Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pictures from the 2013 IR Readers Cruise Event

For those that missed this event, don't worry because most people did. It was hosted by a woman who loves the IR genre and as an events coordinator she put together this cruise. She reached out to Sienna Mynx to help get the word out and I found out about it when I received an invitation to join the authors panel. Had that not happened I probably would not have known about it either.

Now the original authors in attendance have come together to make sure this event continues and continues to be even more dynamic. At this time we don't have an exact date but we do have some awesome plans that we will announce later. It will be in the summer of 2014 and we intend to keep the cost of the cruise very reasonable as that was my initial appeal; five day cruise for right around $300--Woot Woot. 

Anyways, here are some pics and some stories and I'll try to upload some videos over the next few days. Enjoy!

2nd authors panel; Pepper Pace, Tiana Laveen and Serenity King

Amazing authors Erosa Knowles, Sienna Mynx and Yvette Hines

Phyllis Williams is a reader and fan getting a huge hug from Sienna and Yvette

My friend Sue, me, Tiana Laveen and Serenity King watching the first panel discussion
Formal night with the entire group; fans and authors
Authors formal night from left to right; Yvette Hines, Erosa Knowles, Serenity King, Pepper Pace, Tiana Laveen and Sienna Mynx

I made some great friends while on this cruise. These authors that I've looked up to and admired just took me into the fold and we bonded like sisters. The readers and fans that came along are all new friends of mine. Attending this cruise was networking with no work--only fun. A great way to be introduced into the world of self promotion. If its always like this then count me in! 

More pictures to come...


  1. This is Awesome Pepper. Thanks for sharing. Most of these authors i have read. Except for Serenity and Tiana. Its great to put a face with a name. But I look forward to the upcoming events. Thanks, Mavis

    1. The authors and fans were amazing. I hadn't read all of the authors either but I am being introduced to their work and realizing why they are considered top of the genre. They are amazing!


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