Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nicholas Schneider RIP

Nicholas Schneider passed away at 7:32 pm on Wednesday September 27, 2011. He's going to donate his organs to other little kids that need help. Thank you for your prayers for my friend's family.

A prayer request from Michael Schneider

I'm not much of a praying woman. 

I have conversations with god in which I share my appreciation or ask questions. Seldom do I ask god for anything except for his will to be done and for it to be easy for all involved. I don't prescribe to any specific religious belief other than the belief in god. I don't ask for acceptance of my lack of a religious practice nor do I judge others for theirs (unless you drink the kool-aid).

I have recently found myself doing a lot of praying and making a specific request of god. I decided to post this for a friend in hopes that you will join me.

Years ago I met a six year old boy named Michael Schneider. He was the son of a woman that would soon become my best friend. I have 3 best friends (one day I'll explain this in detail). The first time I'd ever met him I wanted to strangle him. He was a rambunctious child with ADHD--and obviously the medicine wasn't working because for 10 long minutes as I waited for my friend to get ready to go out, Michael ran a non stop circuit around me, repeatedly screaming; Hey lady look at me! Hey lady look what I'm doing! Hey lady!

As time went on I began to learn and understand some of the hardships that Michael faced. Sometimes he just needed someone to talk to and I invited him to call me when he felt that his head was filling up with too many ideas. Unfortunately it was always in the wee hours of the night that he'd call. smile. I'd chastise myself for getting sucked into debates about which super hero was stronger. If I said yes, he'd say no; oppositional to the core!

But as much as I had initially wanted to strangle him, I grew to love that kid very much. As time went on he really pulled his life together. Little Michael got married! He became a daddy twice over and at times became the sole caretaker of his son.

That's why it pained me so badly when he contacted me yesterday and asked me to come to the hospital. He had found his son Nicholas dead in his crib. Fortunately the emergency workers were able to get his heart beating. He said that Nicholas was in critical condition though,  but he would feel the love that I have and it could do nothing but help. Michael posted this message on facebook and I'm posting it here.

Most of you know me and my situation but for those of you who don't my name is Mike and the situation that I speak of is about my son Nicholas W. Schneider who will be 15 months old on the 29th is in the I.C.U at children's hospital in critical condition. on Monday at 10:30 I awoke to find him in his bed not breathing and with no pulse I tried to get him to awake by lightly pinching him and there no response so I then tried putting him in some fairly cold water then i realized this was very bad and right away started CPR for three minutes i tried this and then I rushed down stairs and called 911 still using CPR the fire dept. came and took over then we went to the hospital fortunately they got his heart beating again but he still can't breath on his own and he is unresponsive they are saying that if his shows no sign of response in the next 48 hours they will take him off life-support so what i am asking of all of you that do and do not know me is to just pray for him even if you do not believe in god to just pray please re-post this because they say one pray is strong but the more people that pray about the same thing the stronger it becomes and the more likely it will come to pass PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SON TO GET BETTER
Please join me in sending out vibes of love to Michael and Nicholas and to the entire Schneider family.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I got tickets to see Wicked and I'm so HYPED! I've been wanting to see this play for years. I read this strange book by Gregory Maguire YEARS before Wicked the play was ever thought of. All of his books have a 'twisted' fairy tale theme and so I was definitely intrigued. When I heard that this book had been turned into a play--and a very successful one, I was excited and proud for Mr. Maguire (what author wouldn't want his book to become even more successful because it comes to life on stage?!). 

One of my co-workers and I were out walking when I stopped to purchase the tickets and she asked me what it was about. I showed her the pamphlet cover and asked her to guess. She couldn't. I told her it was the 'true' story behind the Wizard of Oz. It was the story about a misunderstood girl that had been born with green skin and because she had also been born with a set of sharp pointy teeth and had bitten the finger off the mid-wife that delivered her, people misunderstood her and thought she was bad. She had a skin condition that made her allergic to water (and of course it was green) and had to bathe and milk. Oh yeah...she also had a penis, which is another reason that she was super shy-

It was at this point that my co-worker stopped me and told me I was making this up. I promised her that I wasn't. It's just that awesome of a story (Of course it would be right up my alley!)

My son had gone to London with his school to march in the London Day Parade 2 years ago and while there he got to see Wicked. OH MY GOD I was so jealous! LOL! But he did bring me a Wicked umbrella that is freaking amazing and it stays 'Stay out of the water my pretty' Haha! I love it. But yeah, he comes home raving about the song 'Defying Gravity' and 'm following him around like a little puppy saying, tell me about it, what part was it on, describe it! Haha. 

Is it crazy that I cry when I hear that song?

My daughter is into Wicked just as much as I am and so after buying the tickets I texted her while she was still in school! I just had to tell her! We were texting back and forth (bad Mommy...)

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap!

It's time to try

Defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
And you can't pull me down!

                               -Defying Gravity,Wicked-

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kim's story

When Kim opened her eyes that morning, it was to the sound of water splashing against the outside of the house. Instinctively she knew that it wasn't time to wake up. She relied on her internal clock as she hated being awakened by the sound of an alarm clock (even if it was playing some soft Maxwell tune--but especially if it was a loudmouthed DJ's morning show). Kim allowed her eyes to drift closed again as her stomach began to rumble.

'Should not have eaten garlic pizza for dinner when I had Indian buffet for lunch..'. She thought as she fell asleep.

When her eyes opened again, she knew it was time. Reaching for her glasses the darkened room slowly came into focus as she slipped them onto her face. She glanced at the clock; 6:15, and then smiled to herself as she remembered her conversation with Ben the night before. Once she was on the bus to work, she checked her message and he'd already sent her the text that she had grown accustomed to receiving each morning.

Happy Friday.

Happy Friday, indeed. How could it be anything else? A Friday is always happy, Kim thought to herself as the bus let her off just a block from her workplace. Ewww it was raining and cold and her feet had gotten wet, but who cared?! It's Friday!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey everyone, I decided to pull chapter 9 in order to make some changes. I got some good feedback asking for some changes which I can definitely do. Thanks again for the feedback and the new and improved chapter 9 will return soon.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Untitled Chapter 8

Untitled Chapter 1
Untitled Chapter 2
Untitled Chapter 3
Untitled Chapter 4
Untitled Chapter 5
Untitled Chapter 6
Untitled Chapter 7

Untitled Chapter 8

Chapter 9 tentatively to post by next Monday

Favorite author on Lit

I have several favorite authors, stories, poems, from Literotica but one of my most favorite is Robcub. For all you Robcub fans his newest is finally released. I go off to read now.  Oh and btw, I finished Chapter 8 of Untitled and will post that by Monday!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Customs and Courtesies by benroe

brought up to be polite
to be courteous to others
so you ask
may i have it?
may i partake?
all for the sake of being polite

but then it arrives
the point
where you don't
have to be
so polite

is it mine?
are you going to give it to me?
anytime i ask?

the customs
the meaning
the same
the words
are most

Friday, September 2, 2011


I mentioned previously that I've recently dabbled in being an editor. I was passed a manuscript by Creepyrj and loved it. He asked me if I wanted to edit it and I told him no, I can barely edit out my own errors. But then I began to think harder about it, and I really just didn't want to let the story go. 

I still don't want to be an editor. It's not easy. I'm more interested in editing content and structure than grammar--obviously. Most of you have seen my own unedited submissions and many have literally begged me to find an editor (haha). But working with C has been fun and he doesn't crack the whip too hard when I start slowing down and getting the glazed-eyed look.

With permission from the writer, I'd like to introduce Fighter, written by Creepyrj, and edited by Pepperpace and Honeybree. 

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