listen to the soft tunes of Little Dragon playing in the background. And if you leave owning your own piece of Pepper Pace than that is fine, if not just knowing that you were there makes me happy.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

E-book Trailer About Coco's Room

Spend your weekend with Coco, Tyrone, Franklin, the MWCF mob and a drug cartel ... Pepper Pace will take you on a journey through the city's underbelly. This Urban Lit interracial tale is not a romance ... and yet in Pepper's own style there is love and redemption. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Enjoy About Coco's Room digitally! Now available for your e-book

Several people have let me know that they wouldn't be able to get a copy of About Coco's Room unless it appeared digitally. I don't ship out of the country due to the cost so I am now making this available for sale on my Etsy page. 

I still think the experience of reading this story is best when in manuscript form so I hope you will get the whole Beta Reader experience. When you read the printed manuscript you will get a feel for how the Pepper Pace team sees my work. 

But I do understand the instant gratification of having the files digitally. So happy reading and enjoy your Holiday!

About Coco's Room digital files through ETSY

Sunday, November 23, 2014

About Coco's Room; new project by Pepper Pace

In 1982, a street pusher supplies the drugs for a small but powerful gang. Little does Tyrone know, soon their cozy little world will become deadly. Tyrone with his blue eyes and white skin is the last person that should be the only face seen in the deadly turf war. For now he is trying to understand his feelings for the woman that's kept strung out in the bedroom. Is she a prisoner, why does she seem to disappear until he injects her with the finest heroin that her brother can buy?

And even while the world is turning upside down for them all Tyrone does the unthinkable--he's awakened Coco.

This interracial urban novella harkens back to the days of Donald Goines, Iceberg Slim and their sixties style of story-telling involving the underworld of the ghetto, drugs and violence. In Pepper Pace's style she also manages to bring the hope of love and redemption. 

This novella is only available for sale on ETSY. This dynamic new project allows you to purchase a manuscript in draft form. This story will not be available through third party sights like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and can only be purchased in a physical copy which will be mailed out to you. Each copy is autographed and contains a color first page printed on card stock. The interior is on 8x11 with a cardstock back.  Currently it is available in the USA for the price of $13.00 and 2.50 shipping and handling. There are notes and edits written inside which gives you a peek into the publishing/editing process for an indie author.

This story contains graphic depictions of sex, language including racist language, druge use, rape, child abuse including child sexual abuse and is intended for adult readers only. Characters are 18+.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Loverman, Oh Where Can You Be?

A lonely girl finds that a mystery exists in her new apartment.

A short, erotic paranormal romance with a strange HEA. This story first appeared as a free read on and uses the music and lyrics of Billie Holiday.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Pep's video vlog

I wanted to do a video blog; a VLOG to answer some questions that I received in the month of October. I answer questions on my Tumblr blog at

I had to make this two parts due to the size.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Re-edits of older stories now available

Recently I had some of my previously published short stories re-edited and released separate from the collection of short stories that they originally appeared in. The stories haven not been changed other than to receive some editing.

These stories showcase my roots in the erotica genre. I do consider myself a writer of erotica although recently I've focused on writing in the romance genre. Still there is always an element of eroticism in my love scenes and there probably always will be. But...this is different than writing pure erotica where the purpose of the story is to arouse the reader.

The stories are from the book Love Intertwined Vol 2 and can be purchased in digital format only at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for only .99

OH! And as of the printing of this post, My Special Friend is ranked number 1 on Amazon under Interracial Erotica and Blair and the Emoboy and Emoboy; The submissive Dom are both in the top ten! Woot Woot!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pepper Pace's Creepy Halloween story written about RJ Cree

 A few years back RJ Cree and I had a bet. I lost and as the loser I had to write an erotic Halloween story about him. In hindsight, I'm happy that I lost because had he written an erotic story about me I fear that I would have ended up doing a table dance in a bar while maniacs slash the other patrons. 

Anyways, as I was a sore loser I turned RJ into a homicidal killer--his weapon of choice--the mighty pen. No worries, though, in reality RJ does not murder people with his stories. 

