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Love Intertwined vol 1 & 2 retired and re-uploaded

Yesterday I had to retire my two collection of books; Love Intertwined Vol. 1 & 2 due to some book size issues. Generally you can upload re-edited copies of books without removing them but not if you have opted to have an ISBN assigned to them and then later want to change the 'trim' size.

My paperback books are 6x9 but I accidentally selected the size 8x11 which made them appear to be like a big picture book. It's kinda hard to tuck a big picture book into your purse :)!

So yesterday I retired them and re-loaded them. They can be found immediately in the Createspace store. It will take several days before receives them. *Here is a discount code for $2.00 off the following paperback books. You can only use it on Createspace and can get there by clicking on the books: Q4ALJ9EB

Here is the link to get to the Pepper Pace paperbacks on Createspace if you would like to see additional titles.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Question for Pep

Here is a question that I wanted to share with everyone. Thanks Yolanda for asking and giving me an opportunity to talk about it.

Hi Pepper
Just finished reading A Seal Upon the Heart. Loved it. Love it probably more for exploring a chapter in Africa's history that has haunted me for the longest time. The genocide in Rwanda happened against the backdrop of incredible events in South Africa (where I'm from) we had had the first free and fair elections and were looking to Mandela's inauguration in May '94. Here we were just buzzing when news reports began to filter through about the devastating events in Rwanda. It was unbelievable that this was happening, the unfolding story was one I do not believe can be suffidiently described in words, I still get goose bumps and a chill to the bone thinking about it. But it happened and life has gone on.

Thank you for this wonderful story and your effort to give a face and voice to a survivor.

(small quibble - I love your work Pepper - I have read all your work bar the Purple Trilogy (down loaded just waiting for time) - there are still instances where 'than' is used instead of 'then' and sales instead of sells, possessive form is used instead of plural and character given the wrong name - eg Claudine instead of Claudette) I can forgive all that and have forgiven similar errors in other of your work however a friend new to your work remarked that she could not get past the errors and took some persuading to read further and get into characters. I would hate for other readers to put your books down as a result because your characters are just amazing, you give voice to people and subject matter seldom seen in popular writing and for that I take my hat of to you.

Thank you for your work and for continuing to share it with us.
Yolanda, I'm so happy that you enjoyed A Seal Upon Your Heart. It wasn't an easy story to write due to the many controversial subjects. I tried very hard to tell a romantic story--a love story from two characters with different backgrounds. In doing so I had to explore genocide in more detail than I ever put to pen. I listened to survivor testimonies and I knew that I had to touch upon that in some way without changing the dynamic of the story. There was also the storyline of religion and sex which is sometimes very taboo. Then add to that a huge age difference AND an interracial story--and it's no wonder that I stopped writing it to regroup (smile).

So I can say that this was the most difficult story that I've ever told. And I'm happy that you were touched by it!

Several people have mentioned the errors they find in my published books. If they tell me where they find them I go right in and correct them (as I've just done with correcting the name from Claudine to Claudette--Thank you Yolanda!). It does affect my sales as well as reviews. A reviewer wrote in regards of my story Beast, that I had no command or understanding of the English language because of then and than confusion. She then gave the story 3 stars or 2, something like that.

It's not that I don't understand how to use words properly. A writer's eyes stays on a word for a fraction of a second--one word just a fraction of a second. First I follow a flow as my thoughts transforms to words THEN I go back and edit--first for content and then for grammar. When you edit your own work, what happens is that your eye/mind tells you that you are seeing something that may not actually be there. Or...and here is the worst, you stop writing a book for a year and forget your characters name!

So here is the solution; my boyfriend says that you don't have to be with a big publishing house to get editors. Copy editors are waiting to be hired, sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Hire a copy editor. That would give a set of fresh eyes. That would polish up the story.

But this is what I hear...Give birth to your precious baby and now give him to a surgeon to fix his defects. I'm like NOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't touch my baby!!!

