Friday, September 2, 2011


I mentioned previously that I've recently dabbled in being an editor. I was passed a manuscript by Creepyrj and loved it. He asked me if I wanted to edit it and I told him no, I can barely edit out my own errors. But then I began to think harder about it, and I really just didn't want to let the story go. 

I still don't want to be an editor. It's not easy. I'm more interested in editing content and structure than grammar--obviously. Most of you have seen my own unedited submissions and many have literally begged me to find an editor (haha). But working with C has been fun and he doesn't crack the whip too hard when I start slowing down and getting the glazed-eyed look.

With permission from the writer, I'd like to introduce Fighter, written by Creepyrj, and edited by Pepperpace and Honeybree. 


  1. this really is a gem. i've enjoyed every minute of it. can you tempt him to write faster for the next chapter? i'll happily provide cookies and coffee

  2. I think its a gem, too! And he's already written chp 2 and I've already edited it. I like the whole kickboxing thing. Believe it or not, I used to kickbox and had a trainer and everything. Had to stop due to pregnancy and him punching me in the stomach was just not good. Chp 2 promises to be even better!

  3. yeah creepyrj told me, chapter two was done and working on three. i'm trying to wait patiently :)
    will give the rest of his work a read next week. with the kids back to school i have to get back on track myself !!

  4. I like becoming the Dominus for some sexy BDSM. And he has a transgender story that is just plain...creepy (but definitely in a good way!)

    Yeah I'm definitely getting caught up on the reading since I've been lax on the writing. About to do a post on The Hunger Games. I just have to give myself a day or two to digest and get my thoughts straight.

  5. Thanx for sharing this story Pep. I am now a fan of Creepyrj's. I really like 'Becoming the Dominus.' 'Fighter' is a damn good story so far and I'm waiting for the next chapters... I think it may have be one of those stories I'd have to wait until its entirely done for me to really dive into...but I don't think I could do it, its that good. :)
    Anywho, time for me to find something else to read.



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