Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love Intertwined vol 1 & 2 retired and re-uploaded

Yesterday I had to retire my two collection of books; Love Intertwined Vol. 1 & 2 due to some book size issues. Generally you can upload re-edited copies of books without removing them but not if you have opted to have an ISBN assigned to them and then later want to change the 'trim' size.

My paperback books are 6x9 but I accidentally selected the size 8x11 which made them appear to be like a big picture book. It's kinda hard to tuck a big picture book into your purse :)!

So yesterday I retired them and re-loaded them. They can be found immediately in the Createspace store. It will take several days before receives them. *Here is a discount code for $2.00 off the following paperback books. You can only use it on Createspace and can get there by clicking on the books: Q4ALJ9EB

Here is the link to get to the Pepper Pace paperbacks on Createspace if you would like to see additional titles.

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