Monday, September 30, 2013

The Throwaway Year available on e-book at Amazon, B&N and Paperback

There is no feeling like that of finally giving birth to your child which has been carried lovingly within you. It's even better when you have people that surround you who are anxiously awaiting that birth. Announcing the newest edition to the Pepper Pace family; The Throwaway Year.

For your very own copy of my child please see the following links. It should be available in paperback by October 1 (but everything happened a day earlier so who knows)

Thank you everyone. Please leave a review whether you like it or not (but I'm praying you like it). 

E-book price is $4.99

Paperback price $11 


  1. Hello Pepper, Will your latest novel be on Amazon for order, because I did not see it offer in paperback. Thank you Bain

    1. Hi Bain. You can order it on Amazon in paperback in about 5 days. If you like you can also purchase through Createspace. Thanks Bain

  2. Hi Pepper!!,

    Finally finished the novel and dear I say you made me cry.. those self affirmations were really something. As I said in my review, I've lived part of Hayden's journey of "cleaning house".. and as a matter of fact I'm still living it. But the story itself with main and supporting characters were so real. You breathe such life into them it's as if I was right there in the moment smelling Abdullah's damn curried lunch :-D .. All I kept saying is 'Hayden, how can you not love the smell of curry?' I love curried dishes. But I know it's an acquired taste and smell.
    So as I was reading, I couldn't help but compare Hayden to Ashley ( from Beast) for obvious reasons. However Ashley and Hayden went about things, I believe, in totally different ways. Where Ashley had Chris for active support, Hayden by all accounts pushed herself. Not to say that Brian wasn't supportive, but he had his own issues to deal with.
    Did the similarities in Hayden and Ashley cross your mind? Were you ever concerned that they might be too much alike?

    1. Thank you for your review and your question. I am happy that you liked this story. I did think about the similarities between Hayden and Ashleigh but mostly because I didn't want to send a message out that people who are a certain weight are filled with self-loathing. That is the reason that Hayden's best friend Dani was so important to the story.

      I felt that Hayden and Ashleigh were two very distinctly different personalities so I didn't really worry about people finding them too similar. But even though I like to showcase people of varying sizes I don't want to be interpreted as saying that Hayden's weight alone is what caused her to feel such self-loathing. It was the grand picture. Thanks again for the terrific question.

  3. Hi Pepper,

    I just finished The Throwaway Year. What an amazing story! Those affirmations were speaking to me.
    I felt like I was a part of Hayden's journey, I could feel the emotions she was going through and I reckon at some point in our lives we all get those feelings of loathing, when we are in those dark pits of despair.

    You made the emotions real, you made the characters come alive, it was a truly an amazing experience and I thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    You take us on these amazing self discovery journeys with each of your stories. And for that you are truly blessed.

    Thank you soooo much, I look forward to your next story.

    Keep up the amazing work and I will continue to support you:-)

    Your biggest fan.

    1. Thank you Pamela. Pain recognizes pain which is a quote from another one of my books. Thats why I feel that many people can identify with what Hayden is going through. Many of us have had to face varying emotions that are either spot on or similar.

  4. During a 14 hour plane ride, i read this book...the affirmations were great.
    I love that you included characters from your "love intertwined" books. It was great to get updates.
    I love your books..Thank you!!!!!

    1. Thank you Anon! I've recently been doing a lot of driving--I'm talking six to eight hour trips and I will tell you that having books to 'listen' to on my Kindle or audio books sure make a big difference. Happy that I was able to accompany you on the plane ride :)


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