This Halloween story is scary, sexy, funny but it is also for ADULT readers only.


Pepper's creepy RJ Cree Halloween story

*RJ Cree is an author of erotic, romance, sci-fi stories and can be found on and Barnes and Noble. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Here is your gift...

As a thank you for following my blog I will put up the unedited first chapter of Everything is Everything book II. This won't be advertised anywhere. This is just for you!

Please look at the first link on the right to access it. It will only be available through the weekend of October 25 and 26.
 Link removed by author

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday to the blog!

Can you believe that its been five years since I created this blog? I can't! Five years ago I uploaded a story called Juicy to a site called When the feedback was so positive I wanted more insight into what readers thought I could improve upon in my writings. I wanted to share my writing experience with my readers, and I wanted to know more about the people who read my books. This was the reason I started this blog and why it's entitled Writing Feedback instead of something like 'Hey come buy my books!' This is where I want to interact with friends, fans and readers. 

I wanted to re-post some of my first blog entries. This is the very first blog post I made. And of course I misspelled my own name (smh). Make that 2 capital Ps!
Saturday October 24, 2009

Comments are helpful things...

Thank you all for taking the time to not only read my writings, but then to take the extra step to give me feedback. If you have stumbled upon my blog and haven't yet looked at any of my writings, then visit me at My pen name is Pepper pace.
Five years ago I was still tentatively taking baby steps to share my writings with the world. I happily did it for free and it took the members of this very same blog to encourage me to publish. Getting me to publish was like pulling teeth! I was all about the idea of writing for the joy of creating and sharing it with like-minded people. I was about knocking down the tired old walls that books seem to get locked into. I was about creating something fresh and new and shocking and exciting. I wanted to be the Quinton Tarrantino of the writing world. And I did not think that it was possible if I was published. Boy was I wrong. I just had to self-publish myself and become my own boss and write what I want instead of what some industry head says I NEED to write. Because of this blog I was encouraged that there were readers out there that wanted my kind of story telling. Thank you! And here is to many more years together.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just Breathe

A gift is coming just for you

First, let me start off by saying that this is the same blog but with a slightly new look. My eyes are getting too old for the black background :) Anyway, we've been together for a long time and have shared hundreds of posts throughout the years. You have been there for me when things were going bad, when my mom developed cancer, when I had problems handling my depression and many other things that you have no idea that you helped me to cope with. 

I want you to know that I appreciate you.  You are the best fans that a writer can have. I know that I haven't been around much. If you are on facebook then you have probably seen me there or on twitter dropping little comments. But don't worry this place and you guys are still my first loves (MUAH). To prove it this weekend I will give you a little present. No one else gets it but you. 

I'll say more later...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

An Interview with RJ Cree; The bad boy of erotica!

RJ Cree's Barnes and Noble page
      As some may know, I have ventured into the realm of publishing not just for myself but for another. That individual is long time friend RJ Cree--though some of you may know him by the name CreepyrJ. 
     I discovered RJ on where I got my start. I read a little known story called Fighter and I fell in love with it and begged to do the editing. Since that time RJ and I have been buddies and have even written together--though our collaboration never panned out due to time constraints. 
     One thing that I found interesting about RJ was his fearlessness when writing erotica as well as IR/multicultural romances with a black female heroine and white male love interests. I felt that he didn't write stereotypical women and had a voice that I certainly could identify with.
    I am pleased that he's finally taken the plunge to publish--although I've been poking at him to do so for several years--and yes I know I was getting on his nerves. I think he agreed basically to shut me up! I had to sweeten the pot by agreeing to do the editing, publishing, cover design etc. Hence the reason that RJ is my only client under Pepper Pace other words, this is not easy. But for RJ it has been my honor and privilege.

1.    Q. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a simple guy that has simple, well sorta, tastes. I have done many things in my life and seen many cool places in the world. I grew up a military brat, and joined up when I was of age. I now live on the east coast and am happy with my life so far.

2.    Q-You’ve been writing for several years. I first discovered you on under the name CreepyrJ. What made you finally transition from writing free stories online to finally publishing?

