Monday, September 30, 2013

The Throwaway Year available on e-book at Amazon, B&N and Paperback

There is no feeling like that of finally giving birth to your child which has been carried lovingly within you. It's even better when you have people that surround you who are anxiously awaiting that birth. Announcing the newest edition to the Pepper Pace family; The Throwaway Year.

For your very own copy of my child please see the following links. It should be available in paperback by October 1 (but everything happened a day earlier so who knows)

Thank you everyone. Please leave a review whether you like it or not (but I'm praying you like it). 

E-book price is $4.99

Paperback price $11 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm doing a Meet and Greet in Fayetteville North Carolina 10-19

I'm one of the authors out there that rarely does any networking. I'm really painfully shy and I just don't like doing social things unless is completely fun. I mean if it appears in any way to be like work then I'm outtie.

But Author Erosa Knowles has invited me to join a Halloween Meet and Greet in Fayetteville North Carolina on October 19. She mentioned my favorite words; free, Moscato, food.

Now it is a free event but you must register, so if interested in hanging out with some of us authors for a hauntingly sexy meet and greet than I'll see you there!


40th Anniversary of The Mack

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the 1973 film; The Mack. Max Julien plays Goldie an arrogant, misguided pimp. Now before anyone rolls their eyes or laughs--this is some grown folks talk here. The Mack is an Iconic film that could be called social commentary or blaxploitation. I don't care which. When I was a kid seeing The Mack was amazing--just like seeing Bruce Lee's fists turn red and he start kicking some ass in Fist of Fury.

This movie has created such notable phrases like 'Pimp of the Year', 'You ain't nothing but a rest haven for hoes', 'Bitch better get my money'...and many many more. Yes! The Mack did have a message. Remember Goldie's brother? He was a militant brotha and tried to teach Goldie that he was poisoning his own people. And what about Goldie's Mama--not wanting his pimp money and how he turned on his friends--such as that girl that he pimped out.

Wow my seven year old mind remembers a lot about that movie. Back then it was okay to let your kids see pimps and hoes on the movie screen or to allow them to sit on the dashboard while you drove or stay at home and 'babysit' themselves for a few hours.

Gotta love the 70's. In tribute to The Mack lets take a listen to a little Willie Hutch; Brother's gonna work it out. Unfortunately for Goldie...he did not. And BTW, I do own this movie.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chapter 2. Becoming The Dominus

For mature readers only contains explicit language, sex and BDSM.

Becoming The Dominus Chapter 2


As promised, here is the information for the 2014 IR cruise event which was released earlier today. This cruise promises to outshine even the first one. We will be cruising to the Eastern Caribbean per the Princess cruise lines. However things are moving fast and your $100 or $150 (per person) deposit needs to be made by December 1, 2013. 

I realize that this is short notice and for that I apologize. But we are just learning that events like this need to be planned 2 years in advance. In order to make it happen in 2014 we have to have deposits by the due date. I will leave a link on the right side of the blog to link you directly to the cruise information. You can also follow the following link. I hope to see you there! And remember there is limited space and the rooms will be filling up fast so book quickly.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friends of Pep book 1-BECOMING THE DOMINUS

Hi everyone!
In an attempt to showcase the fine works of so many of the great unpublished writers out there, I've decided to begin a blog in which I post some of my favorite IR stories (by permission only, of course) from some talented, unpublished authors. These Authors should all be published because they are amazing writers. For various reasons they hang back on that--and I had done the same until I was literally pushed into it with a stolen story called STRANDED. So here is my idea, how about we encourage these talents to go out and get published even if it means they self publish!

The first story that I will present for your enjoyment is called Becoming The Dominus written by CreepyrJ. It is a popular series on Literotica as are many other stories written by him. Creepy is a personal friend of mine so you may have heard his name mentioned here. I also did much of the content editing for his story; Fighter as well as some others--and he's helped me with some of mine.

A little about why I'm choosing this story as my first presentation. I read one of his stories when he first got on Lit and it sounded like I had written it. What I'm saying is that I heard my voice in the story and I was totally captivated by the feeling that I try to illicit in my own writing. I began eating up his stories and then I BEGGED him to let me edit Fighter. I kid you not. It is the first time I've ever asked to edit someone elses story--as I DESPISE editing. This is how much I love this man's writing.

For about 2 years I have been trying to get CreepyrJ to publish this story. Especially after reading 50 Shades. The truth is that I'm not putting down the EL James book but when one reads 'real' BDSM stories then the others just sound watered down for the masses. There is no fear in BDSM--you go with it and you don't question it. ie; Blair and the Emoboy...

I digress. Please keep in mind that this is in the genre of BDSM and therefore it contains explicit descriptions of...BDSM topics (you can use your imagination--but best if you just read the story)

If you would like to know more about CreepyrJ you can find him at Literotic CreepyrJ He is also on Twitter so if you like what you read please leave a message and reach out to him. Tell him Pep sent you.

