Saturday, June 30, 2012

They Say Love Is Blind pt 2 Coming soon...

Many months ago...wait, it's been like 2 years ago! Well I had a contest in which I invited you, the blog readers, to vote on the story that you wanted to most see continued. The results were quite interesting. Many wanted to see a continuation of Emoboy but the overwhelming winner was the story between Tory and Lee entitled They Say Love is Blind. 

At that time I promised to write two continuing stories; for both the winner and the second winner up story. I fulfilled only half of that promise and now it is time to fulfill the second half. I've been working on re-editing They Say Love is Blind and creating pt 2 of their story. In the process I was contacted by a man who was from the Azores and who agreed to be my content editor. The story has gone through quite a few changes and improvements.

I've decided that I will publish parts 1 & 2 in one volume to both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. But before that happens I do want to give you pt 2; the continuing story of Lee and Tory. I'll post it here on the blog for two days, and of course I'll announce when that will happen in order to give everyone an opportunity to get to it before it is permanently removed and offered for sale. 

At the moment it is still a work in progress but I will post a 'teaser' chapter, which is the very next chapter immediately after pt 1 ends. Here are the links to the Literotica version of They Say Love is Blind pt 1. Once I have completed the full novel/novella this version will forever disappear. I do want to remind everyone that Part 1 of this story has been completely re-edited thanks to the help of my Azorean friend. If you want to save this older edit feel free to do so, and if you decide to purchase the full story please don't think you are getting the exact same story that you've read on Literotica. I can't tell you enough that my pt 1 re-edit has significant changes...; They Say Love is Blind ch 1; They Say Love is Blind ch 2; They Say Love is Blind ch 3; They Say Love is Blind ch 4

They Say Love Is Blind, pt 2 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, son!

Twenty years ago today I gave birth to my first born. In the years since having him in my life, I feel blessed beyond measure. My son is smart, talented, he is gifted in many ways and having him in my life made so many of my lows bearable. Without my children I would have found the struggle pointless, but because of them I mark my success as OUR success. 

I recall the first time I experienced the strange flutter in my stomach that felt like a muscle spasm. It took me a minute to realize that it was my baby. I was awestruck. It was a big 'Wow' moment. Me, a person that felt so insignificant to the world had created a life. Imagine my amazement when that first little butterfly flutter in my stomach developed into a smart and talented man that bypassed our family's depression. I am so happy that he views the world as a conquest, full of opportunities. I am so proud of him. I am proud to be his mother and I'm proud that I was able to create a person that will definitely make his mark in this world. 

 I remember when Cameron was about eight or nine and I asked him if some time in the future he might want to live with his father. Sometimes we mother's ask questions and make offers that are senseless because I was NEVER letting my son go, but the offer was made in a moment of retrospect. My son looked at me and he said; "I like visiting my Dad. But home is with you." I remember thinking, YAY!!!

20 years ago today, I understood that my life had changed and that I was completed devoted to the fat little baby boy that looked like me and his father...and strangely, Cheech Marin....I understood that I was holding in my arms a person that had as much power over me as I had over him. Happy birthday son. I love you.

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