I wrote there as a test to myself. I had ideas for writing a scifi tale and needed to challenge myself to learn to write better. I saw my works did pretty well, not like oh dear god he is it! But I have seen them do well enough it made me wonder if I could drop a tale and do well. My transition is one that came about by being gently nudged to it.

3.    Q. What do you write? Is there a specific genre that you prefer?

I generally tend to write what I feel. I have written a scifi book I’m trying to complete and get published. I have a paranormal story I’d love to get done and see how it does. I write what feels right to me.

4.    Q. I refer to you as the Bad boy of Erotica. Despite the genre you write under you always keep your sex scenes alive and very hot, while maintaining an entertaining storyline. What is your process of writing such hot love scenes? Is it difficult for you to keep it fresh and interesting?

I have a sick, twisted, and generally perverted mind LMAO! If I feel it then I go with it, if not I tweak it and prod it and…oh wait that might be kinda dirty in of itself.

5.    Q. What can we expect from you in the future?

As much as my feelings can make go. Like I said I have a few other stories that are nearly done. A few of them are sci-fi and a few are romance and some harder tales. I even have a steampunk book in mind, and a few chapters of it written as well.

6.    Q. What is the hardest thing about working with Pepper Pace, lol???

Ummmm…she likes the Cincinnati bengals lmao!

7. Q. Is there anything you’d like to add?

I just hope I can write a few stories people will enjoy. If not, then I will keep hashing them out until even the folks who hate me, and I’m sure there are a few, grudgingly say, “Well that one didn’t suck.” To all of the readers who enjoy my tales, I ain’t dead yet!

Thank you RJ for the interview. If you would like to contact RJ please see his Facebook page where he interacts with his readers and friends. All books are in digital format only and can be purchased at and Barnes and Nobles for $2.99

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A question from Tumblr

I get many great questions on Tumblr--and some not so great. Here is one that I'd like to share with you. 

Anonymous asked a question

Hi, Its seems to me that there is recurring portrayal of black men in your novels being very negative to the growth and confidence of black women, your descriptions of them are in a sense a caricature of what the media is depicting black men as being right this very minute and honestly it is not helpful and is quite damaging. I enjoy your books but I found this slightly disturbing is this how you see them? Why is that it takes a white man to liberate these women? Please don’t think I am rude it’s just in the society in which we live in and the way black boys and men are being persecuted and are ALL treated like criminal, don’t you think we should be protective of them? I am not black so maybe I am being ignorant but I just wanted your thoughts on the matter.
Pepper's Response:
Not to mince words, I found what your wrote to be offensive—not in the fact that you were frank with your question but that you’ve formed a negative opinion of the black men in my stories and then prescribed your thoughts to me as if I share them.
  I don’t believe that I’ve turned the black men in my stories into ‘caricatures’. In fact the black men who happen to be antagonist within in any given story that I’ve penned are no different than any white antagonist. The relationships that my characters have are no different than the relationships that you, me or any other person might have whether they are black, white or any other race.
  Romance writers (such as myself) write about relationships. Our characters may move from a bad one to a good one—or from the loneliness of having no relationship at all to having someone in your corner. Writing about a broken relationship between two black people is far from ‘suppressing the growth and confidence of the black female lead’. One thing that you should know about my writing is that I mainly write about broken heroes/heroines and although there are at times outside forces that might bring them down, my attempt is to show that when they grow in their own self-confidence then there is NOTHING that can bring them down. In other words, the black men that they may have been involved with didn’t pimp them out, call them bitches and hoes or knock them up and leave them with babies to take care of. The so-called caricatures that you equate to my black male characters happen to just be people who have fallen out of love and have moved on. Period.
  Wide sweeping generalizations such as ‘there is a re-occurring portrayal of black men in your novels being very negative…’ or ‘your descriptions of them are caricatures of what the media is depicting’ are the worst critiques one can give because then I’m forced to venture a guess at instances when you’ve seen these negative aspects in my books.
  Did you not like Ashleigh’s boyfriend D’Angelo from Beast? Did you find that being a ‘kept’ man was a negative portrayal of a black man? Then I’d point out that Ashleigh herself was a self-proclaimed ‘fluffy girl’ that only wanted the handsome man on her arm. Her own shallowness is what caused her pain.
  Or what about The Throwaway Year—two people had fallen out of love and the man was the one who had the guts to walk away first. Anonymous, let me ask you a question. This is a question that you should answer to yourself and not to me. How many white authors have you written to ask why they don’t write stories uplifting the view point of black men in the media? Do you think that is a task only for black writers? Are you asking me to stop writing about black female antagonist and begin to write about black male ones? Are you going to ask author John Greene to stop writing about white people who are clueless about the state of affairs with black men in America? Do you understand why your questions are not just ignorant but racially biased? No?
  If you want to read conscientious books that uplift the state of cultural affairs there are plenty of them out there. I myself write romance stories about black female protagonist who are working hard to fix themselves and finding love along the way. Oh and you asked why does it take a white man to uplift these women. Uhm…because I write interracial love stories. Let’s ask Stephen King why he writes stories that ‘scare’ people because…well it’s scary and the world is scary and why write about scary things?
  Yes I’m picking on you a bit. Mostly because you deserve it for not recognizing that your question in itself was racially insensitive. But also because I have no doubt that you submitted this question solely for the purpose of criticizing me and my stories.
  We’re done here.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mama Pace has something to say...

