Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Special Friend

This story is what I call; an exercise in raunchiness. LOL, it's about exploring your sexy side, about making a decision to make time for pleasure, even if you aren't ready for true love.

Look for it to post soon. I'm splitting it into two because it's a bit longer and I need to edit the last half. Hope you all enjoy it, because every single woman should have a Special Friend!


  1. Just finished reading. OMG so good.. I loved the build up of the friendship before anything took off .. The phone sex part was sexy yet funny .. I could so see that happening in real life. Can't wit for the update & where you take these two characters..

  2. Haha...real life is a great writing inspiration!
    I'm happy you enjoyed it.


  3. you inspire me - to be a better writer, lover, woman. don't ever stop - cherryontop1973 on lit

  4. Wow...thats cool. Someone did the same for me, hun. Thank you


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