Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pepper Pace's Creepy Halloween story written about RJ Cree

 A few years back RJ Cree and I had a bet. I lost and as the loser I had to write an erotic Halloween story about him. In hindsight, I'm happy that I lost because had he written an erotic story about me I fear that I would have ended up doing a table dance in a bar while maniacs slash the other patrons. 

Anyways, as I was a sore loser I turned RJ into a homicidal killer--his weapon of choice--the mighty pen. No worries, though, in reality RJ does not murder people with his stories. 

This Halloween story is scary, sexy, funny but it is also for ADULT readers only.


Pepper's creepy RJ Cree Halloween story

*RJ Cree is an author of erotic, romance, sci-fi stories and can be found on and Barnes and Noble. 

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