Monday, August 30, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 11

Sorry this took so long in the evening to Update.  I got a text message from my sister while I was at lunch saying; 'meet me at the hospital, Mom fell'...and the rest went downhill from there.  Mom is okay and even though this is a long update, it was not my intent to stop where I did.  It's almost 1 am so time for me to post and go to bed.  Night night!

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 11

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What is Pep listening to; August 26, 2010?


I just discovered an amazing group called Little Dragon.  I was surfing YouTube, listening to POGO and I saw a video on the sidebar called Constant Surprises.  I wondered if it was a new POGO video that I'd missed.  I pressed play...and...WHY DID I HEAR A BLACK WOMAN'S VOICE COMING FROM A JAPANESE WOMAN???  So I'm staring at the video and this Japanese woman with a slight Asian accent is also sounding like a straight up soul singer!

I read some of the comments and they were calling her the Japanese Erykah Badu.  Alot of you know that I love music that has a fusion of hip hop/soul and Asian.  I mean, that is just my thing so I was like...YIPPEE!  I went searching for more music by the group and discovered an endless supply of Little Dragon that I can explore at my leisure.  Thank you Thank you, YouTube!!!

Little Dragon is a Swedish group made up of school friends.  Lead Singer Yukimi Nagano, who is Japanese/Swedish, was given the nick name Little Dragon when she would become frustrated and angry during rehearsals that didn't go right.  The group adopted the name.



TWICE~ Little Dragon

EMPIRE ANT~Gorillaz (feat. Little Dragon)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 9

Sorry for the delay in getting this out and hope you all like it.  I have a playlist that you may want to listen to that goes along with the story. This would have been a good update for adding musical links directly into the story.  But listing them here is good as well.  Enjoy!

Sweetheart in Hamilton County (original music by Ho-Z)
Beat Street pt 1 (to hear the dj routine used by Link and Jason go to 5:55 in the video)

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 9

Friday, August 20, 2010

I need a cigarette...

After writing the latest on Wheels of Steel even I, the writer, needed a cigarette.  It will be sizzling hot and well worth the wait!  I'm making it a long one since I missed the mid-week update.  You'll have it Saturday evening.  Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you all, but ran into some distractions; family, job, household projects etc...

Okay, I'm off to rejoin Robin and Jason.  *Turns the fan on myself and thinks about taking a cold shower*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Posted on the Literotica Forum by Laurel:
Congratulations to the August 2009 Reader's Choice Award Winners!

Manu and I would like to thank all the authors who submitted during the month, and all the other months for that matter! We've tallied the reader's votes, and are happy to announce the winners of our June People's Choice Awards.

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Urban Vampire Ch. 07 / PepperPace
*Hey guys, thank you all for reading and voting!  And thanks JG for the heads up in sending this to me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Emoboy; The Submissive Dom

I thought you all might like a preview of the next edition of the Emoboy series. It's not done, and I can't actually finish it until I'm done with some other projects that I'm working consider this a teaser. Skip it if you don't want to be teased. LOL.

Emoboy; The Submissive Dom (preview)

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 8

argh!  Did I really say I'd post this story twice a week???  Here is the next update. Enjoy!
Wheels of Steel; A Love Story pt 8

Almost forgot the playlist...

Phoebe Snow Music Man

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 7

I'm determined to update this story twice a week until I've reached the end. As promised here is the latest update.

Wheels of Steel: A love story pt 7

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 6

I was able to complete the next update for PT 6 this weekend.  I think this is the update that you all have been waiting for....

Wheels of Steel; A Love Story pt 6

Following is the music link for this post:

Vitas - Lucia Di Lammermoorr (il dolce suono)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wheels of Steel pt 4

Hi everyone.  News for Wheels of Steel.  First I have a real title; Wheels of Steel; A Love Story. Second Ho-Z and I have decided to end the Interactive story as it doesn't get as many reads as the TEXT version of this story.  An interactive story is hard to access by many people who read the blog from their phone (as I do), and I forgot that music media is not easy to access when outside of the country.  So, Ho-Z, for instance, can't even hear the music that I find.  Also, it's just makes the updates take longer because I have to dig for the images.  I enjoy it but more people are reading the text version.

Also, I decided NOT to end Wheels of Steel.  I'll get to a point in the story when it 'technically' ends, which means that I will wrap up the loose ends.  At that point I will post periodic updates about them...and NO, I won't be leaving you all with cliff hangers between updates. LOL! I'll create a complete story with a beginning, middle and end.

So that's the plan.  Thank you all for your comments and feedback.  Ho-Z and I have been monitoring them anxiously.  Every critique is welcomed and definitely used.

Wheels of Steel; A Love Story PT 4

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