On a serious note, these authors have been very courteous in allowing me to post their works so please do not share or repost to other sites without permission from the authors. 

My next author will be one that I haven't yet asked but I'm hoping she will say yes. OHMYGOODNESS. She is not published but we might get her to change that.


With no further ado, introducing....


Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Throwaway Year-Coming September 30!

Would you like to know more about this newest IR novel? Check out my blog where I discuss my inspiration behind my stories at Tumblr's Pepper Pace Author.

The Throwaway Year

Sunday, September 15, 2013

More 2013 IR Cruise photos

I've always wanted a henna tattoo. I took a video of me getting it at a little resort that was included in our Mayan ruins excursion but I was unable to upload it on Blogster so I'll leave a link to my Facebook page.

Henna tattoo video on Facebook

Erosa Knowles and I with a magician. Check out the look on my face when the magician tore my dollar bill. Yes I am thinking, I know you're not going to give me back that ripped up dollar bill--and isn't that a federal offense?
In the end he got to keep that magical dollar as a tip. Nooooo, we weren't that cheap, others at the table pulled out more tips.

Handmade bookmarks

Authors Pep, Tiana Laveen and Serenity King. And yes we are all just as sweet as we look in this picture :)

Pep dropping some knowledge

Pep hogging up the mic

Pep letting someone else talk

More to come...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pictures from the 2013 IR Readers Cruise Event

For those that missed this event, don't worry because most people did. It was hosted by a woman who loves the IR genre and as an events coordinator she put together this cruise. She reached out to Sienna Mynx to help get the word out and I found out about it when I received an invitation to join the authors panel. Had that not happened I probably would not have known about it either.

Now the original authors in attendance have come together to make sure this event continues and continues to be even more dynamic. At this time we don't have an exact date but we do have some awesome plans that we will announce later. It will be in the summer of 2014 and we intend to keep the cost of the cruise very reasonable as that was my initial appeal; five day cruise for right around $300--Woot Woot. 

Anyways, here are some pics and some stories and I'll try to upload some videos over the next few days. Enjoy!

2nd authors panel; Pepper Pace, Tiana Laveen and Serenity King

Amazing authors Erosa Knowles, Sienna Mynx and Yvette Hines

Phyllis Williams is a reader and fan getting a huge hug from Sienna and Yvette

My friend Sue, me, Tiana Laveen and Serenity King watching the first panel discussion
Formal night with the entire group; fans and authors
Authors formal night from left to right; Yvette Hines, Erosa Knowles, Serenity King, Pepper Pace, Tiana Laveen and Sienna Mynx

I made some great friends while on this cruise. These authors that I've looked up to and admired just took me into the fold and we bonded like sisters. The readers and fans that came along are all new friends of mine. Attending this cruise was networking with no work--only fun. A great way to be introduced into the world of self promotion. If its always like this then count me in! 

More pictures to come...

Friday, September 13, 2013

I had a great time at the 2013 IR Reader's Cruise

From left to right; Authors Yvette Hines, Erosa Knowles, Serenity King, Pepper Pace, Tiana Laveen and Sienna Mynx

I've returned from my first traveling author's events. I was joined by two great friends Sue and Jeanette and I expected that I would be nervous and maybe a bit timid. Let's face it, I'm pretty much of an introvert. But I was pleasantly surprised that this event was not what I could have ever anticipated. Everyone made me comfortable, and took me under their wing as the 'newbie' of the group. They even convinced me to attend a book event next year in New Orleans.

I not only got to meet some of the best writers around but I got to hang out with the fans of this amazing genre. We had so much fun that today I missed seeing everyone at dinner. But I know that I will see them all again...and hopefully you too for next year's event.

Next years event has yet to be determined but the authors will have much more involvement in it and therefore I will be able to post here all of the information necessary if you are interested in attending. I know that there was very little information about this years cruise but we plan to make this a regular event so even if you can't make the next one there will still be another.

I'll give you more information once I find out and I'll leave a permanent link to register for the cruise. I'll post pictures over the next few days. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IR Cruise 2013

Well it's time for Pep to take a well needed vacation. It actually has a duo purpose because I will be attending my first book panel discussion with authors Tianna Laveen, Erosa Knowles, Sienna Mynx, and more. 

On September 7 we will be cruising to Mexico for five nights on the Carnival Funship Elation which will be hosting the 1st Annual IR Readers and Writers Cruise. The authors will be giving away some very neat prizes. There will be contests and some exclusive items never before seen. Now for those of you that will miss this first cruise don't fret because this will be an annual event. If you would like information on next year's cruise I will leave a link when one becomes available but the cruise date is May 2014 and will be a cruise to the Bahamas. Woot Woot!

This will be a fun way to meet your favorite authors and for us authors to meet and talk to our readers and fans. You'll get to see Pep dance after she's had too much Moscato, you can bring your books to be autographed--or your bare body if you prefer. Hang out at the pool and chit chat with that author that left you with that terrible sad ending or that made you laugh and cry. 

I'll post pictures once I return. Adios!

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