LOL, that is a horrible analogy but it is the way I feel and why I've always been so resistant to handing my 'baby' over for editing. I'll go over the entire piece again just to make sure nothing else has been tampered with (as you should). It is a control thing--Yes it is. But it's also a very personal thing; it would have to be someone I trust not just some ANYBODY. Also they have to work on MY timeline and not their own. Yes I'd be demanding! I can write fast and I don't want a slow editor...or I might write slow and I don't want them 'nudging me' because they got other clients.

I do have an editor who I completely trust but he doesn't edit anymore and short of begging he cannot be persuaded to come out of retirement.

Anyway, with that said, I will have to really consider your advise and the advise of others. I'll give it a try with UV 3 and WOS 4 and see about finding the right 'fit'. Also if anyone knows of a good copy editor that they can recommend that would be a helpful start; someone that writes in the IR romance/erotica genre.

Thanks again Yolanda for your comments
Please give me your feedback, comments and suggestions (even if its to to say stop being so selfish and get an editor!) Thanks are an awesome set of friends and fans and I love and appreciate you.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ellora's Cave writing contract-DECLINED

Recently, I semi-announced that I was offered a writing contract for the Urban Vampire Series. I had been contacted by the acquisitions editor who had read samples of my work and asked me to send them a submission. I have always wanted Urban Vampire to be formally published because I think the series is dynamic and I truly want to see it published through a publishing company who can market it appropriately. Stranded was also on the table. After some editing we polished off some rough edges and since I knew that Ellora's Cave was known for romantic-erotic stories I figured I would be a good fit.

Unfortunately it wasn't. The acquisitions editor liked both stories and offered me a contract which I accepted...but then came the realization that they required a revision to the story and not just edits. I won't do that--there are too many fans already following the story and the formula is right for me and my fans even if it isn't right for these publishers. 

So the long and the short is that I contacted them and stated that I will not be signing a contract with them for UV or Stranded. Me and my books are homeless again.

Uh...well for now. Now I will begin actually shopping for a home for us instead of waiting for offers that drop into my lap. Regardless, UV 4 will still be published by either me independently or someone else.




My foodie partner in crime and I hit a restaurant in Over-The-Rhine called A Tavola. It's an upscale pizza place whose menu contains some very tasty items. We started with appetizers.


Rissotto balls=tasted like grease to me...and melted crayons (hop

Wagyu meatballs=AWESOME! Very tender and flavorful


And then the main course; White Anchovy pizza with arugula. Not my favorite as I'm not a fan of anchovies (so why did we order it? Because HE is). I thought the crust was very tender and tasty but couldn't stomach the fish taste on pizza.



Things parents forget to teach their children

  • Bodies are hairy. No matter the gender, your face will have hair and that is more than okay.
  • Your butthole is going to have some hair too. And maybe your nipples. And your tummy. And where ever else.
  • Stretch marks. Those are a thing. Everyone gets ‘em. If you don’t, you probably don’t have skin.
  • Vaginas smell. Every vagina has a scent. Don’t worry about it! (Unless something seems wrong, then go get it checked out! No need to feel embarrassed or ashamed.)
  • Vaginas come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, flavors. All are beautiful.
  • Penises come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, flavors. All are beautiful.
  • You don’t need to shave anything if you don’t want to. It’s tooootally not mandatory. 
  • Sometimes people get butt acne. 
  • You can have a vagina and want short hair and think dresses are just the worst.
  • You can have a penis and want long hair and think dresses are just the best. 
  • You can wear whatever you want and style your hair however you want.
  • You can even think whatever the hell you want.
  • People might tell you that you are a girl because you have a vagina. People might tell you that you are a boy because you have a penis. People will tell you what your gender is. But in reality, you don’t have to be that gender. You don’t have to be either of those genders. 
  • You are what you are and it’s just the worst thing if you try and hide that.







Monday, January 21, 2013

A Seal Upon Your Heart Coming in 1 day

Jane used to have a different name, a different life—but that was before she was rescued from the refugee camp after the Rwandan genocide and brought to the convent to be raised. Now she is being dismissed, told to go out into the world. But how does she do that when all she knows is the convent?

