Friday, December 24, 2010

Questions to Pep

I've been really typing up a storm in order to finish up with Wheels of Steel and haven't been responding to my posts and emails the way I like to.  But even if I haven't responded much doesn't mean I'm not keeping my eye on Lit and the blog.  I am there several times a day!

I thought I'd answer some questions here that I've been asked but have not addressed.  Here they are paraphrased:

"...when you finish WOS do you have any other ideas for your next writing project?"
A. I will take a long writing break.  But I intend to keep blogging.  And of course, there will continue to be WOS updates just for the blog.  Also I've been toying with the idea of no longer making submissions to Literotica and after this last fiasco with updating WOS I'm about 90 percent certain that they may not receive anything in 2011 from me.  I don't need them when I have my blog fans!  Of course I might change my mind next week. 

"...are you published?"
A. I'm still waiting to hear back from the one publishing company that requested the full novel of Juicy.  They indicated at least 180 days which is six long months.  We are now at the 6 month mark and still waiting patiently.  Also, I have received many offers to e-publish, but my desire is to pick up a book, fan it (pressing my nose close to the pages to inhale the fragrance of new print) and to place that book up on my bookshelf.  I'm not ebook snob, but that is just my own personal desire.

" you have any ideas of people who would play your characters?"
A. Feel free to post your ideas here if you'd like but yes!  I do have images in my head and know exactly what each of these characters look like! I'll share some with you but most don't look like movie stars. 

1. Robin Mathena looks almost exactly like my cousin Robin (even right down to the grey/green eyes)
2. Jason is yummy ginger boy and when I picture him I picture the links in the interact WOS.
3. Amberly looks alot like Ellen Page.
4. Daniel/Emoboy from Blair and the Emoboy looks like every freaking Emo kid that has ever taken a headshot of himself using a cellphone while standing in front of his bathroom mirror!
5. Kim from Urban Vampire looks like me! 
6. Betty Mathena looks like Lonette McKee
8. Joyce Ann Hamilton (Jason's mother) looks like Arlene Fowler from the show TRUEBLOOD
9. Bill from Someone to Love is a slightly cuter version of my ex-lover Bill.  (I stated before that I do not change names to protect the innocent. Unless I specifically say that I will not do it, by knowing me you run the risk of ending up in one of my stories!)
10. Todd from My Special Friend looks like a mix between my friend Todd and Adrian Brody(and that story was so close to being true except for the part where we had got married...or had sex.  The real Todd told me that he looked like a slightly uglier version of Big from Sex in the City--which was eerily true.  I changed it in the story to state that he looked like Adrian Brody). 
11. Arnitra from Urban Legend looks just like my best friend Arnitra.
12. Marty from Baby Girl and the Mean Boss looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin (the wrestler)
13. Jon from MILF looks like my friend/writing partner; Ynot...who will give you a picture of himself if you ask since he loves posting pics of himself clothed or unclothed!  Also he is the inspiration for Jason's penis.

Are you starting to note a trend here?  Anyways, I know that you do not know half of these people but feel free to share your ideas with us here at the blog.



  1. Don't discount epublishers just yet. Samhain will put a book over 50K in print; others have similar criteria. ;)

  2. Yes, I intend to re-evaluate my thoughts on epublishing for the coming year. Thanks for the info Dee!

  3. Oh I wanna be a Pep character!!!

  4. epublishing isn't a bad thing, you can also take a look into self publishing via lulu.Com i know lbdarling has 2 books there

  5. Don't give up on Literotica just yet.
    I mean, that's the way I found out about your stories ^_^, then I googled your nick and landed on your blog.

    Who knows how many others will find their way here as I did?

    Of course, that's just a thought

  6. I was shown a book that was self-published through a company that does it for you. It looked good, had reviews, was compelling. Still...I have a picture in my head of how I want it for myself.

  7. lulu let's you do all that work yourself i thought, there are more sites that allow you freedon in choosing your own artwork and such, just takes time to find them. but LBD has spend the last 5 months getting through the self publishing stage and it's now working out, soon she'll be on amazon as well ( i though, would have to recheck her blog^^)

  8. heyy pep! so this who i thought could be jason from WOS shaun white here a pic of him.. i mean it fits!! also i was wondering do Ynot have any stories? ;) i hope all is well :) NikkiXD

  9. Hi Nikki and thanks for the picture. I started a thread to showcase pictures that could represent my many characters. Also, Ynot and I mostly do RP writing but I will provide you a link to one of his stories. It's called MY DOCTOR STORY. Just as a heads up, it's a very graphic male to male same sex story.


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