Everything is Everything book I available for pre-orders! 

Everything is Everything is now available for pre-orders at There will be a paperback version of this novel and it will also be available for Nook through Barnes and Noble. Also, thank you for your patience in regards to book II. It is in the works! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pepper Pace Inventory for sale at Etsy

Hi. I have some inventory that I need to clear out. There are only a very few items so if you are interested you will need to grab them fast. When the inventory is gone the shop gets closed. Thanks everyone. 

Pepper Pace Products on ETSY

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Duty Honor Courage the top of 3 Amazon charts

As a self-published author I have reached some great goals. I'm glad to see that as an independent publisher I am helping my client, RJ Cree acknowledge some of his own. Thanks to you friends, fans and family for all of your support--on the behalf of RJ Cree and myself. Available at the following digital sites for $2.99: 
Barnes and Noble

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Duty Honor Courage E-book trailer

Introducing my latest endeavor with author RJ Cree. Duty Honor Courage. Digital book only. Available August 23rd on Amazon for Kindle and Barnes and Noble for Nook. Preorders now available at

Duty Honor Courage E-book trailer

Introducing my latest endeavor with author RJ Cree. Duty Honor Courage. Digital book only. Available August 23rd on Amazon for Kindle and Barnes and Noble for Nook. Preorders now available at

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hoz; the man that inspired the Wheels of Steel series

My buddy Hoz was featured in a newspaper article. It is written in Norwegian but I'll post a link to google translations so that you can get a fair idea of the article.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

I will be MIA for a while

Hi everyone,
I'm writing this in a semi-sleep filled grog. I just slept for nearly 18 hours. 

I want to take a moment to let you know what is going on with me. I mentioned on my blog that my Mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer late in 2013. I mentioned that I'm the primary care giver for my mom though we do have a host of wonderful people willing and able to help with home care, transportation, etc.  and they are an amazing help.

After Mom's last cancer treatment (Yay!) which happened 2 weeks ago, she got very ill and contracted pneumonia (Boo!) and had to be admitted to the hospital through emergency. It's been 2 days and her fever won't break. Day 2 in the hospital had her fever spiking at 103 degrees again.

That my mom is the only thing on my mind goes without saying. These last 12 months have been terrible for my family. I lost 3 uncles and a cousin within a 3 month period of time. Nearly lost another cousin due to a terrible car accident. I walked out on my uncle's funeral because I just couldn't deal. My mom is in so much pain she keeps begging to die. How do you tell your Mom that you are not allowed to die--you will just have to endure this pain and keep on going? It's been terrible for her because she's experienced the loss of family AND has endured it while in crippling pain and constant sickness. 

