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An Interview with RJ Cree; The bad boy of erotica!

RJ Cree's Barnes and Noble page
      As some may know, I have ventured into the realm of publishing not just for myself but for another. That individual is long time friend RJ Cree--though some of you may know him by the name CreepyrJ. 
     I discovered RJ on where I got my start. I read a little known story called Fighter and I fell in love with it and begged to do the editing. Since that time RJ and I have been buddies and have even written together--though our collaboration never panned out due to time constraints. 
     One thing that I found interesting about RJ was his fearlessness when writing erotica as well as IR/multicultural romances with a black female heroine and white male love interests. I felt that he didn't write stereotypical women and had a voice that I certainly could identify with.
    I am pleased that he's finally taken the plunge to publish--although I've been poking at him to do so for several years--and yes I know I was getting on his nerves. I think he agreed basically to shut me up! I had to sweeten the pot by agreeing to do the editing, publishing, cover design etc. Hence the reason that RJ is my only client under Pepper Pace other words, this is not easy. But for RJ it has been my honor and privilege.

1.    Q. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a simple guy that has simple, well sorta, tastes. I have done many things in my life and seen many cool places in the world. I grew up a military brat, and joined up when I was of age. I now live on the east coast and am happy with my life so far.

2.    Q-You’ve been writing for several years. I first discovered you on under the name CreepyrJ. What made you finally transition from writing free stories online to finally publishing?

I wrote there as a test to myself. I had ideas for writing a scifi tale and needed to challenge myself to learn to write better. I saw my works did pretty well, not like oh dear god he is it! But I have seen them do well enough it made me wonder if I could drop a tale and do well. My transition is one that came about by being gently nudged to it.

3.    Q. What do you write? Is there a specific genre that you prefer?

I generally tend to write what I feel. I have written a scifi book I’m trying to complete and get published. I have a paranormal story I’d love to get done and see how it does. I write what feels right to me.

4.    Q. I refer to you as the Bad boy of Erotica. Despite the genre you write under you always keep your sex scenes alive and very hot, while maintaining an entertaining storyline. What is your process of writing such hot love scenes? Is it difficult for you to keep it fresh and interesting?

I have a sick, twisted, and generally perverted mind LMAO! If I feel it then I go with it, if not I tweak it and prod it and…oh wait that might be kinda dirty in of itself.

5.    Q. What can we expect from you in the future?

As much as my feelings can make go. Like I said I have a few other stories that are nearly done. A few of them are sci-fi and a few are romance and some harder tales. I even have a steampunk book in mind, and a few chapters of it written as well.

6.    Q. What is the hardest thing about working with Pepper Pace, lol???

Ummmm…she likes the Cincinnati bengals lmao!

7. Q. Is there anything you’d like to add?

I just hope I can write a few stories people will enjoy. If not, then I will keep hashing them out until even the folks who hate me, and I’m sure there are a few, grudgingly say, “Well that one didn’t suck.” To all of the readers who enjoy my tales, I ain’t dead yet!

Thank you RJ for the interview. If you would like to contact RJ please see his Facebook page where he interacts with his readers and friends. All books are in digital format only and can be purchased at and Barnes and Nobles for $2.99

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