Saturday, February 2, 2013

Music for WOS book 4

Ho-Z just sent me the first sample for the music to WOS 4. OMG! I'm so loving it. He is truly inspiring me me in the direction that I intend to go with the storyline. You guys are going to love the music of WOS which is essentially the sounds of Jason. I can't wait until it's ready. I've always told Ho-Z that he should be making and selling his music so I'm truly happy that he is back in to it.


  1. Yaaay!! I can't wait to read more about Robin and Jason :) It's so crazy, because I remember when I first read the synopsis of Wheels of Steel; I was convinced that this was not the right story for me (shame on me, I know) But after reading Stranded, I knew I'd be willing to tackle anything else you wrote. To make a long story short, I was HOOKED, and it easily became my favorite PP story/series. You've ruined other boring IR romances for me lol. I know I've told you this before but I am truly in awe of your raw talent. I hope you get the chance to sit back and take pride in your talent as well (sometimes it's not as easy as it seems)

  2. Holy it's been a while since I've last visited the enticing realm of Pepperpace. If memory serves it would've been back @ the end of 2010! Crazy, right?

    So I'm happy to see that you & Ho-Z are still going strong. I still follow him on YouTube & Facebook (apologies Mr Hoset for not answering your emails in a timely fashion). And I'm so proud of both of your many accomplishments. I still remember when there was like 17 followers. Mama's been blowing it up!

    Anywho, I thought I would drop by & say Kia Ora (Maori greeting) :-). And to let you know that your fans over here in NZ are still in awe of your amazing work.


    Jen (last_breath)

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  4. Pepper,

    I know its selfish of me to ask, but. Can't help asking. Are you coming out with another novel soon?


    1. My intentions is to write two novels this year: WOS 4 and Urban Vampire 3. But that will be much later in the year

  5. Please start with wos I love the books and Im so in love with Jason. Cant wait for Jason and Robins love to grow stronger. Last book made me wh,at to slap her for the way she did Jason. Let there love grow and the good guy gets the girl in the end.


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