Sometimes she wants to scream, I am a child of Africa! And sometimes she wants to dream about a love that will save her from her loneliness…but mostly she wants to fit in.

Tim Singleton lost his wife to breast cancer less than a year ago and yet the pain and anger is still fresh in his mind. He hates the sympathetic looks from his colleagues and tolerates the invitations from friends with their good intentions. When Corrine died, so did Tim’s faith…so when he received the call from the convent that his wife had focused her charitable endeavors, Tim isn’t quite sure why he agreed to help the young African girl with a job.

She didn’t quite fit in with the others at the law firm that wore thousand dollar Chanel suits while her clothes were picked with care from the donation bin at the church.  At nearly six feet tall, the shy girl tried to become invisible in the hectic world around her. But if her ill-fitting clothes didn’t draw attention to her, then it was a beauty that couldn’t be hidden so easily. 

Soon Jane sees Tim as not only her benefactor, but her one true love. But can Tim finally open up and allow someone else to touch his heart? Can he forget their difference in race and age? And more importantly, would being with him mean the loss of her innocence?

(Mature readers only; adult content)

Martier stripped out of her clothes and stared at herself naked in the mirror. Maybe she should shave her legs again. Only a few of the nuns shaved their legs and underarms. Some really should shave their chins and upper lips but you weren’t supposed to think that.

She placed her hand over her mound. It was covered in black curly hair and would surely sprout from the white bathing suit.  She’d never shaved her pubic hair before and her razor wasn’t the best tool for the job, but when she was finished and ran her hand over the smooth flesh it made her quiver and grow warm. She immediately moved her hand away and concentrated on the hair on her head.

Removing all of the pins she let down her bun. Her hair fell into heavy waves along her shoulders and down her back where they bounced at the middle of her shoulder blades.  Making sure that everything looked hair-free where it should be hair-free, she slipped on the bathing suit that Claudette had called a tool.  

Martier knew that Claudette had thought her too naive to understand. But she did want Tim to look at her as more than a charity case that he had to take care of.  If it was a tool, then so be it. She didn’t bother with a towel or shoes. She shook out her thick hair, and then nervously left the house feeling naked; as naked and vulnerable as a newborn kitten.

Tim added extra coals because he wanted indirect heat and for the meat to cook for hours so that it fell off the bone. He poked the coals until he was satisfied that they took up no more than half of the grill. He heard Martier’s approach and turned. The poker fell out of his hand and clattered to the ground.

Tim’s mouth parted and he stared at the beautiful woman approaching him. If this was a movie the world would have converted into slow motion and everything except the sight of her would have been blurred out. She wore a simple white bathing suit. It was not cut high at the thighs, the neckline did not plunge down to show cleavage. There was nothing singularly erotic about the suit. But it seemed to Tim that it was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. The contrast between the deep darkness of Martier’s skin and the stark white fabric was but one element. But then add to that the way the fabric clung to her every curve. And yes she was lean but she was curvy in a way that her previous wardrobe could have never told.

Her breast weren’t large but they didn’t have to be. Their perfect roundness was evident even beneath the fabric. Lithe and tall didn’t mean skinny, far from it. Her narrow waist swelled toward hips that swayed softly as she walked. Her thighs and legs were toned and nicely formed. His eyes moved up to where her face was haloed by luxurious waves of cascading black hair.  She wore no make-up, no jewelry and yet he thought she could rival any Hollywood actress or any Parisian runway model.

“Martier…” He managed.

She smiled and tried for brave, maybe even alluring but she thought it only ended up as embarrassed.  Tim blinked. His eyes darted away; only then could he think those thoughts that needed to be thought. Because when she had smiled at him, in just that second when she was innocence mixed with seduction, Tim Singleton’s heart soared.

“You look…beautiful.  Your suit! I mean…you.” He stammered and then wanted to palm his face for sounding like an idiot schoolboy.

She tried not to duck her head, or wrap her arms in front of her, but to stand still and accept his compliment with good grace.

“Thank you.” She cocked her head and glanced at the grill. “Is it ready? I left the meat in the refrigerator-” She gestured back to the cottage.

