Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scandalous Heroes mentioned in USA Today

Check out the article in USA Today for Must Read Romances. The Scandalous Heroes Box set received a great mention.


  1. Well done Ms Pace. You deserve the special mention. Your work really stands out. NGL yours was the first story I tucked into and you didn't disappoint. I've read it about SIX times already...yes, it's that good.

    I like the way you've given the romance a historical setting/backdrop 1970-1980 inner city America and the challenges that beset the tenants in the Projects. The problems that beset Vanessa are real and heartbreaking, it's truly empowering to see how they both try to keep their heads down as they strive to survive the challenges that life throws their way.

    I love Scotty, he's a real Alpha Pepper Pace style, he's soft, but contained sufficiently hard but not overbearing and he's as smart. as a whip..he reads, you gotta love a boy who reads books...it makes sense that eventually he wants to teach. Vanessa and Scotty are surrounded by so much drama and heartache, I like the fact that you don't inject anymore drama when they're together. On her return, I think any other writer would have been tempted to start off their 2nd encounter with drama- Scotty walks into a party...finds some guy harassing Vanessa...he takes a pop at the guy...rescues Vanessa...berates her for attending a party on the wrong side of town- all macho and cynical stuff. But no, you got them to bump into each other, no rush and then you got Phonso to drag Scotty to the party. Vanessa and Scotty finally meet...spend time talking and it's so bitter-sweet, perfect. No drama, just two people being what they've always been to each other arch confidante, source of solace, no pretence. Perfect. I've read that particular scene more times than I can begin to count. After Vanessa's return, they appear in 3 other set pieces together and each one is as delicious as the next. I cannot wait for the sequel.

    I like all the characters, some of them are so hard to take especially Tino, Tracy, Mr Johnny, the absent-yet-ever-present Juan Carlos, Callista however, their stories speak of life in a specific time and place...and anyone who has an understanding of socio-economic, politics and history cannot help but have some semblance of sympathy for these characters. Beady? Putting herself through college? I just wanted to whoop and holler! Talk about courage in the face of adversity..triumph in the face of tragedy.

    Ms Pace, you outdid yourself. I love all work ( I have my firm faves of course) 'Everything is Everything' is shaping up pretty nicely. It has the potential to go very, very dark but please Mama don't hurt 'em (Scotty and Vanessa). I can't wait for the sequel!

  2. Oh man, thank you so much for the wonderful comment!

  3. Hi Pepper,
    Everything is Everything is so good. I pray that all is well with you and your family. I can't wait for part two of this book. I am such a huge fan of yours. I love all your books. God bless!


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