Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ruth's Chris; Cincinnati

The Banks of Cincinnati is the home of Ruth's Chris. I visited the restaurant for the first time with my sister-friend Sue and her granddaughter Tessa. I was warned that it would be pricey but in actuality they had a special which included an appetizer, entree and desert for one price that was right around 50 bucks. I didn't have a problem with the price because the quality of the food was great.


For instance, Sue and I both took a bite of our steaks at the same time. We both stopped and we both made the Homer Simpson drooling sounds. Haha, we both exclaimed that it was the best steak that either of us had ever had.

The brussel sprouts were perfect! And even though you didn't get a choice with the desert what they selected for me was delicious.

But what I appreciated more than anything is how well they treated my friend's 4 year old granddaughter. They didn't have chocolate milk on the menu but the waitress had the kitchen mix milk and chocolate syrup for Tessie. Also she wanted her grandma's whipped cream from her daiquiri so the waitress brought her a glass of whipped cream.


When we got the bill they never charged us for any of it. So yes, they get a thumbs up for great food and wonderful service.


  1. gawd that looks sooooo good.
    I'm expecting my 2nd child and haven't been able to stomach much of anything. But, I really want that. Too bad i'm half way around the world :-(

  2. I love Ruth Chris we have one close to me in Beverly Hills,its our new place to celebrate birthdays and special occasions.


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