Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yelling at the Sky--movie review

I just watched a Sundance movie entitled Yelling at the Sky. I really enjoyed it although I could see how some would think that the subject of a dysfunctional interracial family might go 'against the cause'. Yes, as an advocate of IR relationships I want to showcase it in a positive light. IR relationships are still considered strange to some. In certain areas of this country it is still taboo. 

So when a story is made about a mentally ill African American mother and an emotionally damaged Caucasian father than--wait this sounds like Juicy...Well anyway you hope that people don't watch it and say; see that's what happens when you align your self with blah blah blah race of people.

Well this story was very touching. The difference with this dysfunctional family is that all of the members really tried. I always wondered what would happen if the person that loves you, and who is also in the process of beating you, what would happen if you just grabbed them and hugged them? I mean the type of hug where you are saying that I love you with all of my heart--even now.

Well I find out in this story. I never thought that anyone else would ever write that, or think that or feel that...

The movie stars Zoe Kravitz as 17 year old Sweetness who is bullied in school for being multiracial; light skinned, long hair etc. She is coping with this, her home life and her environment. In trying to cope she toughens.

My daughter was picked on in school for the exact same reason; for being multiracial at a predominately black inner city school. And she did toughen but in the process she had to cuss out people and fight--which might be another reason that I was touched by this story. 

Gabourey Sidibe plays the bully, Yolanda Ross and Jason Clark play her parents and Antonique Smith does a terrific job playing Sweetness' older sister. Shareeka Nelson was also in it and you might remember her from a movie entitled Half Nelson (another awesome Indy flick). The Roots hip hop artist, Black Thought played the role of a drug dealer with a conscious...

I'm giving it a thumbs up; two actually and if you want a movie choice other than some Hollywood regurgitated storyline don't forget to check your Indy movie list!

Had to add this video. It's my favorite version of YOU GOT ME: Black Thought/Jill Scott


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