“I’ll get it.” He was already darting across the yard to the little cottage. Once inside he shut the door and took a moment to try to reign everything in. He pressed his erection with the palm of his hand, but that actually felt way too good. Walking to the kitchen he tried to think of things to curb the sudden spike of desire. Nuns didn’t work this time. He just kept picturing Martier.

“This is no good.” He muttered while storming into the kitchen. He gripped the counter. “Tonight you will jerk off like a beast, but right now pull it together Tim!” She is beautiful, but she is innocent. Help her the way Corrine would have wanted, but keep your hands off! 

Coming to Amazon January 22nd and Barnes and Noble Thursday January 24th.


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IR Romance Readers Cruise-Saturday, September 7, 2013 4:00pm in CDT

Join popular authors of IR Romance and Fans on this 5 night Western Caribbean Cruise, departing from New Orleans. IR Authors and Fans will network on board the Elation and attend Panel Discussions with best selling authors Sienna Mynx, Yvette Hines, Pepper Pace, Kassanna Dwight and others during the cruise. If you are a fan of IR Romance, this is the event for you! Contact Gerrilyn Grant Gipson, Travel Consultant for M & E Unlimited Travel at or call 800 834 4357 for more details and reservations today!



Cruise Fares start at just $299 per person (double occupancy). A deposit of $50 per person is all you need to book your cabin!
Attendees will recieve a $25 per cabin on board credit, 2 tote bags per cabin and attend a cocktail party and other events during the cruise!

Contact Gerri Grant Gipson; ph#
(800) 834-4357 to book your cabin by March 10, 2013.

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A Comment to Pep from Anonymous

This is a comment from my post concerning publishing a Seal Upon Your Heart. I decided to publish this comment in its own post--not to put the writer on blast (smile), but because I wanted everyone to have an opportunity to read the response. Thanks Anonymous for your question and for speaking your mind!
"I am excited for you, and would have been even more excited had I realized that you intended to sell the story without ever coming close to finishing the rough draft you were writing online. The last I knew, you had no idea if you would ever update that story again, because your interests lay elsewhere. I don't know if you made a more generalized announcement, but I'm pretty sure that quite a few of us were left hanging after we began the story, only to have you start on your newest venture (as excellent as it is) without an explanation. As it is, it took me months to be willing to read your sci fi story, because I just didn't trust you to complete the project. I can deal with an entrepreneurial spirit. I just require some acknowledgement of my emotional and time investment in reading your material. Here's hoping I won't be disappointed again. To those of you who will choose to hate on me for this comment, save your breath. I won't be reading anything you have to say."
Anonymous, in Writing Feedback you shouldn't worry about getting a negative least not from me. I WANT your comments and feedback and some don't believe that this includes negative as well as positive. This is what makes me a better writer. But I can't dictate what others may respond--and you shouldn't either. Everyone has an opinion; good or bad and if you write it, at least be a big girl and hear the responses.

With Seal, it began with a lot of power but then as my personal life became hectic the 'mojo' began to fizzle. At one point I was putting up chapters that were subpar and my fans let me know! I got comments that it didn't sound like me and that I could do better. And I agreed so I pulled those last few chapters and re-worked them. But the funny thing about an emotional writer (such as myself) I can't push a story out.

The stories I write are so ingrained in me that when I don't feel it anymore I just can't write it. This was unfortunate because I was at the end of Seal but after discussing it with my muse it was decided that I would not ruin a very good story by forcing the end. I put it on hiatus until I could get the vibe of the story again. I had no idea that it would take over a year. But I can state with all truthfulness that I will ALWAYS stop writing a story if I lose the flavor (This happened while writing WOS).

Writers block is to a writer like impotence is to a man--you can't even fake your way around it. You lose the voice of the characters and the story can't move forward. I smile that this story touched you. And feel for you because I've been following stories on Literotica for years that have no ending or the author makes promises that they can't keep.

Unfortunately, now that I am a published writer I do sale my stories. That's just the reality. But I will always post free reads...and I'm not talking just teaser stories to get you to buy a book. That I don't like doing and if I post a teaser I will always state that's what it is.

