Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shhh...Pep has a secret give-away

For nearly a year I've been working on a project with 9 of the most amazing authors in the IR genre. We decided that we wanted to make a box set. The price is $.99 but it will only be for a very limited time. Afterwards, if you want these stories you will have to purchase them all separately and my novel will be $4.99 once I make it available for sale separately. So if each author prices the way I do we are talking nearly $50 whopping bucks!

What I intend to do is give away several copies of the book. But in exchange you must do something for me.

Why are we doing this?  
We can easily make a nice amount of money if we up the price. But we aren't trying to become rich from the box set.You see, the IR genre is the red-headed step child of the writing world. As you members of my blog know, some of the best authors imaginable write IR/Multicultural. We get no recognition world wide. We have amazing followers and fans that support us but we are in a niche that no one knows exist. Last year when I did the 2013  IR Romance Reader's Cruise I saw many people who had just discovered the genre and fell in love with it just that year! 

Why doesn't this genre have more recognition when there is so much talent and so many fans and followers?
Well that is the aim of the author's of the Scandalous Heroes box set--to get some recognition for this genre and to help create a stir.  By promoting IR we bring recognition to ALL AA and IR writers which will help promote us in this white dominated field.

What can you do to help? Spread the word about the box set and the opportunity to read this genre's finest authors for mere pennies.  The book set releases July 6. If you guarantee me that you will read my novel and at least one other in the set and then post a review ON THE SAME DAY, then I will gift you the book set. You must leave an review. If you promise to do that than I will gift you the book. 

Pep, how can I read your novel and post a review the same day?!
I don't know. But I'm trusting you to do that, Okay? If you can't post a review on the same day then please purchase the book set at the low price of $.99 and read the stories at your leisure.

I'll help! What do I need to do to get a free copy of The Scandalous Heroes book set?
  1. Email me your e-reader email address at Subject line: SCANDALOUS HEROES. You must email me this information because I do not want you posting your emails in this thread. If I see them I will erase them (I don't want you getting spammed!)
  2. I will accept the first 50 (or so) requests. Please be sure to send me your correct email address because--it is one and done (You can find it by going into Amazon account setting if you have a Kindle, or you can check the account settings on your e-reader). If you want it to go to your PC than just send me your normal email address.
  3. Agree to read at least two stories and leave a review the SAME day; June 6th.
I am NOT asking you to leave 5-star reviews because I am confident that you will enjoy the stories. It is always important that reviews (good or bad) are left because it helps stories to be recognized. 

I'll make another post that tells you more about what you can expect to find in The Scandalous Heroes box set. The authors are: 
  • Pepper Pace
  • Sienna Mynx
  • Tiana Laveen
  • Bridget Midway
  • Serenity King
  • Latrivia Nelson
  • Erosa Knowles
  • Yvette Hines
  • Aliyah Burke

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  1. Hello Pepper,

    Outstanding e-book trailer, love the music also. I will buy the books and the cd. Thank you Bain


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