Sunday, September 11, 2011

Favorite author on Lit

I have several favorite authors, stories, poems, from Literotica but one of my most favorite is Robcub. For all you Robcub fans his newest is finally released. I go off to read now.  Oh and btw, I finished Chapter 8 of Untitled and will post that by Monday!


  1. Hey, Pep

    So glad you're writing again. This is my favorite blog and I would love to check out Robcub on Lit but I couldn't find him. Help!! Can you link him from your blog or just email it to me at


  2. Here's Robcub's link:

  3. Lol I admit I was a bit impatient, I looked it up on Nifty yesterday. It was a very Rob kind of story, I loved it.
    I haven't started Untitled yet but I'm dying to read it. I thought this story I would wait until it was completed because I can't stand the wait, so hurry hurry hurry!

    PS I hope your feeling better!

  4. You know what Pep Rob and another writer by the name of JazCullen (whom I call my Jazzikins) are my two most favorite authors on lit. They both write two totally different genres, Rob's gay male romance, and JazCullen's Nonhuman series that has just so many characters you can't help but smile at. But at the same time there is that element of romance that both writers lean towards. lol Is it bad that I regularly stalk both their pages on lit? I didn't think so. lol But anywho I'm off to find something to read.


  5. I love robcub and jazcullen too!! I check their lists to see if they have anything new weekly. Pep's I check

  6. Speaking of favorite authors...

    Do you remember your "Are there any good books out there" post back in January? Well, I made it a new year's resolution to try and check out every author that was listed in the comments. I've made my way through most of them, but there are a few I can't seem to find on Amazon.

    Has anyone else been able to find all of them?


  7. BTW: Here's the link if you've forgotten all about the post:


  8. January??! Well it's a bit late but there is a really good book that I read : The Alpha Promise by Hayat Ali. I kind of get bored of the vampire genre but she really did a good job of renew it. It's a BW/AM love story which involves many others races. The characters are just amazing (Especially Flaxon)as the story.

    Here is the product description from Amazon:

    When Adina Carr is stranded in London by her ungrateful, not to mention philandering ex-boyfriend, she is about to call it quits and head back home to New York City with her tail between her legs, but through a bout of serendipity things are about to get a whole lot more interesting—and dangerous. On the very day she loses her job, she happens upon someone in trouble—and not just any someone. This someone is expected to become the high prince of all vampires, a centuries-old dispute notwithstanding. Jin, the vampire in question, has spent a lifetime being groomed to rule; yet, there is a tribe of rebel undead who will do anything to make sure he does not assume the throne. It is Adina who unwittingly gives him a second chance and finds herself in the middle of a bloody battle—and falling hopelessly in love.



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