Friday, February 12, 2010

Stories that won't appear on Lit

I had initially intended to remove the stories from this post every few weeks, replacing them with something different.  But the comments have been so awesome on The Way Home that I've decided to leave it up.  This post was intended to allow me to show some work that I didn't think I'd want to post on Lit or that would not pass the review.  Now I see it as a way to share with you all!  Feel free to leave comments in either this main thread or within the individual links.  If you leave them in this main thread just let me know which story you're commenting on.  Also, I copied the comments of The Way Home to its link just for clarity.  Thank you all again! I appreciate you taking time to not only read, but comment on my writing.   

I was inspired to return this story to my blog by some great comments by you guys!  The Way Home was edited by a friend; JG who spent a great deal of time and effort to get this story at it's optimum. We both knew that it would never get published on Literotica, so I guess this is a labor of love! 

This is a 'quickie' that I wrote for a friend

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