I have agreements with friends and clients to write--but my mind has been far removed from writing. Still I was able to put out Everything is Everything, Becoming the Dominus and Urban Vampire despite feeling as if my life is crashing and burning. 

My writing agreements have been nearly fulfilled and after that I need time to focus on myself and my family. I put my own medical needs on the back burner because I simply could not put anything else back there (semi-smile). I've known for several months that my CA-125 level was slightly elevated, but ovarian cancer treatment is not on the list of things I want to deal with. However my Mom has been relentless so now I've put myself on the front burner.

Part of taking care of myself is to keep you guys in the loop. I don't mind sharing this information with my friends fans and family, and my mother gave me permission long ago to share her info. There are other things going on in my life which I won't share--and again, none of it is conducive to writing. 

I don't want you to think that I am taking a break, or a hiatus in my writing. I still write nearly every day. But if you ask when a particular book will be released my answer will have to be I. Don't. Know. As soon as I write them and they come back from the editor (Yes...ALL books go to the editor now) I upload it. I never hold a book in order to give a specific date of release. I upload it as soon as everyone has given me the thumbs up and therefore I do not know a specific date.

My fans have been and continue to be the most supportive fans ever. I'm not patronizing you when I say this. You keep me writing and you encourage me to keep moving forward. The funny thing is this...of all things that I would like to put on the back burner writing ISN'T one of them. Writing is what keeps me sane. 

I'm still here folks ... just a bit slower.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

I will keep writing if you will keep reading

 I have some not so wonderful news, but you guys are going to have to trust me when I say that I'm not going anywhere.

In the past I've had to take a hiatus from writing to deal with personal issues. Well, I was getting ready to write a dear John letter to my readers when the page went crazy and froze. I recognize Divine intervention when I see it and will keep trekking forward--this would be a really bad time to take another 2 year hiatus, right? 

No, I won't be doing that, but I am truly behind in my writing so be forewarned--in the hectic life of an Indy author something has to take a back seat and most times it is the writing. More information to come when I figure it out.

Adaptation now available in paper


Adaptation is now available at: 

 Thanks to everyone for helping to make Adaptation ranked in the top 15 of two Amazon charts and the top 10 of one Amazon chart. If not for the people on this blog I would have never published Adaptation. You are the best friends, fans and family ever!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Adaptation now available on Amazon.

The last human on earth meets the last alien on earth. Humanity is not exclusive to humans...

Now available on Amazon for Kindle. Coming to Barnes and Noble for Nook and paper back at Createspace.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Free giveaway at Romance Novel Giveaways

Have you gotten your copy of The Scandalous Heroes box set? You can enter to win a free copy at Romance Novel Giveaways. Feel free to enter even if you purchased the box set because you can gift it to someone who doesn't know.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


I did an interview on Yvette Hine's blog; SASSE-YVETTE-HINES. Check it out if you want to learn more about Everything is Everything from the Scandalous Heroes Box set. 

Pepper's Interview

Sunday, July 6, 2014

An Interview for the Scandalous Heroes Box set

Please check out the interview and book review of The Scandalous Heroes Box set. Andrea Cunningham provides some great insight on how and why the box set came together and a review of my book Everything is Everything and Tiana Laveen's Tattoo Moon.

Andrea's Book Blog

Amazon copies of Scandalous Heroes is now available. Announcing the winners of the free books!

Thank you all for your patience and support. The winners of the free Scandalous Heroes Box set is:
Samantha B
Sonja G
Tia W
Check your KINDLE within the hour!

Delay on Scandalous Heroes Amazon release

Hi everyone. So today is July 6 which is the drop date for The Scandalous Heroes Box set. However there has been a delay in appearing on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

We've been in contact with Amazon who has told us that there are no problems and that it is just taking longer than normal. Keeping in mind that the box set is 1,000 words I can understand. The box set authors are anxious and have been up all night waiting to see it go live. 

Now it is available on Kobo E-books which requires you to download a reading app. I've never purchased a book from the site so I'm unsure how it works. The last contact with Amazon is that it will be available shortly...however shortly is a relative term. 

