Friday, February 1, 2013

A Seal Upon Your Heart Review by Cozimfree

I wanted to share a review of A Seal Upon Your Heart that posted on Amazon. It moved me so deeply that it just made me cry. Others commented that it did the same and I wanted to share it with everyone.

I value my fans and friends and blog followers. You all keep me motivated and I know that you care about me as a writer and as a person, just as I care about you as both fans and people that are affected by my stories.Whether you write to me on FB or here on the blog or you read the posts and don't comment doesn't matter. I see the numbers and know how many people read my posts and I value every one of you!

 Many other people will review this book, I can only hope - and give potential readers the proper insight into what they have just experienced. I, however, don't want to review this book so much as speak to how this author continuously enriches my life and my outlook on life and my fellow human beings. I have read all of the Pepper Pace book offerings. Each book leaves me with a glimpse into a world that I can only imagine being beyond hard to live within. I was raised to never make fun of someone who was physically or mentally challenged. Never stare. Never think they are less than you. You do not know who is in that body. Take for instance, Professor Stephen Hawking. Diagnosed with motor neuron disease - regarded as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists since Einstein, Albert Einstein. He is currently Director of Research for Theoretical Cosmology. A mind among minds, but trapped inside a twisted body without the ability to speak or do anything for himself. Yet...he speaks for the Universe. I bring him up to say, could I be in a physical relationship with him, could I kiss him, could we swab tongues, could I care for and love him. And, he is not even the type PP writes about, he is on the highest food chain in life. She has found a way to bring love to the lowest in this food chain, they get a happily ever after. For this and if only for this - Pepper Pace is the boss of bosses.

Each PP book gives me deep faith in my own ability and capacity to love beyond the shallow. Nope, not there yet. Each PP book leaves me more in love with love and being in love. To see the beauty of a scorned soul that is longing for a human touch and understanding, this package too can be an exquisite thing no matter the package it dwells within. They too deserve to have their heart massaged, to be held tight, to dream a lovers dream and to have those moments that leave them breathless (even if it is after a seizure).

I heart this author and all that she brings to the literary world. She speaks to and for survivors, in any form they exist (homeless, MS, overweight, mentally ill, morbidly disfigured, Rwandan survivor). She speaks to and for any person who has been abused, left out, ridiculed, bypassed, overlooked, looked through and overwhelmed by the hand that life has dealt them.

When I started Seal I thought, wow, this is different. In this book PP has gifted a troubled widower with an orphaned amnesiac survivor of the Rwandan genocide, raised in a convent that she has just been asked to leave and face an uncertain world. Wait. What? The heroine is dealing with her issues and we are moving along. No disability, none of the usual suspects (in a good way). Then as I got more into the book, I was like OMG PP began unfolding the rose, one delicate petal at a time as she always does. She also always takes on the vulnerability of both lead players. The thorns are indeed burrowed beneath both of their skins and PP makes sure that you get pricked. No one is ever perfect. How does she continue to speak for these people? How does she continue to be an advocate for the voiceless and ignored of society. The people others look through or around. The cast offs and the cast aways. How is she able to introduce and familiarize us with them until she MAKES us look at them differently. Until only the most delicate and fragile part of the flower remains, attached to a stem that is barely hanging on. One layer at a time you see the mental disability of two people broken down like a fraction and carefully rebuilt into an amazing equation, a two part harmony reaching Heaven. Yes, Heaven.

PP you are gifted and we as readers are blessed that you said yes to accept your mission in life and yes to sharing the voices inside your head.
Review by Cozimfree


  1. Thank you for putting this comment on your site, I became teary eye and started to smile, then I jump up and down in my chair. Pepper you are the goddess. Now I going to read the review again. Bain

  2. I know I keep saying this in my post to you...and I'll probably keep saying it till you decide that you no longer want to write the best fucking scratch that...the best novels anyone has ever written. YOU ARE THE SHIT!!! I have to read your books twice once because I'm just so glad you have written and twice so I can get the full meaning and messages you have in them that I need to learn. The person who wrote that comment and I share the same feelings. If you ever discouraged or have writers block read that message.....
    Oh PS....That universe quote is going somewhere on my skin. I decided that when you wrote that story on the blog. Just haven't decided where yet. But I want that from someone. It will remind me not to settle till I do. Enjoy your success Pepper I know it's comming. The New York Best Sellers List is coming. :D

  3. I'm just smiling at you guys right now. Thank you!

  4. Very nice, Pep. I'm glad you posted the review. It was obviously heartfelt, and I thought it put into words very well what I'm sure many of your readers feel about you and your work. I'm certainly one of them.


  5. I too have read all your books. I do not write reviews. I'm too busy reading and working, but it's Friday and Im drawn to your blog after searching to see it you have any new books out. I read the truely inspiring review you mentioned and I say ditto! Your work is absolute, unique, and special. You have a talent that goes beyond just story telling. I can't wait to read your next gift.

  6. Just now catching up with your blog after...well a lot o' stuffy stuff of the not cute variety. that was a wonderful review and thanks so much for posting it. Yes m'dear you are certainly the "ish", the real deal, amen and hallelujah! I am lookig forward to someday i the near future being able to purchase your latest publications, it will be well worth the wait!


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