Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Special Friend

This story is what I call; an exercise in raunchiness. LOL, it's about exploring your sexy side, about making a decision to make time for pleasure, even if you aren't ready for true love.

Look for it to post soon. I'm splitting it into two because it's a bit longer and I need to edit the last half. Hope you all enjoy it, because every single woman should have a Special Friend!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Baby girl is finally up! Sorry for the delays, but I made some bonehead mistakes in my attempts to get it edited quickly. So I did receive several email comments on those things that I commonly forget, or just how I turn a phrase. They were great comments, but I wish you wouldn't go Anonymous because I'd like to get more insight from you. But oh well.

I'm editing part three, which is the finale, and should be submitting it this weekend so that it is up by Thanksgiving. It has been very well received! I really like that story, in particular because it is more mainstream.

Well thanks for the comments both critical as well as positive. They all help me see things from different points of view


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