I'll post when the story appears on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. Thanks for your patience folks and sorry for the delay!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Becoming The Dominus is live!

 Rayne began showing me the work she did in her dungeon. At first I was more than a little nervous as I watched her at play. One day as I watched her working over one of her pets I couldn’t stop from thinking that this woman was a force to behold.
She taught me more about the “lifestyle,” although I’m still no expert on it. This is because Rayne and Kim were in a subgenre of BDSM—something they called edge play. Edge play was kinky and pain, humiliation, and power were the focus. They actually had a community where the only true restrictions included anything illegal. It was not unheard of to see people get turned on by needles, pretend to be pets, or enjoy severe humiliation.
Rayne and Kim explained that not everyone has the same kink, but you respected that subs were here because they chose to be and not because they were forced to. In fact every sub had a contract that explained their desires and their limitations. Their discretion was one of the reasons she kept her office private.
This was the type of relationship that Kim desired from Rayne—I know because Rayne had shown me her contract. I learned that the relationship between Rayne and Kim was successful because Kim desired not only to sub but also to relinquish her control and place it with someone who she trusted and loved. There was no exploitation in that. I signed a contract, too, agreeing that I accept this lifestyle as my own and that no one had forced me into it. It was standard in all of the contracts. Including the one that Rayne had signed. She allowed me to look at her list of desires and I met her eyes when I saw that she had admitted to a desire to be subbed, restrained, and forced.
The contracts of Rayne’s pets generally included a desire to be humiliated. Any sympathy I may have felt at a man’s cries for mercy became short lived once I recalled that they had put in writing that this is what they wanted. Rayne’s job was to allow them to get lost in their individual desires—and therefore there was a lot of screaming involved. And yet they always returned for more.
One such pet was one of the guys who helped move me from my apartment. His name was Mitch, and his particular thing seemed to be getting spanked and tied down. Mitch was a simple five-eight man with brown hair. He was rather unremarkable other than he made a lot of money as a stockbroker … and he was able to tolerate an absurd amount of pain.
I was impressed at her skills. She knew just when to stop so she didn’t inflict permanent damage. He would cry and whimper as she paddled him, and the sound of it had become familiar.
It was intriguing in the way Rayne handled Mitch after the session when he was in tears and blubbering. She would cuddle him like a mother with her child. He would sob his thanks to her, and she would soothe him with soft words while his head rested against her breasts. It didn’t make me jealous to see her cuddling him like that. It actually taught me that aftercare consisted of more than just taking care of the outside. Mitch required the soothing to his emotions just as much as he required the extensive pain that he seemed able to endure. After spending time in the dungeon watching Rayne, I came to realize this was indeed an art form and that Rayne was a master artist...Warning: Graphic sex and language. Adult readers only


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Monday, June 30, 2014

Becoming the DOMINUS

About a year ago I hosted a friend's book on this blog. CreepyrJ had written a book called Becoming the Dominus and I had begun reading it years ago when it was on Literotica. I thought it was so good that years later when I would read another BDSM book that became popular world-wide I was struck clueless. There are so many books that depicts the social taboos of the BDSM lifestyle in a more realistic and adult way. Dominus is one such book--quite honestly, one of my very favorite BDSM tales. Becoming the Dominus was recently given a huge honor on Literotica, reaching a very high status.

I'm now proud to say that I have not only convinced CreepyrJ to make the book available for sale but to allow me the honor of publishing it for him. Pepper Pace Publications has its first AND last client. I'm no publisher--I prefer writing, but there are times when you want to give a friend a big kick in the--uh--nudge in the right direction.

So let me be one of the first to introduce RJ Cree's Becoming the DOMINUS. Available July 4, 2014 on and Barnes and Noble. It will be available in digital format only.

A chance encounter opens the door to a world that Josh knew little about—and feelings that he had never dreamed of exploring. There is another side to BDSM … the dark, little-known side, which Josh discovers buried deep inside of himself. Every Dom has his beginnings, and this is Josh’s journey to becoming the Dominus.
Warning: Adult Content. Extreme BDSM including sexual violence and language.

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