Sunday, September 15, 2013

More 2013 IR Cruise photos

I've always wanted a henna tattoo. I took a video of me getting it at a little resort that was included in our Mayan ruins excursion but I was unable to upload it on Blogster so I'll leave a link to my Facebook page.

Henna tattoo video on Facebook

Erosa Knowles and I with a magician. Check out the look on my face when the magician tore my dollar bill. Yes I am thinking, I know you're not going to give me back that ripped up dollar bill--and isn't that a federal offense?
In the end he got to keep that magical dollar as a tip. Nooooo, we weren't that cheap, others at the table pulled out more tips.

Handmade bookmarks

Authors Pep, Tiana Laveen and Serenity King. And yes we are all just as sweet as we look in this picture :)

Pep dropping some knowledge

Pep hogging up the mic

Pep letting someone else talk

More to come...


  1. I heard about the cruise too late to go but will definitely be looking for info on next years cruise- One question which port did the cruise sail from? I love all the authors that attended this years cruise

    Thanks for the pics

    1. I will be announcing the next cruise this week. We have whittled the selection down to three ships. This one sailed out of New Orleans...or N'Oleans as they say down there. Oh yeah! I'm going to be attending the 2014 Slam Jam in New Orleans this coming May for anyone who is interested in attending. I will post a link in a separate thread. Good thing anon is that all of us authors will be there again in 2014 so you'll get another opportunity to meet us! Looking forward to it!


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