Monday, June 30, 2014

Becoming the DOMINUS

About a year ago I hosted a friend's book on this blog. CreepyrJ had written a book called Becoming the Dominus and I had begun reading it years ago when it was on Literotica. I thought it was so good that years later when I would read another BDSM book that became popular world-wide I was struck clueless. There are so many books that depicts the social taboos of the BDSM lifestyle in a more realistic and adult way. Dominus is one such book--quite honestly, one of my very favorite BDSM tales. Becoming the Dominus was recently given a huge honor on Literotica, reaching a very high status.

I'm now proud to say that I have not only convinced CreepyrJ to make the book available for sale but to allow me the honor of publishing it for him. Pepper Pace Publications has its first AND last client. I'm no publisher--I prefer writing, but there are times when you want to give a friend a big kick in the--uh--nudge in the right direction.

So let me be one of the first to introduce RJ Cree's Becoming the DOMINUS. Available July 4, 2014 on and Barnes and Noble. It will be available in digital format only.

A chance encounter opens the door to a world that Josh knew little about—and feelings that he had never dreamed of exploring. There is another side to BDSM … the dark, little-known side, which Josh discovers buried deep inside of himself. Every Dom has his beginnings, and this is Josh’s journey to becoming the Dominus.
Warning: Adult Content. Extreme BDSM including sexual violence and language.


  1. Kick in my what?????��

  2. Hello Pepper Pace,
    You read my mind, so I have to get this novel in ebook form instead of paperback. @Creepyrj I am so glad that your novel is published. Thank You Bain

  3. I wondered what happened to the story on literotica, ill be purchasing this book real soon


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