To explain why I start a new story before finishing the previous is because if I could do nothing but write that would be my life! I would write and eat (smile). Having a story unfold in your head is like a revelation. Maybe I get them a few times a month and I let them die because I'm just too busy--but then there are those persistent ideas that take root and sink in like claws and I become compelled to write it. Adaptation is just one such idea, as is the Mutant Chronicles and A Seal Upon Your Heart. CreepyRJ and I started a slave and Indian story that is out of this world but neither of us can move forward with it. I have a story called The Infinite Sadness that I stopped writing because I just had no time to finish. Does that mean that I must always ignore the ideas because I might lose time, energy, or the spark that brings the story to life? And if we've already explained that a good story can't be pushed once it stalls then there lies the problems that writers face.

I hope that answers some questions. This is just me doing the best that I can. Its not perfect but as long as you tell me what you need I will always keep that in my mind as I strive to get better.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013

The entry period for the Amazon contest just opened at 12:01 on January 14. If anyone is interested in entering the link is: Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013

I entered Beast. Only one story is allowed per author and based on a poll that was held here on the blog I decided that Beast was more marketable than Wheels of Steel (which would have been too long anyways.)

I wanted to share my pitch and description. The pitch is what the judges will be voting on to decide who will go to the next round. Feel free to give me any feedback. I can go in and alter my submission if I get feed back with helpful suggestions!


by Kim Chambers

This book is: self-published

Description: This funny, and sexy multicultural romance flips the script on the old Beauty and the Beast fairytale.

Ashleigh is a self confessed “Fluffy girl”; a BBW that likes nice things and isn’t afraid to pay for them—including a handsome boyfriend. But one day, when that handsome boyfriend marries another woman it causes Ashleigh to take a good luck at herself.

Wanting to attract a handsome man with her looks and not her money she decides to join the gym located in the subbasement of her office building. The only problem is that every morning there’s a man already there, constantly running the treadmill and wearing a hoodie that covers his face.

Despite her annoyance she can’t help but to admire his physical perfection. She knows that he is probably drop dead gorgeous…until one day she catches a glimpse of his shocking face.

Lt. Christopher Jameson; or Beast is a shy, lonely man leading a solitary life due to a congenital facial deformity. The nickname doesn’t bother him, he knows he’s ugly. He was told that he has a face for the Special Forces Unit that he’s a member of where he and his team of 16 Marines guard the employees of the Federal building.

Life for Christopher is just a series of missions, the monotony broken up by trips to the underground gym where he constantly trains for the next mission. But then enters the ‘pink’ lady. Well she’s not really pink—she’s actually brown and tan but she smells of pretty pink things. Why is she invading his space? He decides to flash her a glimpse of his face. That should get rid of her…only it doesn’t.

And now he's in more danger than a mission ever put him in, of opening up and allowing someone to get close. 


This modern day adaptation of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast flips the script on the original romance. Introducing cool and independent Ashleigh; a self-confessed “fluffy girl”, a BBW that doesn’t mind paying for nice things--including the attention of a handsome boyfriend.

It isn’t until her boyfriend marries another woman that deep-rooted insecurities surface.

Determined to become a woman that looks good enough to attract another fine guy, and this time with her looks and not just her money, Ashleigh joins the gym in the subbasement of her company.

The problem is that each morning there’s a strange guy down there always running the treadmill, his face covered by a black hoodie. Despite her annoyance, she can’t stop peeking at his well-developed muscles and knows that he must be gorgeous…that is until she glimpses his shocking face.

Lt. Christopher Jameson; Beast is a shy, lonely man leading a solitary life due to a congenital facial deformity. The nickname doesn’t bother him, he knows he’s ugly. He was told that he has a face for the Special Forces Unit that he’s a member of where he and his team of 16 Marines guard the employees of the Federal building.

Life for Christopher is just a series of missions, the monotony broken up by trips to the underground gym where he constantly trains for the next mission. But then enters the ‘pink’ lady. Well she’s not really pink—she’s actually brown and tan but she smells of pretty pink things. Why is she invading his space? He decides to flash her a glimpse of his face. That should get rid of her…only it doesn’t.

