Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mama Pace has something to say...


  1. Hello Pepper Pace, Your mother is so lovely and supported of your novels. I wish your family every happiness in the world. Please take care. Thank you Bain

  2. This was a very lovely video. Great to hear that your mom is in remission.

  3. Beautiful. Just beautiful to see Mama Pace looking so well and stumping for Pace. That is what a good Mama does- you see the best in your child and you toot the horn for said child. Just beautiful. And yes Mama, I concur, Ms Pace is simply one of the best writers out there far superior to...not gonna names cause I do wanna be startin' nuttin'. Her work speaks for itself, she writes the most complex characters ever- ordinary people, faced with challenges who come into their own through the power of love. As the good books says ' the greatest is love'. I have faith that bigger and better things out there for Pace, i pray and hope that one day we'll see her books in print. God bless y'all!!!


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