Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey everyone, I decided to pull chapter 9 in order to make some changes. I got some good feedback asking for some changes which I can definitely do. Thanks again for the feedback and the new and improved chapter 9 will return soon.


  1. Okay I hadnt had a chance to comment, because I cant make them on my phone, but that chapter was so not pepperpace. It lacked that kick! you know what i mean. I was looking forward to their first time to be explosive but it was fizzly. Thank you for caring enough about your work and readers.

  2. I thought I was the only one to notice that. Pepperpace that's true in this chapter something is missing and it's a bit rush. Take care.

  3. i know we mostly glow when you give us something new to read, and personally i wanted to stay honest with my opinion. the last chapter just lacked that little bit of PEP we all love so much. the story on its own flowed nicely and there where no loopholes so to speak. for me it was the general feel of those certain few scenes. it lacked that PEP factor.
    i'll be very curious what you make of it!


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