And now Christopher is in danger of opening up which might hurt him worse than any mission ever did.

This sexy fairytale proves that beauty is on the inside.

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My first author's interview!

2013 has started out with a bang already. I just had my first author's interview with UK Indy writer Alice Gibson. In this interview I reveal some new developments for the future of Pepper Pace and one of my popular series. Check it out!

Interview with Alice Gibson

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yelling at the Sky--movie review

I just watched a Sundance movie entitled Yelling at the Sky. I really enjoyed it although I could see how some would think that the subject of a dysfunctional interracial family might go 'against the cause'. Yes, as an advocate of IR relationships I want to showcase it in a positive light. IR relationships are still considered strange to some. In certain areas of this country it is still taboo. 

So when a story is made about a mentally ill African American mother and an emotionally damaged Caucasian father than--wait this sounds like Juicy...Well anyway you hope that people don't watch it and say; see that's what happens when you align your self with blah blah blah race of people.

Well this story was very touching. The difference with this dysfunctional family is that all of the members really tried. I always wondered what would happen if the person that loves you, and who is also in the process of beating you, what would happen if you just grabbed them and hugged them? I mean the type of hug where you are saying that I love you with all of my heart--even now.

Well I find out in this story. I never thought that anyone else would ever write that, or think that or feel that...

The movie stars Zoe Kravitz as 17 year old Sweetness who is bullied in school for being multiracial; light skinned, long hair etc. She is coping with this, her home life and her environment. In trying to cope she toughens.

My daughter was picked on in school for the exact same reason; for being multiracial at a predominately black inner city school. And she did toughen but in the process she had to cuss out people and fight--which might be another reason that I was touched by this story. 

Gabourey Sidibe plays the bully, Yolanda Ross and Jason Clark play her parents and Antonique Smith does a terrific job playing Sweetness' older sister. Shareeka Nelson was also in it and you might remember her from a movie entitled Half Nelson (another awesome Indy flick). The Roots hip hop artist, Black Thought played the role of a drug dealer with a conscious...

I'm giving it a thumbs up; two actually and if you want a movie choice other than some Hollywood regurgitated storyline don't forget to check your Indy movie list!

Had to add this video. It's my favorite version of YOU GOT ME: Black Thought/Jill Scott


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ruth's Chris; Cincinnati

The Banks of Cincinnati is the home of Ruth's Chris. I visited the restaurant for the first time with my sister-friend Sue and her granddaughter Tessa. I was warned that it would be pricey but in actuality they had a special which included an appetizer, entree and desert for one price that was right around 50 bucks. I didn't have a problem with the price because the quality of the food was great.


For instance, Sue and I both took a bite of our steaks at the same time. We both stopped and we both made the Homer Simpson drooling sounds. Haha, we both exclaimed that it was the best steak that either of us had ever had.

The brussel sprouts were perfect! And even though you didn't get a choice with the desert what they selected for me was delicious.

But what I appreciated more than anything is how well they treated my friend's 4 year old granddaughter. They didn't have chocolate milk on the menu but the waitress had the kitchen mix milk and chocolate syrup for Tessie. Also she wanted her grandma's whipped cream from her daiquiri so the waitress brought her a glass of whipped cream.


When we got the bill they never charged us for any of it. So yes, they get a thumbs up for great food and wonderful service.

BBQ Chicken Nachos


I went to Memphis recently and stopped at Central BBQ. My boyfriend had the BBQ Chicken nachos while I had ribs but I ended up preferring his nachos. A few days ago I had a horrible craving for them and since I live in Cincinnati I had to make them myself. Luckily he had sent me a gift box that included Central BBQ sauce.


1. roasted chicken breast, shredded and then drizzled with Central bbq sauce

2. layer over tortilla chip.

3. drizzle queso dip over nachos and chicken.

4. drizzle bbq sauce over nachos and chicken.

5. top with shredded cheese and jalapenos (optional).

6. Eat.




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