Thursday, September 26, 2013

40th Anniversary of The Mack

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the 1973 film; The Mack. Max Julien plays Goldie an arrogant, misguided pimp. Now before anyone rolls their eyes or laughs--this is some grown folks talk here. The Mack is an Iconic film that could be called social commentary or blaxploitation. I don't care which. When I was a kid seeing The Mack was amazing--just like seeing Bruce Lee's fists turn red and he start kicking some ass in Fist of Fury.

This movie has created such notable phrases like 'Pimp of the Year', 'You ain't nothing but a rest haven for hoes', 'Bitch better get my money'...and many many more. Yes! The Mack did have a message. Remember Goldie's brother? He was a militant brotha and tried to teach Goldie that he was poisoning his own people. And what about Goldie's Mama--not wanting his pimp money and how he turned on his friends--such as that girl that he pimped out.

Wow my seven year old mind remembers a lot about that movie. Back then it was okay to let your kids see pimps and hoes on the movie screen or to allow them to sit on the dashboard while you drove or stay at home and 'babysit' themselves for a few hours.

Gotta love the 70's. In tribute to The Mack lets take a listen to a little Willie Hutch; Brother's gonna work it out. Unfortunately for Goldie...he did not. And BTW, I do own this movie.

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  1. Hello Pepper, The golden years of the drive-in theater, I recall this movie but I never saw it. I do have the "Ice Berg Slim Books". Take care and thank you Bain


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