Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A prayer request from Michael Schneider

I'm not much of a praying woman. 

I have conversations with god in which I share my appreciation or ask questions. Seldom do I ask god for anything except for his will to be done and for it to be easy for all involved. I don't prescribe to any specific religious belief other than the belief in god. I don't ask for acceptance of my lack of a religious practice nor do I judge others for theirs (unless you drink the kool-aid).

I have recently found myself doing a lot of praying and making a specific request of god. I decided to post this for a friend in hopes that you will join me.

Years ago I met a six year old boy named Michael Schneider. He was the son of a woman that would soon become my best friend. I have 3 best friends (one day I'll explain this in detail). The first time I'd ever met him I wanted to strangle him. He was a rambunctious child with ADHD--and obviously the medicine wasn't working because for 10 long minutes as I waited for my friend to get ready to go out, Michael ran a non stop circuit around me, repeatedly screaming; Hey lady look at me! Hey lady look what I'm doing! Hey lady!

As time went on I began to learn and understand some of the hardships that Michael faced. Sometimes he just needed someone to talk to and I invited him to call me when he felt that his head was filling up with too many ideas. Unfortunately it was always in the wee hours of the night that he'd call. smile. I'd chastise myself for getting sucked into debates about which super hero was stronger. If I said yes, he'd say no; oppositional to the core!

But as much as I had initially wanted to strangle him, I grew to love that kid very much. As time went on he really pulled his life together. Little Michael got married! He became a daddy twice over and at times became the sole caretaker of his son.

That's why it pained me so badly when he contacted me yesterday and asked me to come to the hospital. He had found his son Nicholas dead in his crib. Fortunately the emergency workers were able to get his heart beating. He said that Nicholas was in critical condition though,  but he would feel the love that I have and it could do nothing but help. Michael posted this message on facebook and I'm posting it here.

Most of you know me and my situation but for those of you who don't my name is Mike and the situation that I speak of is about my son Nicholas W. Schneider who will be 15 months old on the 29th is in the I.C.U at children's hospital in critical condition. on Monday at 10:30 I awoke to find him in his bed not breathing and with no pulse I tried to get him to awake by lightly pinching him and there no response so I then tried putting him in some fairly cold water then i realized this was very bad and right away started CPR for three minutes i tried this and then I rushed down stairs and called 911 still using CPR the fire dept. came and took over then we went to the hospital fortunately they got his heart beating again but he still can't breath on his own and he is unresponsive they are saying that if his shows no sign of response in the next 48 hours they will take him off life-support so what i am asking of all of you that do and do not know me is to just pray for him even if you do not believe in god to just pray please re-post this because they say one pray is strong but the more people that pray about the same thing the stronger it becomes and the more likely it will come to pass PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SON TO GET BETTER
Please join me in sending out vibes of love to Michael and Nicholas and to the entire Schneider family.


  1. They are added to my prayers ... If it is all right with you, I can re-post this on my facebook also ...

  2. i'm not even a catholic but my heart goes out to mike and his little fella. i hope with all my heart he will pull through! reposting too

  3. Thank you. I appreciate your comments. It helped me more than you know


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