Thursday, December 11, 2014

Being an empty nestor during the Holidays

As my children grow towards adulthood and have left the nest I am generally very ecstatic about being an empty nester. I am very busy and have no time to give into loneliness (if that should ever be possible for a self-proclaimed hermit). When I'm not working I spend the remainder of my time trying to achieve goals that interest me, chilling with my friends or sleeping. Also, it is nice to put a piece of food in the fridge and when I go back for a snack it is still there. I love not falling into the toilet. And it is nice not to walk into the room and hear the Sponge Bob theme or the same episodes of Roseanne being repeated over and over.
But then comes the Holidays and the excitement of Christmas and the family feeling of Thanksgiving isn't the same when you live alone. This year was the first year that I had to put up the Christmas tree by myself. My daughter is away at college but has a job that is keeping her busy during the Holiday season.
I even considered not putting up a tree but hoped that it would get me into the season. But it was a chore without my daughter there to put on Holiday music while we talk about the history of the ornaments, watching Rudolph on television and situating the tree just right. Even my son acting very 'Bah Humbug' while refusing to help decorate is a part of the Christmas tradition while we threaten to leave him with the task of taking down and packing up all the Christmas decorations.
As much as I love being an empty nestor--I LOVE walking into the house and seeing my daughter's bag on the living room floor. I don't get annoyed when I walk into the bathroom and see the toilet seat is up. I feel the warm glow of family when I hear music playing from the basement where my son hangs out when he is home. And in the living room I love seeing my daughter propped on the couch eating a bowl of leftovers while flicking her feet in contentment as that passive aggressive Sponge Bob is toying with people.
I get a big smile on my maybe it's a little one on my face but a big one in my heart.

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