Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Urban Vampire final chapters and Go Out and Love Someone

I submitted Go Out and Love Someone BEFORE Urban Vampire II Ch. 07 and it still hasn't appeared on Literotica, so I expect to see it appear very very shortly (not withstanding some editing problems. I SPELL CHECKED IT TWICE, PROMISE!)

So Chapter 7 is up and Chapter 8 of UV II has been submitted, and then 9 will be the last one. I am wiping my brow because posting two novels in such a short amount of time was TEDIOUS! But I'm happy that I did because UV was destined to stay hidden in a drawer somewhere. Now I've developed a new appreciation for it.

Anyways, back to Go Out and Love Someone; please do not fault me for the title. A friend who read the story first was stuck with the task of naming it...none of the ideas she came up with struck home to me, so I chose Go Out and Love Someone because the idea of that has stayed in my head. My friend hates the name but it was either that or IT'S IN THE EYES...which I hate.

This story puts me in the mind of Juicy because it deals with the concept of 'unseen' or 'throwaway' people. It's short, no chapters or epilogues. In this story my characters are a drug addicted ex-criminal and a painfully shy burn victim.

I'm still 'looking' at Emoboy, turning Juicy into a novel, and finishing up STRANDED. I'll tell you about STRANDED later. Talk to you soon!


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