Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adding Pt 3 to Miscegenist Sabishii

I'm happy that M.S. was so well received...despite the screw up with the title.  Seriously though, when I submitted the second story I promise I submitted it with the corrected spelling of Sabishii!  Maybe Lit can't change the title to one submission without changing it on the previous one if it's a series...not sure.  

Anyways I'm working on pt 3 to wrap up the loose ends, and of course, to add some more conflict.  But I promise not to leave you guys hanging with more unresolved issues.  Thanks to you all for the feedback and comments.  As always, I appreciate it and look forward to reading your input.  Thanks to my friend for letting me 'poke' him for not picking up on the spelling error, even though he wasn't editing this piece.

Thanks Michelle for transcribing these two stories and thank you for tackling 1-900-Brownsugar which is ALOT of typing.  Poor thing is looking to invest in a program that allows her to just read the words aloud and it automatically transcribes them to computer.  LOL.  I promised her that I'm never writing in notebooks again!!!

Also, I see an end in sight for Angel over my shoulder.  So expect that to appear in Lit when I finish the entire story; and of course it will be here first, in it's entirety.  They say love is blind, went to the back burner for a bit but will move back to the front as soon as M.S. pt 3 is finished.   Also working on a new story inspired by my friend Alex (I can normally multi-task better then this but I have a cold *cough, cough*). 

I guess I should get to writing...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yay, for Michelle.  A friend of mine has offered to transcribe my written work from notebook to computer so now I can post some more of my earlier erotic writings for your enjoyment.  LOL.  This story was written a few years ago and is about a Japanese man who is attracted to black women, due to where he was raised.  This story is more on the humorous side, and though I talk alot about stereotypes,  it is not intended to bash, insult, or otherwise defame anyones race, culture, or sex.  Enjoy.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Angel Over my Shoulder

I have been working on this for a few months now.  It's still a work in progress.  I hadn't intended to start a novel length story but I'm closing in on 100 pages and still the end isn't in sight.  Honeybree has kindly edited this for Literotica and she has really done alot to polish up the rough edges.  I give her many thanks for tackling this big job...especially since it ran into her spring break!

This story is not going to be to everyone's liking.  It is paranormal, there are some very strong themes of abuse--but as my friend JG told me, it is a beautiful story.  I concur.  I'll share half of it here and then when I'm done writing and getting Bree's second half edit back I will post it to Literotica in it's HUGE entirety.


A story of a lonely girl and her guardian angel  

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